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  1. Hey, so we could still end up with only 65 points
  2. We need a few more guys like Bo, who you know if they are wide open in front of the net it is a sure thing
  3. WOWZA beauty great pass by Tram and amazing finish by Bo, you knew that he wasn't missing that
  4. Granlund!!! he is becoming a real stud
  5. It might just be my feed but did someone rub sand all over the lens of the camera or are they using a camcorder?
  6. Maybe he is just blurry all the time
  7. Get down to the states and get him stem cell treatment. Just inject a whole babies worth in there!
  8. It has been said a million times but again. The Sedins have NMC they can not be exposed for any reason even if they wanted to.
  9. Buy buy buy. Winning feels good. Do more of that.
  10. Buy buy buy. Winning feels good. Do more of that.
  11. wowza what hard work by the 2pp line
  12. Anyone who is spewing that Rodin isn't getting a fair shot doesn't know anything about how development works. The coaching staff think that Rodin needs a more gently introduction into the NHL. That doesn't make him a bust and it doesn't mean they don't believe in him. He needs more time to get into a flow and to work on his weaknesses. It is the same approach as with Bo and Baer and look at how far they have come. Rodin is following the same path just you guys think he should sprint down the mountain in the middle of the night with his arms tied behind his back. Working hard to be one of the elite in your sport takes dedication and patience and I think Rodin has both. I can't say the same about half of cdc.
  13. Great GDT but more like Obo-Wan Kenobo
  14. Plan the parade!