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  1. Pittsburgh, just for the chance to play with Crosby and Malkin.
  2. From Burnaby but moved to China over a decade ago, still up on Canucks stuff though.
  3. Schaller can play on the forth line, Sven would get killed in that role.
  4. If anyone runs Petey, I would rather have Schaller go over and do a number on the guy than Sven.
  5. LE can still play, he's one of your best defensive forwards. Just not worthy of the contract JB gave him.
  6. "Hey FA, do you mind if I take that 5 million of yours and flush it down the toilet?"
  7. Yes but Tryamkin whined about his role on the Canucks, he even whined about the city of Vancouver yet we are willing to forget all that and welcome him with open arms? Here come slap me hard across the face. thanks, now come give me a hug?
  8. Because it is a little easier for Benning to explain sending a 4 million paycheck to the minors than a 6 million dollar one.
  9. It's interesting how everone can jump on him because of a comment in an interview yet so many others salivate over Tryamkin coming back.
  10. Loui can play up and down the lineup though. He's one of the better defensive forwards that we have, Baer is only suited on the top six. I hope he can go down and change his game a little and add a defensive element to his game so he can be more versitile and start becoming an option in the bottom six.
  11. Remember when everyone thought Pettersson will be pissed when Dahlen got sent down to the minors then traded? He struggled so much, he won the Calder.
  12. Kinda saw the Sven thing coming, when they traded for Miller and signed Ferland. Sven was basically out the door. At least Eriksson can play in the bottom six.
  13. Isn't the purpose of a joke is to make people laugh though?