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  1. This thread is a little too early. Let our new team gel a little before complaining about them.
  2. We always like the people who say good stuff about our team.
  3. They have a team called the Jets in Europe too?
  4. So lets not talk about the horrors that Epstein did, let's talk about how Trump partied with Epstein? Why can't a story be a story on it's own nowadays? Seriously this Trump hating thing is turning into a sickness. I don't like Trump as much as the next person but darn it I'm sorry but I need a break from talking and hearing about him. Protests, His fault, hear racist slurs, it's from him, Epstein, he hung out so let's all forget about all the other horrid things Epstein did. So many questions to this story like How did this guy get off suicide watch in the first place? What other names are going to be exposed? Or more importantly how are the victims going to be getting justice? Need to do the victims justice by focusing on them not Trump/.
  5. no, they needed to squeeze as much information from him as possible. He could have given up a lot of people.
  6. All I have to say is that the person whom took him off the suicide watch list needs to be fired for lack of judgement.
  7. I guess I was spoiled during the AV days but I remember the Sedins, Burrows, Kesler, Hansen etc. when they were coming up. AV let them be who they were offensive or defensive and put the pieces in from there. He never really try to control who the players were. With Green, it seems like everyone needs to be the type of player he wants them to be.
  8. 1) Here is my issue with Jake. He is a former 6th overall draft pick with a then potential of a top six forward who can drive to the net and make something happen in the offensive zone. The Canucks messed up by keeping him on the roster instead of sending him to the Hitmen and let him destroy the league for a year. That was on WD. They then send him over to Utica to work with Green for a while. He comes back into the roster playing with the bottom six, very rarely even tried on the top six even when the injuries mounted. TD to me has turned Jake from a potential offensive force to a checker. I think we have lowered out expectations of Virtanen. To me Virtanen showed more flashes of his offensive potential with WD than he ever did with TD. 2) There are a lot of excellent 1 dimensional players out there in the NHL, most coaches balances that out with the strength of other line mates. Boeser is also pretty one dimensional. He'll try a little but he floats at times. He's forgiven because he is a great goal scorer. Goldobin was the third leading scorer on the Canucks for a long time so he was effective at putting points on the board. He has some defensive deficiencies so TD decides to call him out in the media? A rookie? Like you can't tell the media "Oh it's a team game and he wasn't the only cause" then talk to him privately in the locker room? Knowing what kind of fish tank market Vancouver is, he could have at least protected his rookie by backing him up to the media then try to improve him behind closed doors. Look around the NHL and try to see how many coaches would do that to their rookies? Usually if the coaches talk about a player, it is a veteran or a superstar that can withstand the scrutiny because they have been in the league a few years. 3) The Canucks could have walked away from the arbitration decision if they wanted to, instead he was not even qualified. While he was relied on more last year, he was still not what TD tried to get him to be. A once promising defenceman who we can't even get a draft pick for because he plays an invisible game on the ice. That's on the coach for not getting the most out of his players. 4) What worries me about the LE comment is not really about LE on the ice for me but the fact that TG is ineffective in creating a buying in atmosphere. 5) The only reason there was a buyin effort was because the other guys saw what Petey was doing. What happened to the buy in effort when Petey was on injury?
  9. I'm in the same boat. If Quinn is made to focus on his defence, I fear with his size, he won't last too long.
  10. I'm most proud of how the Canucks has become such a talking point in the city that strangers in Vancouver can become fast friends just by talking about the Canucks. I am least proud of what people did to the city after the last two times the Canucks went to the Stanley Cup Finals.
  11. Everyone is talking about how he turned Jake around. I would argue if he did or not. Jake was a first rounder projected to play in the top six and is now a bottom six player who can easily be replaced. He's trying to turn Goldobin into a two way player when he is clearly meant to play on the offense. He turned what was one a promising young defence man in Hutton into a free agency giveaway. He got Eriksson, a 14 year veteran who we haven't heard a complaint from, ever, call him out. When you look at the improvements of the team last year, we need to ask ourselves, did the Canucks improve because of Green's coaching or because the diamond Benning uncovered in Petey.