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  1. Good stuff. Doesnt really matter what they got in return it was time to move on. Good luck in Ottawa Burr and thanks for the memories!
  2. Anyone thinking it was going to be less than 6 years and less than $6 mill is living in a fantasy world
  3. I hope people can temper their expectations on the return for Hamhuis. It's very difficult to leverage value when there's a full NTC involved and the player is only willing to go to maybe 2-3 teams. Also everyone is aware he's hoping to go back to Vancouver this summer so chances of an extension are also slim and diminish trade value even further. Just try not to freak out if they don't get the value you're expecting. Or if they don't make any trades at all. Which would be surprising since Canucks are usually one of the busiest teams historically on deadline day.
  4. Obviously hammer and Vrbata are available too, they just didn't mention anyone that they thought they could actually get anything for. Throwing out a list of names like that is basically saying we'll take anything for this crap
  5. Depends where. What if the west team was Edmonton? No thanks. I'll take the early 3rd
  6. Can't complain much about the return, that's goalie trades for you The trading of lack in general is the mistake
  7. This team is f'd if they let a 34 year old dman go who's been on a steady decline for 4 years? This team is already f'd. Letting guys like bieksa go is part of the un-effing process.
  8. Canucks fans living in a dream world if they think 1) Canucks are getting the 9th pick 2) Markstrom is getting traded 3) Miller is getting traded 4) Lack will get more than a 2nd round pick 5) Bieksa will get more than a 2nd round pick Why do we do this every year? Create fantasy unrealistic returns for our players? Then when the actual deal goes down, you come on here and see people freaking out the Canucks got ripped off because they didn't get what everyone was hoping.
  9. Rumor debunked by sports guy at cknw himself. Lock thread
  10. As much as I think it's a bad idea, it will be Lack that's moved. I don't believe this Markstrom rumour even a little bit. Since JB has already said they are keeping Miller and it's obvious they want to avoid a "goalie controversy" next season of people wondering who's starting all the time. Lack is ready to be a starter and would not be too pleased being a backup next year or especially the year after when he's likely making in the $4 mill range on a new deal. Not to mention they just qualified markstrom
  11. So resign a 38 year old miller after his contract is up in 2 years?
  12. Demko is more than 2 years away from the NHL.
  13. Because miller is gone in 2 years. Then who's the goalie tandem? Markstrom and Cannata? No thanks Markstrom won't be ready to be a starter in 2 years time, maybe never who knows.