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  1. Trials and Tribulations

    I appreciate that, and you're right -I have no proof. I think the real spirit of what I was trying to say is that the organization wasted a few years before coming around to reality, this is my opinion. I think people can't jump all over Benning now, when he can't get a great return for veterans that have multiple losing seasons behind them. We have missed the boat on this opportunity, and it sucks. I only hope that they can turn things around and we can get back to competing meaningfully soon.
  2. Trials and Tribulations

    I think that is a very reasonable reply. I actually think the team is rebuilding now, if they weren't I don't think they would have re-signed Benning. My point is that we were set back, whether Benning and Linden were in on or not it would have been impossible without Ownership being supportive. You may be right that Linden and Benning were just as into it.
  3. Trials and Tribulations

    189 lb enforcers? You seem angry, what is your point again? Are you unhappy that I don't feel the direction of Canucks ownership has been good for the team? I thought this was a forum for people to express opinions? Are only Canuck insiders who work in organization allowed to post now? Would you be happier if I posted that the Canuck ownership is nothing but amazing, "wow we sure are lucky to have this amazing team, that makes nothing but amazing moves, and plays AMAZING hockey every night." "Everything is terrific, I think we might win 10 cups in a row at this rate!" Somehow this seems less than sincere What is your opinion if mine is so offensive?
  4. Trials and Tribulations

    How about 3 years where nobody in the organizing would say rebuild? How about signings and trades that in no way indicate that the team is committing to a rebuild? How about the team publicly stating that they wanted to create a competitive team, multiple times (Despite crashing and burning and ending up at the bottom of the standings)? If you need more proof than that, plus about a dozen other examples I could throw out, I'm obviously not going to convince you of anything. I've just written a long post that says I support the direction the team is going. So what is your point? Is it that Benning and Linden are incompetent?
  5. Trials and Tribulations

    As a long time Canucks fan it is fascinating for me to watch the ebb and flow of our team's fortunes. I first became a hockey fan with the debut of Pavel Bure in the early 90's. It was amazing to see how the Vancouver fan base had a reason for hope with a real superstar. The team was more than just Bure, with terrific depth at forward that eventually led to a cup run. As we all know, this ended in defeat and eventually led to the dismantling of the team. Bure demanded out, and was traded for Jovo and spare parts. Linden was traded (in one of the saddest, yet best moves in Canucks history) for Bertuzzi, & McCabe. McCabe eventually was the piece that was rolled into becoming the Sedins. We got lucky with a great Pat Quinn deadline deal of Stojanov for Naslund. Mogilney was swapped for Brendan Morison. These moves set up the Canucks for the next decade. We lived through the excitement of the "West Coast Express" which came to a crashing halt with the infamous Steve Moore incident. Once again, big pieces were moved to create a winner. Bertuzzi was swapped for Luongo, a huge steal for Nonis. Morrison and Nalsund were allowed to move on. Great draft picks in Kessler and Edler were allowed to become cornerstones. We then had the Zenith of the Canuck franchise in the 2009-2012 incarnations of the team. Back-to-back President's trophy seasons, and a cup run that could, and maybe should have resulted in a cup win. The year is now 2018. We have a good stock of prospects in the cupboard thanks to terrific drafting and shrewd trades for young players by Jim Benning. However, for the first time in recent Canucks history it appears as if the team has been hamstrung by an ownership team that does not want to commit to a complete rebuild. People are upset when they see the Rangers and Red Wings trading assets for high draft pick returns. I don't blame them. The problem is that Benning was prevented from doing similar deals when ownership should have seen the writing on the wall 3 or 4 years ago. At that time, our assets were worth a high return. They aren't anymore. We have some pieces that will turn us into another winner. Brock Boesser is a star, Horvat is a winner. But we need to be patient. This could have been done faster if ownership had committed to change sooner, but they did not. I don't blame Benning or Linden for this. We need to give Benning time to see his vision through. With Benning's ability to draft, we could have a terrific foundation in 2 or 3 more years. If ownership and fans can be patient, it will be worth it.
  6. Stop feeding us bull

    I have been on CDC for many, many years. In fact I had one of the original accounts but lost that when the website updated quite a few years back. I never post, maybe once every few years but I read the posts of others almost every day. After the terrible loss to Carolina there are many people calling for Willie Desjardins to be fired. I am not sure what this would accomplish. As a dedicated Canucks fan (I have not missed a game since 1991), I just want ownership and management to be honest. It is obvious to the entire hockey world that we need a complete rebuild. I think most fans would accept this because it would at least be a legitimate plan. We could trade assets while they are still assets, although they may already be two years too late on this. I don't like being lied to, and I don't like ownership and management treating people like they are stupid. I keep hearing them say that Canucks fans won't accept a rebuild but I think they would accept it a lot more than what we are seeing now. If we could have an honest direction then management can start making moves that make sense. Willie can start coaching in a way that benefits young player development. Finally, Fans can start to believe again because they are being offered an honest product.