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Found 81 results

  1. September 1: Canucks vs. Golden Knights Game 5 preview: Thatcher Demko could start
  2. So with the potential of playoff hockey in July, do the masterminds of this league look to push us into playoff hockey immediately? July 1st is a date that is far more important than Draft day in June. Will the league look to players and NHLPA to waive or amend their contracts? Does this potential action open the door to other amendments between the NHL and NHLPA as a bargaining chip? ..Or will this cancel a season? Thoughts ladies and gents?
  3. March 1: brutal collapse wastes 3 pt nights for Elias Pettersson & JT Miller
  4. February 1: Quinn Hughes takes over NHL Rookie scoring lead with 2 goals in Canucks win
  5. January 1: vote Quinn Hughes into the All Star Game, ringing in 2020 in the hospital
  7. Ok Canucks fans, I'm asking this because I kind of like the NY rangers. So my question to you is it wrong to like the rangers as a 2nd fav team? Do you have any original 6/67 expansion teams you like
  8. I really enjoyed this tourney. Some one who jumped out for me was the Jarvis Kid. (any relation to Doug?). He seemed to be everywhere he was supposed to be. Skated hard and was fearless out there.
  9. July 1: Canucks sign free agents Tyler Myers, Jordie Benn, and Oscar Fantenberg
  10. I’m sure I’m going to get locked with this,. But I just saw this on Pavel Barbers You Tube feed. this kid is absolutely amazing! .. hope we get to see him develop more in North America.
  11. June 2: Summer Summit with the Sedins on same evening as Botchford Tribute Event
  12. Since Hitchcock arrived the Oilers have become one of the best in our division and one of the better teams in the NHL. Often a coaching change results in a teams fortunes changing (part a result of the actual coaching, and pairtly to do with the players themselves aware of the fact trades might follow so they play harder) and Hicth has a good record for this. A year and a few months ago; Vegas has the Oilers as the highest odds to win the cup before the year started and many in the hockey world pegged them as contenders. Fast forward half a season and McDavid was way behind Kucherov the scoring leader at the time, and they had dug an impossible hole, the second half nobody scored as many points as McDavid and they had a respectable record. Much had been written and talked about as far as their defense goes, and now Klefbom is out for at least a you think they can keep it up and show the real team was the one that almsot went to the conference final, or do you think they simply don’t have enough parts and are doomed to mediocrity.
  13. April 1: sign goalie Jake Kielly, my picks for the year-end awards (Pettersson, Markstrom)
  14. Barf. That is my first response.. admittedly, in part, because we could have had him (although as a rule I don't spend much time wallowing in regret, and had we drafted him our subsequent drafts would have looked different, yada yada yada).. but mostly because I think he's immature and temperamental, and makes bad decisions.. and I kinda wanna punch him in his crap-lousy face.. but.. in my more candid moments, I must admit he is growing as a player and a guy can't argue with his effort & desire to win.. and yes, he would be useful on any team. and I can't think of any better current flamer (after Giordano is gone) to captain that squad.. sigh..