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  1. Since Noone signed up or posted i will do my best to create something from here in Sweden: Time for the 2nd Game of 6 on the road, this time in Tampa. Watch it on: SN360, SNP, SUN, NHL.TV In goal: Nilsson Scratches: Del Zotto, Biega
  2. It seems like the Canucks management still haven't come up with a decision yet on who should be the Canucks Captain, so I thought I would make a list on who the top 5 candidates are at this very moment. Honorable mentions to Brandon Sutter, Derek Dorsett, Darren Archibald, and Brock Boeser. Before I begin I should lay out some ground rules: 1. I will not include any goalies. While it could very well happen the odds are unlikely. 2. This list will not mention who should be the 2 Assistant Captains. 3. Any players that are injured at the moment will not be featured on here. With that being said, lets begin. #5: TYLER MOTTE Tyler Motte has been on a roll since the Canucks acquired him. Ever since they lost tons of grit and leadership from Chaput, Megna, Skille, and Dowd, Motte has come in and helped them. After getting traded for Vanek, he has shown to be the best Trade Deadline acquisition from this year and is on an 82 goal pace. At only 23 he will be a dominant winger for years to come. #4: JAY BEAGLE After coming off of a Stanley Cup victory, Jay Beagle has been as dominant as ever. For winning the Stanley Cup this year and signing with us for 4 years, that should equal to 4 more for us. #3: LOUI ERIKSSON Many Canucks fans are probably wondering why Louster is on here. Yes he's a speedy winger on a great deal, yes he's Swedish and a former Bruin, and yes he has great chemistry with the Sedins, but what makes him Captain material? Well you see... when you look at active leading goal scorers in the league for Swedish players... he's at the very top. We knew he would score lots of goals when coming here, but we did not expect this much out of him either. This should definitely make him a good choice for management. #2: ERIK GUDBRANSON Besides being tall, fast, handsome, and getting points, Gudbranson is one guy who's not afraid to stick up for his teammates. On a 3 year deal, the Canucks will hopefully be looking to extend him long term. Jim Benning has gone as far to say he's like Zdeno Chara, and while I think he can be way better, that's something a lot of players wish they can hear. #1: JAKE VIRTANEN This should be no surprise to anyone who's watched the Canucks for the past 5 years. Jake Virtanen has been a cornerstone to this franchise and a quality leader. It's been his team since Day One and now, with Vrbata retired, Virtanen might finally get that chance. He's already proven to be many things in his short career so far like being better than McDavid and scoring Twitch girls. With Cole Cassels developing in Germany nicely at the moment, hopefully both of them can come in and be the next Canucks star duo.
  3. Cody Hodgson Obviously this should be in the alumni section. Anyway CoHo seems to have found a home in Nashville
  4. THE FIRST OF THE THREE FINAL GAMES TO WATCH THE SEDINS 7:00 PM PT SNP, ATTSN-RM GAMEDAY | Canucks vs. Golden Knights The Vancouver Canucks face off against the Vegas Golden Knights for their fourth of four meetings this season (0-3-0).GAME NOTES
  5. Wow, can't believe no one had started this yet! Anyone know how many NHL Games experience our lineup will have tonight? I'm guessing Megna and Chaput will be in, so I'm going to go with 193 games experience, total 5 - 4 Canucks
  6. FIRST PRE-SEASON HOME GAME OF 2017 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH @ 2 pm The Canucks will host the Vegas Golden Knights in the expansion team's first preseason game. Rodin - Chaput - Lind Molino - Megna - Boeser Archibald - Cassels - Virtanen Gadjovich - Hamilton - Goldobin Juolevi - McEneny Sautner - Brisebois Holm - Subban Demko (50/50) Bachman (50/50) VS VEGAS (September 16, 2017) - Vegas Golden Knights General Manager George McPhee announced today, September 16, the team's roster for their upcoming game at the Vancouver Canucks. Forwards: William Carrier, Cody Glass, Tomas Hyka, Keegan Kolesar, Brendan Leipsic, Stefan Matteau, Tomas Nosek, Nick Suzuki, Paul Thompson, Alex Tuch, TJ Tynan and Tyler Wong Defensemen: Jake Bischoff, Nicolas Hague, Brad Hunt, Griffin Reinhart, Clayton Stoner and Shea Theodore Goaltenders: Dylan Ferguson and Jiri Patera
  7. Trade for Ovechkin!

    The Canucks should really consider trading for Ovechkin if they want to make the playoffs. Gaunce, Subban, and a 2nd should get it done. We might have to throw in a 3rd but all well. I think that's a fair deal. This could get us back to the finals and get the Sedins that Cup!
