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Found 11 results

  1. It’s horrible , like what the hell is that . Maybe if enough people show their displeasure they can change it .
  2. Time again to dust off your crystals balls ladies and gents! On the eve of free agency, I thought it would be a good time to start thinking about our predictions for the season. The rules are the same: 1) Everyone gets one post (please be honest) in which they are allowed to post their prediction for the upcoming season. 2) This post can be edited as much as you like right up until the Canucks' opening night 3) Before the Canucks’ season opener this thread will locked, sealed and pinned by a moderate for everyone to monitor their, and others, successes and failures at reading tea leaves, palms, the stars, tarot cards to predict the upcoming season. This will hopefully fuel some interesting discussions at the end of the season. 4) Please, NO DISCUSSION WITHIN THIS THREAD, until it is re-opened. It will only get messy.  5) You can include anything you want in your post and it does not have to be restricted to the Canucks - standings, line-ups, trades, proposal predictions, champions ect.
  3. So, a couple years ago I went back east to sort old boxes of things I packed up from growing up and found this below. I've been meaning to post this. It's been on my phone for two years. This is an issue of The Hockey News from January 29, 1982. The cover photo features Toronto's defensive youth movement - Bob McGill (center), Fred Boimistruck (left) and our GM, Jim Benning, 37 years ago. Interesting how we're comparing our rebuild to that of Toronto all these years later since this cover. Thoughts?
  4. Posted something similar in another thread but am interested to see how far the divide actually is regarding Benning i.e. I want to attempt to better separate opinions on how the team got to where it is (i.e. Benning's process) and where the team is actually at today (minus the baggage of the last four years). Statement 1: Most would say that after the first round loss to Calgary in 2015, a rebuild was in the cards. The team was older and there were little to no viable prospects in the system. That was Benning's first year and that is the situation he inherited. Q1: Is the above statement fair? Statement 2: Given the inherited situation, if the team had decided to full out tank I believe it would have taken at least four years to get to this point (i.e. four years of no playoffs). Q2: Is the above statement fair? And the Leafs can't be used as a counter argument b/c they had almost 9+ years of missing the playoffs before they chose to start their tank-rebuild, as opposed to having consistent success like the Canucks - i.e. TO had higher picks, mid-twenty-year-old players already on the NHL roster, more legit prospects to speed up the tank-rebuild, etc. Statement 3: In 2015, if you had told me that in four years the team would have the core it does and be in the situation it is, I would have taken it. The process hasn't always been ideal but the team has a legit young core, some solid veteran pieces, some up-and-coming prospects in the system, and solid goaltending. Q3: Is the above statement fair? Statement 4: If you look at most of the cup winners over last decade, they have had two key forwards, a stud offensive d-man, and competent goaltending. Chicago with Toews/Kane/Keith, Pit with Crosby/Malkin/Letang, LA with Kopitar/Carter/Doughty, etc. To me, EP40, Bo/Boeser, and Hughes have the drive and skill to potentially fall into that category. They still need to prove it but I feel the core has the potential. Q4: Is the above statement fair? My conclusion: why not extend the core's window to win by adding solid support pieces? The process wasn't always pretty but Benning did get the team to this result. The challenge now is turning this group of players into a team that can get into the playoffs and be flexible enough to win playoff rounds in multiple ways. The next three years are crucial and I think Benning has earned the right to see it through. Hopefully Benning continues to learn/improve and more and more fans begin pushing in the same direction (i.e. remain critical where needed but more positive about the direction and less focused on the past).
  5. The MDP thread got me thinking (and the post-game beverages here tonight!) about the incredibly positive impact Ian Clark has had on: DiPietro's game inclusive of his massive playoff run Markstrom's dramatic improvement after the intervention early in the just-completed season Demko's big steps forward The Canucks were not thought of as having the type of goaltending strength that you need for success as recently as the beginning of this season and less than a year later without making a single change in player personnel other than trading one goalie away, they now look like they are set for both short-term, medium-term and if MDP develops further even the long-term. Has Benning made a more positively impactful signing of a FA?
  6. I realize most people here don't need, or want to be reminded about this - the draft record of this club is well known to most fans - but Yost does make some interesting statistical comparisons between our franchise and one of the benchmark franchises out there - Tampa Bay. More of a background piece to most of us and perhaps even a cautionary tale. I'm posting this not to judge the Miller trade whatsoever, but more as a background story of how we got to where we are now as a franchise as far as draft history goes. Sorry if some of the copy/pasted story is missing, if someone is able to re-post the article in it's entirety (I couldn't for some reason) I'd appreciate that - I fixed the link to go to the original however. On an unrelated note, if every new thread requires tags why are there no tags that make any sense for something that isn't either a GDT, PGT, or official?
