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  1. gotta chug it dude
  2. Me and my friends have turned the Mario Kart and Switch into a drinking game. Loser drinks 3 beers. Best thing about it is that I can take it our anywhere anytime 4 players. (extra joysticks)
  3. Absolutely, Let's run LA out of town
  4. I am definitely going to be there with a huge Canucks flag.
  5. Tanti for sure. I added Bert and Naslund just because both of them were just prospects who didn't really make a name for themselves until they came to Van.
  6. Aside from Luongo, Vancouver historically is better at making thier own stars. Generally speaking high costing UFA's and stars coming from other teams don't really do well in Vancouver as they did when they established themselves in the first place i.e. Messier, Sundin etc. The True stars of Vancouver came from developing in Vancouver. McLein, Linden, Bure, Jovanovski, Ohlund, Naslund, Bertuzzi, Kesler, and the Sedins. There are no stars now because there was a gap in youngsters coming up because of the trading of so many picks and that's why we don't have any stars in the Canucks. Right now there may not be any stars on the team but from the look of prospects camp and the extra stock in the cuppard. I believe there are a couple of stars in the making. Who? I don't know players like Burrows have proven my predictions wrong too many times.
  7. I hope they sign for cheaper contracts next season. Love to see them as third line players.
  8. We have a lot of left handed players but really how many right handed shots can you get out of that bunch?
  9. Dude it's Ilke I'm talking about one thing you you are talking something completely different. I didn't say the players lied, I simply said of course they are going to say nie things about him. Never said they lied or didn't lie. I just don't believe Sundin was the one who made those players stars. And "This trump age?" I thought we are talking about hockey and hockey players? By the way, are you a Leafs fan?
  10. Of course they are going to say nice things about him. What are they going to say that he was not a good teammate? From what I remembered Sundin dragged his butt and came in late in the season, couldn't get his groove on and was invisible most nights. Did I remember that incorrectly? And as for Messier, I felt like he came to Vancouver, he cause turmoil first with an unofficial retired number, then took the C from Linden, Brought in Kennan and pretty much made a mess out of the whole organization. While collecting a boat load of money whiich he sued for every penny. GGGGGEEEEEOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHH I hate that guy!
  11. I refuse to believe that Sundin being in the dressing room for such a short period of time has such a huge impact on Kesler and the Sedins that it changes their careers. As for Messier, unless we lives in alternate universes, Messier was far from what you say he was.
  12. Did that with Messier and Sundin and look how that turned out.
  13. Good mentor for Dahlen and Petterson since the Sedins will probably be gone before they reach the NHL.
  14. Virtanen kind of proved that being rushed in won't help with development. If anything, it probably hampered it. These signings makes it so the kids don't have to rush but yet be able to be called up from the minors if need be isn't a bad thing. It's how a lot of successful players came in.