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  1. I heard that it's Mrs. Tryamkin who needs to be lured.
  2. Why do I get the feeling if Trouba comes to Van, Woo goes to Winnipeg.
  3. I have never read anything with him linked to the Canucks as a rumour. Also, if you want him, it would probably take Pettersson.
  4. At this point, I want to keep Bo, he compliments Pettersson nicely as a 1 and 2C. They are very opposite from each other so it can make it harder for teacms to match against.
  5. I'm hearing people say Boeser with 56 points is going to get 7 million and Panarin has 87 points. I'm thinking 8.5-9 million.
  6. Let the kid grow up a bit in Cagary, let him grow into his body a little more while he can still be a teenager is probably going to do more for him than playing rookie minutes in a pressure packed NHL. Defenceman usually take longer to develope anyways, what's the harm? I don't care who says this player or that player is better. To me, if the Canucks develop him properly, he could be a Shae Weber type defenceman.
  7. OK so from what I have read about the rumours so far. The Canucks are tied to a whole lot of players but realistically, if something were to happen through trade, the Canucks probably only have enough assets worth gving up for one major player or the cap space to land one major free agent. So the players that have been tied to the Canucks according to rumours is Lucic, Malkin, Benn, and Panarin. So if the Canucks can only get one considering the assets we might have to give for each one, who would you want?
  8. If his leadership was so good the owner would not have ripped him up in the first place
  9. What worries me about this trade is that what if it's a spoiler for something that has been pre-determined even before camp begins. Like if I was the GM of the Hitmen, I would at least kick the tires and give JB a call at guage the probability of Woo getting sent back before making such a huge commitment of assets.