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  1. Stop feeding us bull

    I have been on CDC for many, many years. In fact I had one of the original accounts but lost that when the website updated quite a few years back. I never post, maybe once every few years but I read the posts of others almost every day. After the terrible loss to Carolina there are many people calling for Willie Desjardins to be fired. I am not sure what this would accomplish. As a dedicated Canucks fan (I have not missed a game since 1991), I just want ownership and management to be honest. It is obvious to the entire hockey world that we need a complete rebuild. I think most fans would accept this because it would at least be a legitimate plan. We could trade assets while they are still assets, although they may already be two years too late on this. I don't like being lied to, and I don't like ownership and management treating people like they are stupid. I keep hearing them say that Canucks fans won't accept a rebuild but I think they would accept it a lot more than what we are seeing now. If we could have an honest direction then management can start making moves that make sense. Willie can start coaching in a way that benefits young player development. Finally, Fans can start to believe again because they are being offered an honest product.