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Found 499 results

  1. September 1: finally September is here...that means training camp is 2 weeks away
  2. Noticing more and more the radicalization of pretty much every societal issue by the extreme and right and left wing political agendas. You are either "one of them" or you are "one of us" with no ability to embrace a bit from both and then ask for compromise on other items. The extreme left want nothing to do with individual accountability, want environmental programs void of scientific reason, open borders, economic policies that remove all incentives and instead distribute all wealth equally and so forth. The extreme right don't believe in privilege by birth, believe people in bad situations (health or economic) are their by choice (laziness typically cited) and think government's role in society should be kept to maintaining infrastructure/military. Where is the there room anymore for people who simply want: fiscal responsibility by government that doesn't mortgage the future for the present fair taxation that has sufficient incentives to promote success/innovation (e.g. keeping options taxed lower) but is void of excessive loopholes to benefit the very few (offshore shelters) taking care of those who cannot take of themselves but having a hard line on those who simply "expect" a living from society health care that has access to all who need it but can also accommodate a parallel process for those who wish to pay more (and that doesn't take away from the societal access system) environmental management that balances human activities, science and avoids extreme agendas - and avoids NIMBY policies/politicis balanced economy with removal of the hypocrisy of society demanding one thing and then making that thing impossible to deliver - e.g. don't embrace the concept of "Walmart" if you want fair wages in countries where kids make shoes for you has immigration/refugee programs that are fair, transparent and predictable a judicial system that treats crimes that harm society with commensurate sentencing and is both colour and economically blind The list is clearly longer but more and more, depending up on the audience, people who strive for things like those noted above are either noted as "right wing" by people on the left or "liberal/left" by people on the right. The US seemingly desperately needs a third party now that one has been hijacked by the loonies at the extreme right but the leftards seemingly have the other party well in hand. Canada is a curious case as the furthest "Right" party is probably what the Democrats in the US used to be and the Liberals in Canada have taken over the left agenda - leaving the NDP where exactly is hard to know. Germany doesn't have anyone in the middle. Is there room? I think someone offering the above would be a massive problem for the extremists at both ends and would lead to long-term, stable majority governments.
  3. time we had a good photography topic lets share our photos and chat bout them
  4. With the Canucks apparent reversal in Drafting top quality Russians . Are there things to make the Canucks a more friendly destination for Russian players . With Glody if he sticks and the return of Tryamkin and the arrival of Podkolzin would a Russian free agent or two in the next couple years be worth more to this group now ? Is hiring a English/Russian speaking assistant coach an asset . What makes some other teams Russia Friendly ?
  5. August 1: why the Micheal Ferland signing is the best thing for Jake Virtanen
  6. I'm a Salmon Arm Silverbacks season tickets holder. Wanted to create a group to discuss teams, players, prospects and potential 2020 NHL draftees for the upcoming season. As much as the league is deemed "lesser" by some on these forums, those in the know get to see some quality, fast-paced hockey. It has become a good option for those players seeking to go to college. We are seeing more higher calibre players choosing this route to pro hockey over the CHL. Please chime in - let us know players to watch and how your team is doing. Even if you're a Vipers fan lol.
  7. The title pretty much says it all! I just want to hear everyones stupid/funny cheesy jokes! Doesn't need to be canucks related but if you feel like it, go right ahead! Some funny jokes!