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  1. Just logged in to add my thumbs down. Wow -58 that must be a record. CDC has spoken.
  2. He must have just dropped his phone in the toilet
  3. Wait so the winner of the most pull ups from all of the top NHL prospects can only do 15 pull ups. Wow. Is it just me but I expected more.
  4. None. They already decided he was doing another year of college. I have found my new least liked poster.
  5. Damn Jim has hustle, I may be mistaken, but I don't remember this many singings and moves done before the draft when GMMG was at the helm.
  6. You guys are all praising Boeser but I think Bjorge is the one that is killing it. She managed to get a first round NHL draft pick to go to Prom with her, not many people can say they did that. That girl gotttt gammmeeeeee.
  7. I think it is more when you're overcome with that much emotion some peoples natural reaction isn't to smile, and if you don't smile the media will rip you apart, even if you were happy but just not showing it.
  8. If Edmonton and Toronto win tonight we will officially be in last, I don't know what emotion to feel about this.
  9. We should have just played Nashville every game
  10. Hurts me deep inside to see the Canucks 4th last in the league!
  11. good 4th line shift