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  1. Okay guy,there is no clear path to Cup contention,Vegas busted that myth this season.Also Schneider was drafted when our team was still top notch,so the comparison is faulty.If things go as I expect this season we'll be nowhere near a top 10 pick,so if you expect them to tank for 2 more years you are crazy.They have the tools,management just has to give them a real shot at making the roster and not expect perfection on the defensive skills end.These 2 signings limit their shot so i'm against both.
  2. Wow,so many defeatists in this forum.Before the rash of injuries we were in wild card position.Demko was probably ready to go last year,any more waiting in the AHL and he might as well not be a top prospect at all,just another scrub with potential.There is only so much development these players can do before it's time to step up.The time for most of them is now.
  3. Years away?We could have been competitive last year if not for shoddy goaltending and anomalous injuries.Holding back our top prospects is what is keeping this club shoddy.
  4. Would have been happier if we had passed on both and looked overseas for better players with less experience.What we need more are competent defencemen.
  5. That was because of injuries mostly.Also 8 of the remaining 11 can't or are unlikely to score 7 goals as they are defencemen or goalies!!Wasn't Beagle on Washington?!
  6. What kinda team wants a guy that only scores 7 goals a year?Is he a phenom at faceoffs?Go after someone else.
  7. Artyom Manukyan | RW

    maybe once he can afford proper food he'll grow?
  8. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    we need Boquist,Dobson or Evan Bouchard bad,lol.Our D is just a wreck.
  9. [Rumor] Canucks interested in Tyler Bozak

    dammit,why do we always burn our college guys years?!
  10. [Rumor] Canucks interested in Tyler Bozak

    we don't have enough ready talent to fill that void unless you want them to intentionally surrender the season.
  11. [Rumor] Canucks interested in Tyler Bozak

    Boeser still has 2 years left on his entry contract,this was only his first year.
  12. [Rumor] Canucks interested in Tyler Bozak

    wow,shocking how defeatist some fans are.Nothing is guaranteed,they'd have an equal shot at being a very good team next season.If Tavares or Neal is available they should get a shot.Should also look into young Dmen we could trade for.
  13. [PGT] Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    As far as i'm concerned,the rebuild is over,only thing left to do is add talent by going hard in free agency after what we desperately need.
  14. [PGT] Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    we've coddled him enough,hasn't he been in the AHL at least 2 seasons?Gotta toss him in the deep end eventually and it should be while we have a decent backup on hand in case he can't.
  15. [PGT] Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Colorado and Toronto also sucked in the early days of their new lineups.Unless Dahlin can magically come in and lead this team to victories Karlsson style then he is over hyped.Colorado was a supreme turd in the first third.We aren't as far from playoffs as some would think,we had disastrous injuries to our top line and throughout the lineup.Dump some dead weight in the goalie and dman department and we'll bust some nuts next season.