  7. congratulation ep40 yet another award in another league that you have taken by storm thanks for the entertainment you brought us this season (i still cannot believe no one has already created a thread acknowledging his win) i do appreciate the cdc moderator who took up my suggestion and changed the like ribbon from a heart icon to the alien one that is now being used that is my present to ep40 for his fine season
  8. It says there’s a special promotion TBA, similar to how Boeser and Markstrom showed up at Bossa show last year.
  9. I couldn’t go to the fan appreciation this year cause of work. Will there be any autograph signings this summer from Pettersson? I hope Bonsor Productions holds an event for meeting Pettersson.
  10. Future Watch is exclusive to THN, where they compile a panel of NHL scouts and grade 21 and unders including prospects which they also list and rank (prospects only) top ten per franchise. A few years ago they came out with an addition that predicted the Winnipeg Jets would become a contender and the team to beat in the West, even going as far as to say they had the framework of a dynasty. Back then they hadn’t seen much of any playoff action and it could be easily laughed off as bold prediction, but now there is a lot of back slapping (and they like to bring it up when it’s pertinent). Hughes comes in as their second best ranked drafted prospect in the world, behind (already drafted) Cale Makar who has the honours of the best one in the world at the moment. It should be noted that they don’t consider a guy a NHLer until they truly makes a difference so Carter Hart is no longer on the list but guys like Demko (35), Zadina (7) and Batherson (27) are still ranked. My pick last year would have been Bouchard, he’s currently 13, one spot behind Boqvist. Ugh what do I know. Vancouver was ranked third overall and given an A- grade, way up from last year. Despite Pettersson, Gaudette and Boeser playing meaningful minutes who all were previously in the top one hundred (last year EP was ranked 2 BTW) , we still have four players ranked in the top hundred Hughes 2, Demko 35 (and the third best goalie behind Samsanov in WSH), OJ 66 (slipped from 23 last year ), and new comer Madden at 70 which was around where they ranked Hobey Baker Award winner Gaudette last year. THN had nothing but glowing remarks for us, stating that our prospect pool and under 21ers is tailor made for today’s game. Our fifth ranked prospect Dipietro just missed the top hundred cut, if he didn’t we’d be the only team with five in the ranking. Most teams only have two or three in the top hundred, Vegas for example for a C+ ranked 25th overall and has three guys but avoided a worse ranking on the strength of Glass ranked 3rd best prospect. What does this mean? PHI ranked number one, TO number two (one becuase the troops are still coming, the other because they are already there) and Vancouver number three... what it’s designed to do is provide a view for the future, which is why it’s called future watch, and if you look back at their previous years they’ve done an outstanding job of predicating what has actually happened. The fact that an Eastern based publishment is giving us this many props is encouraging, and it definitely gives us hope for the future. I for one was pleasantly surprised, I figured we’d be a little higher than last year (9)... and to think in 2015 we ranked 19 and a two years before that DFL. This is a big validation for Benning and his team. The best teams in the future have the best 21 and unders, this is almost factual (sure there are outliers but even those teams end up not bad) and maybe we should be more patient with Benning and a little less critical of the mishaps. Me included. As an aside for those that rank Kakko above Hughes, it’s official THN most recent ranking has Hughes as the undeniable best draft pick available in 2019. That leaves Sportsnet as the only major source the have Kakko above him. Good news for us if we win the lottery, no reason (or doubt) not to pick Quins brother. Not that Kakko is a chump, he’s awesome too. I’ve been supporting Benning mostly becuase he’s fixing an awful prospect pool, doesn’t mean he’s the best GM we could have (drafting Tryamkin and not making it easier for him, Palmu and Dahlen are three things that grate on me the most, LE is fine in comparison as it won’t interfere with CAP space or our pool) ... but maybe it’s time I take a break from bringing that up or remarking about it. Others have preached patience and so have I, after reading this my viewpoint shifted a little more into the patience side of things again. IF Hughes makes the impact they expect of him, and the other guys also make it and make a difference, we already have what we need to contend (not even best case, the parts are there IF most of them work out). Look at the impact Markstrom and EP have had, Demko is predicted to be a good-great number one and DiPietro had a glowing .951 sp and GAA of 1.23 in the WJs, definitely not team Canada’s weak spot..goaltending looks bright going forward for a long time. This years draft could push us over the top..Benning IS punching above his draft spot too, he’s a plus four (9th) which means even though our average draft position over the part four years is 7 he’s drafring like we have been getting all third overalls during that time span. Given where we are drafting thats outstanding. TB leads the pack drafting an average of 24th overall and ranking like they draft 8th each time. If you look at their under 21ers and their pool it’s not hard to understand why...and they just about set a record for least amount of games before winning the presidents trophy. Hopefully that can be us in time (especially we get the same cap breaks they do ha ha). Today at least, not much to complain about. What are your thoughts about our 21 and unders, do you think THN got it right (by extension it means we will have the third best core when they all reach their prime), or not?