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  1. I live in city right now. It's like a ghost city, everyone is staying at home and not going out. The grocery stores have all been bought out. Seems like everyone is hibernating now.
  2. At this point I like Markstrom at his salary more than Price at his salary. So to me, it's a downgrade.
  3. Would love to have Tryamkin back but question is who goes down and is he expansion draft eligible?
  4. I'm pretty much at the point of any other prospect but Hoglander
  5. We loved our backups like Essensa and Irbe, just hated the starters
  6. He broke a rule so he got fined. Are you telling me every player who has ever been fined has bad character?
  7. picking on a kid's play is one thing but to question someone's character is beyond hockey.
  8. That wasn't a bad character moment. That was a young kid doing something stupid because he was emotional moment. It's pretty sad that you can sit there and judge someone you don't know as having bad character from something you did saw on TV when you don't even know the kid. That judgement from you is bad character. The kid just wants a fresh start, he's not the only player that has ever demanded a trade. He's a hockey player that you don't even know. Why you attacking him like that?
  9. If he threw the medal at the opposing team then he would be a sore loser but he didn't. He threw it in the crowd. They gave him the medal, he should be able to do anything he wants with it.
  10. How is that poor asset management. Granlund already has more NHL games than Shinkurak will ever have.
  11. I call that being competitive. No one remembers second place.
  12. Dude, where you getting your smoke from? Cause I gotta get me some of that!