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  1. Jett Woo | D

    I would give Lind a pass. He had only a handful of games on a team with a full roster coming off a season with another team. Not many players do well under those circumstances.
  2. Romantic Love - fate or choice?

    I've come to realize that there are no such thing as soulmates because there are just too many people in this world that any person can have a chance to connect with. I've been in a few different relationships in my life, some longer than others but the ones I really cared about and vice versa are many, regardless of the length of time that relationship lasted. Sometimes life just happens and one is forced to move on without either really wanting to break up. Sometimes there is great chemistry but bad timing. When I think about those people though, I can't really compare who I loved one more than the me the feeling of love and happiness with that particular person at that time equals to the joy and happiness I felt when I was with another at another particular time. So to me the idea of soulmate is constrictive. When I think abut the feeling of having love for someone else, that I would chalk up to the idea of fate and other uncontrollable phenomenon. I've met many people, interacted with many people, associated with many people but actually meeting one that hits me in the heart and actually invokes the feeling of love from me is rare, but worse yet...sometimes it's uncontrollable. Like the "I have no idea why I love this person but I'm always thinking about this person." or falling for someone who you did not even know was your type. How that works? No idea. That's why I would call that fate. Sometimes you don't get to choose who you love. The heart wants what the heart wants. I think the choice we have is with whom we have a relationship with. With whom do I choose to spend this time with or to share my living space with. That is always a choice, because many people are in relationships with people they don't necessarily love but is a good companion to walk through life with. While other cases have people loving each other like crazy but can't be committed.So it depends on what you mean by romantic love.
  3. Bergevin makes Garth Snow look like a genius.
  4. If you are going to count that then the Willis article should not be Shanahan vs Linden, it should be post 2000 Maple Leafs vs post 2000 Canucks.
  5. Shanahan hasn't been management in Toronto for 7 years
  6. I love what Linden did for Vancouver and he will always be well respected but Linden is behind Shanahan in almost every step. Shanahan had the better hockey career. He's won more than Linden. He spent time in the NHL head office and continued relationships from there. Linden started from scratch after being away from hockey. Shanahan hired a savy GM with a lot of experience. Linden hired a rookie GM. Shanahan got one of the best hockey coaches in the world. Linden gave us Willie D. So then Shanahan had one rookie president, an expeienced GM and a NHL top coach. Linden's team consisted of a rookie president, GM and an inexperienced head coach. Shanahan was up front about what had to happen with the city pretty much after year one, Linden couldn't come to grips on what to do until about year 3. Give Linden a little time and I think he will grow into it but for now Shanahan will have the upper hand for a long time.
  7. 4 Year Term is Fine!

    That's probably how he got the Sedins.
  8. Jett Woo invited to WJC development camp

    I was thinking so does this mean that every time Woo has an assist, the goal scorer gets an extra cheer? And the assist goes to Wooooooo.
  9. Does Pulijujarvi play video games?
  10. Bettman taints this hockey class so much. A commissioner who lost a season and a half of hockey? In the HOF? That's a joke if I ever saw one.
  11. I can't see the Leafs wanting to take on too many bodies especially when they are pretty stacked with their own players. Benning is going to have to get creative and maybe trade some players for draft picks first because Nylander is going to command more than that.
  12. Four years of this guy chirping anyone who gets in Pettersson's face while he is developing in the NHL is money well invested. Especially since it's the first four years.
  13. [Report] Luca Sbisa to test free agency

    Trade Guddy, sign Sbisa?
  14. Jett Woo | D

    So is Woo a worse or better prospect than Brisebois?