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  1. Dear Alex, We want you to win it. We want you to win it because you slayed the dragon. We want you to win it because you saved the franchise, and took the Sedins to new heights. We want you to win it for every undrafted twenty-year-old kid. Every kid who still has that burning passion, that fire inside, and that unwillingness to give up on their dreams. We want you to win it to show big Jake, that where you're drafted and how talented you are is meaningless if you're not willing to work. If you're not willing to give your heart to the sport and put every ounce of effort you have into every game. We want you to win it because you're the ultimate competitor, the toughest to play against, and the best teammate. We want to see you shoot that arrow to the sky one more time, and then lift the cup towards Luc. And let’s be honest; we want you to win it just to piss off all the haters one more time. Signed sincerely, A Canucks fan
  2. So Crosby, Giroux, and Vey walk into a bar...
  3. 8 years, 8.25 AAV? A bit on the high side but I still think it's fair. Comparables are: Perry at 8.625 Giroux and 8.275 Getzlaf at 8.25 Staal at 8.25 Nash at 7.8 I think it's a fairly reasonable number actually.
  4. Really? You see Anaheim finishing in the bottom of the league this year?
  5. That's gotta be one of the Sedins' engineer brothers.
  6. But ROR is Canadian... that only applies to non-Canadians trying to get into the country.
  7. I tried googling "frosted tips canucks player" with no luck, but I did find something amusing:
  8. Dude, he had a career-high in goals last year. I'm surprised the Penguins weren't in on this. Scott-Malkin-Kessel would look amazing.
  9. ITT: Hockey players who want money are literally Hitler.
  10. How the hell do you know Benning hasn't/isn't going to offer him a one-way deal?
  11. He's not making any demands. He's just not accepting his qualifying offer. 95% of RFA's don't accept their QO's and choose to negotiate a deal instead. Holy $&!# people, settle down.
  12. Hey guys, sorry if this has been discussed already, but I can't be bothered to skim through 24 pages. Would Boeser, being from the USHL, be able to play for Utica as an 18 or 19 year old? From what I remember, the 20+ AHL rule only applies to CHL players, right? And if he can, do you think he would leave college to play in the AHL, or would he only opt out if he makes the big club (which definitely won't be this year). I guess education may be important to him too.
  13. In theory we could've, I guess... Probably wouldn't have gotten away with it because we're not the Kings. And also, Luongo's recapture penalty would've been huge if we terminated his contract at that point.
  14. Auldy but goodie.