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  1. No, the disgusting thing is that this is going to cause this stuff to go more underground. I can see movie producers asking actresses to sign waivers before taking a meeting with them. This is never going away. Men with high positions will use every advantage they have to get what they want just like some women will use thier attributes to get whatever they want. I am not convinced that this issue is fairly represented.
  2. I remember that I used to hate getting taxis in Vancouver because they were expensive, the service was mediocre and the monopoly on it only made things less convienient thus getting a car to avoid the hassel. Living in China now, ride sharing apps are a godsend in China when it first came out the taxi companies hated it and protested against it, the consumers ended up using the ride sharing apps even more to protest against the taxies. Now it's cheaper to get around town whether from a taxi or a ride, customer service is also a lot better on both sides.
  3. OK after James Vanderbeek and Terry Crews coming out with their own allegations about other Hollywood types and people treating that as an afterthought because they need to focus on the women made me rethink about this whole Hollywood crusade against Weinstein. This will change Hollywood for women but when you consider how much coverage Terry Crews and James Vanderbeek got when they revealed their stories. It doesn't seem like it's going to change for the men who are put in the same situations. I stopped paying attention to all the people bringing up stories from generations ago because how fair is it to judge someone during different decades? Weinstien to me is basically a live real flesh search happening live at any moment and at anytime your life can be destroyed in a blink of an eye. Consider that 2 or 3 months ago this guy was on top of the world and one newspaper article put him in the position he is in right now...Scary to imagine it can happen to anyone.
  4. Want to keep Lou. Jersey can keep Schneider, I like Horvat in Vancouver.
  5. Two crazies in a row with Isis claiming responsibility on one. Brainwash? Is that possible?
  6. Sure wish Lou played in that outdoor game.
  7. Doesn't the medical condition mean that he was being pushed too hard? Just the triggering part with the prolonged physical activity. Wouldn't most dads read into that?
  8. Linden is starting to look like Sakic. Great players, revered for what they did on the ice but suck at management. They should have went the Yzerman route and learn the front office before just coming in to be the boss.
  9. I feel like if Hodgson's dad stepped back then Cody might still be playing.
  10. This is a message board that influences no one. If you can't understand that then no one can help you.
  11. This just reminds my of what a hypocrytical society Hollywood is, when Afflect came out to denounce Weinstein's behavior, it's like the pot calling the kettle black. Please just stick with the movies and keep your viewa to yourselves.
  12. I'm not against the protest but as a fan of the game, one of the reasons to watch sports is to get away from the political BS that is going about. Bringing this into the sporting arena just completely kills the game. Look at the media right now, who talks about incredible plays in the NFL anymore? Who talks about the challenges of the sport or the injuries to this player and that? No one is talking about football anymore in the NFL and it scares me to see how it creeps into hockey now. Look at the backlash on the Penguins? Why did the US media want the NHL to follow suit with the other leagues? Let's just get back to sports and give the people back thier release from all that BS.
  13. It's interesting to see so many players protest against racism yet Kenyan Martin decides it's ok for calling out Lin for "trying to be black" for having dreadlocks. You'd think if these athletes would be more accepting.
  14. not much of an option
  15. No because the anthem is tradition. Just because this current generation doesn't like it doesn't mean it's wrong. It's that this generation are too much into twisting tradition to further thier opinions.