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  1. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise that Rodin was injured all last season. If Rodin can rebound and be productive in the next couple years, that's a big if, then maybe having no value during the ED turns out to be a good thing.
  2. I think they better start building a wall to keep those damn mongols out
  3. You made so many assumptions right there based on nothing. I heard he was doing coke on a rocket filled with gnome strippers headed to Mars what a lazy ass. You know nothing of what his workout routine is. He could just as easily be training with a top athletic trainer everyday. If high level ball hockey is intense and can keep his fitness on track from the end of the Utica season until training camp then that is a hell of a lot better than last year.
  4. I hope we lose tonight just so we end the season with a point total of 69
  5. We're about to head into the offseason with the Sedins having one of their worst seasons. The thing I have noticed the most with the sedins is they are slower and they have been relying on using their sticks more to hook opponents instead of using their body or trying to get the puck. I wonder if they still have enough fire in their bellies to change their summer fitness routine. I would like them to train with Horvat's skating coach. I think they could still be elite but they need a switch up.
  6. Well we did it, now I need a cigarette and a long shower
  7. People who have never succeeded at anything in real life will never understand this. These players are hard workers but in order to be professionals they have to work harder and want it more. They have to sacrifice to reach the next level. That is what Willie has taught each of those players. Nothing is easy and being the best takes grit and hustle.
  8. I like Goldies sneakiness with the Twins it reminds me a little of Burrows when they were at their peak, hopefully that can continue into next year. Molino is super impressive. His shots aren't going in but every game he is making good scoring chances for himself.
  9. Hey, so we could still end up with only 65 points
  10. We need a few more guys like Bo, who you know if they are wide open in front of the net it is a sure thing
  11. WOWZA beauty great pass by Tram and amazing finish by Bo, you knew that he wasn't missing that