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Found 2 results

  1. WELCOME TO ZHM - Zfetch's Hockey Manager (woozy face) Teams: Napoli Purple Haze - @Kurisu Tanevs - @Tanev Spodermans- @Spoderman Vancouver Canucks - @Mikeyboy440 Best Hockey Team - @Time Lord Team 7 - @thejazz97 Colombian Bandidos - @Zfetch Sandwich Islands Submarines - @Baer. Brown Invasion - @Zigmund.Palffy Bingos - @inane Robots - @robot Trump Tower Twitterbots - @kj29 Don's Cherries - @Master Mind Blue Jays - @Blue Jay 22 Chicocko Blackcox - @Patrick Kane Kwik-E-Mart Gougers - @BM24 INTRODUCTION TEAM SELECTION ORDER SCOUTING: To be announced shortly SALARY CAP: No salary cap FREE AGENCY PLAYER GROWTH TEAM PICKING SPREADSHEET: FAQ: Is this league for money? : No of course not. This league is intended to be light-hearted and fun, with minimal involvement required. Recall that I created the sim engine, so take it easy. Just a game bro. Sim? : Sim speed should be fast. Why are some OVR ratings funky? : there are only 3 main attributes, skating, shooting and luck. The luck attribute was literally generated randomly and thus has big impact on how good a player is. What is the LUCK attribute? : these 3v3s will have a moneypuck. Orange orange orange. In the last two minutes of the game each goal is worth double. The most important factors going into who will score with the moneypuck is goaltending and luck. do they work: They all just have one number involved: their overall. Generally speaking, the higher the overall, the more saves they will make. Simple as that. Also, the AVG rating for goalies is 69.6969 @Patrick Kane I want to be good. How?: The most important attributes are speed and luck. These two attributes will have the heaviest influences in team success. Shooting has its own importance as well and so does being lucky and good all season long. Where did you get these rosters: EA NHL 13 HUT. Next question. What is the first draft?: The 2013 NHL Entry Draft will be the first draft. Why are there only 16 teams?: I ate a crayon and believe that league demand will be around 16.....8 teams make playoffs. sim should start in a few days time with some finishing touches being worked on Without further ado, it is your turn: 1) Pick a team on the spreadsheet above also linked here 2) Pick a team city and Wuhan Viruses ---keep team name (eg Viruses) under 12 characters where possible. You may request more, but try to keep it under. ---keep team name appropriate enough that it would keep @debhatescanucks from banning you 3) Pick a team logo. Image size should be small, but if not, I will make a crappy crop for you. 3b) Acronym! 3 letters max. 4) Have Fun! Hey man not getting tough on you or anything but just lighten up bro its all fun and games. NEW NOTES AS OF MORNING 06/20: --this is a sim engine built for the fans! any and all inputs regarding things like the draft, or the overall sim can be commented on and changed! --team "relocation" or team name/logo changes are possible for sure but plz don't give me too much work haha and request infrequently --forgot to disclose, but home ice advantage does exist, albeit, marginally DRAFTS:
  2. Welcome to the 2nd Season of Elite Keeper League! Welcome to the Elite Keeper League, where we can hone our skills at running a full fledged big league operation and join the ranks of the ELITE! I will keep this league running full steam ahead with daily updates, and doing my very best to make sure things run smooth and up to date. I am honored to have been given the reigns to this league and I hope to not disappoint. I am always open to new suggestions, looks or anything really. Just feel free to drop me a line anytime with points, questions or even to volunteer. Below are all the essentials a GM should need. Tylez had re-done some wording for the 2019/20 CBA , and I will be working on the 2020-21 version. Let me know if there are any issues or suggestions and most importantly: if you would like to volunteer for an easy repetitive task to help flow the league along (waivers/IR checks/Spreadsheet verifications et cetera) , it is easy to splinter those off of the main jobs..always happy to have more hands on the oars, drop me a line if you have the time! ~Primal Optimist Team Spreadsheets: 2019/20 CBA: Scoring/Point Tracking: Entry Draft: Trade Tracker, Waiver Log, UFA and RFA List: ========================= Pool Name: EKL2019-20 Password: ekl ========================= Commissioner: @Primal Optimist Trade Tracker: @inane Waiver Tracker: @D-Money EASTERN AGENT: @Primal Optimist WESTERN AGENT: @Primal Optimist ============================================= 18/19 playoffs: Rnd 1 v _ v v _ v v _ v v _ v Rnd 2 v _ v v _ v Rnd 3 v _ v Rnd 4 v 2018/19 EKL Cup Champion: - @Patrick Kane ============================================= - @Kobayashi Maru - @Primal Optimist - @Dion Phaneuf - @Nicklas Bo Hunter - @morrissex95 - @Tigs - @Patrick Kane - @Gally // @Miroki - @Bombastik der Teutone - @Baer. - VACANT - @Mike Vanderhoek - @Canuck Surfer - @kj29 - @Monty // @D-Money - @Snapshot85 - @Rush17 - @janisahockeynut - @Sedinery33 - @JimLahey - @Brock Botanen - @ThatMike - @Caboose - @canuck2xtreme - @lethunder - @Master Mind - @Art Vandelay - @Jaku // @Salter - @Nail // @JE14 - @Colby Covington - @inane