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  1. Yeah,we need someone who can beat the ass off the net runners.
  2. I thought he ran off before end of season or had 1 year left.
  3. So does he just get to ditch his original contract?That is BS,lol.
  4. If it comes back everyone will be rusty,will be pretty unfair all around.
  5. Their failure on the power play continues.0/3 for this team is abysmal.
  6. Could be,and capitulating this season could be a serious mistake.The guys on the early contracts might not want to stay after.We signed that clumsy Giraffe Myers so might as well put all the effort and tactics into getting to the playoffs.
  7. Not by much and no assurance of them being better then either.
  8. pretty sure this was said during that abysmal losing streak in November,time for someone to hit the bricks.