  8. Boesser Horvat Baertchi Dahlen Granlund Goldobin Sedin Sedin Virtanen Boucher Sutter Eriksson Cramarossa (13) IR - Dorset, Rodin, Gaunce Edler Gudbranson Tanev joulevi Hutton Stetcher Holm Biega Markstrom Bacman
  9. Part I of our saga: I'm so gutted that the season is ending. Hockey fandom is my biggest hobby, and I'll truly be at a loss when I'm Canuck-less for the next six months (cheering for Minny in playoffs doesn't count). I'm hoping the Canucks can pull out a win, at least for the moral victory! Go, Canucks, go! Let's wrap this one up in style, boys!
  10. But first, an announcement: We're done. Kaput. Finished. Nada. We're toast. Now that that's out of the way let's get this GDT started! Let's play the game! This one's called "party quirks", and everyone gets to play a character! (Touchy French Canadian teen who gets increasingly aggressive at people who laugh at him) (All the characters in a gay western) (Fiery male Russian ballet dancer) (Goofy guy desperately trying to act street) (Turning into the incredible hulk) I invested a nonzero amount of effort in this GDT. Forgive me if I'm feeling a little down in the dumps with where the team is at. Nonetheless we must persist! I'm predicting a big Canucks WIN! 3-2, goals by Baer, Bo, Skille, the evil Granlund, and Niederreiter. This game is an EARLY one, please note the 11am start time! I'll update lines later. Who really cares about who Minny has playing anyway? Or even our team, for that matter? Not me! Go, Canucks, go!
  11. WHERE: ROGERS PLACE WHEN: 7:00PM LINEUPS: VANCOUVER CANUCKS: Defensive Pairings Goalies EDMONTON COILERS: Maroon - McDavid - Draisaitl Lucic - Nudgent-Hopkins - Eberle Pouliot - Desharnais - Kassian Caggiula - Letestu - Slepyshev Klefbom - Larsson Sekera - Russel Nurse - Benning Talbot Brossoit Long ago, in the land of Boston, the dark lord Bettman used his power to control the NHL. He created a ring full of power and the only way to win the Stanley Cup was to destroy this ring! Bettman had ruled the NHL for may years, but there were some who resisted. A team full of Canucks battled Bettman in Boston for the ring, but he was to powerful. Many Canucks were lost in the battle. The ring was lost in the battle, but it later found by a Hobbit who lived in the shire, David Bowie! Current Day: Gandalf (aka Jim Benning) was strolling in the Shire when he saw Bo-Bo Baggins, nephew of his Hobbit friend David Bowie. Benning tells young Bo-Bo that he is going to assemble a master team to destroy the ring his Uncle owns and win the Stanley Cup! When Gandalf and Bo-Bo Baggins talk about the perilous journey Bo-Bo Baggins would have to take, they find an unexpected guest eavesdropping, it was Sven Bearcheese. Gandalf orders young Sven to join Bo-Bo Baggins on the long journey. The eavesdropper is excited! They travel through the forests, for there long journey to destroy the ring and win the Stanley Cup, when a Black Rider comes on there trail. They hide, he's is looking for Bo-Bo Baggins, as he is eager to win the Stanley Cup as well! He calls for the rings, and then disappears into the night. They meet two friends Granny from the Calgarian lands and his pal Stecher on the way! They come across an Elvish kingdom where a fellowship of the ring is created, there Hernik, Daniel, Eriksson (The Lazy one) and The dragon Slayer promise to protect the new Canuck team on there journey of winning the cup! Gandalf is proud! However, orcs come across the path of the fellowship and The Dragon Slayer takes his "Last Stand" as a CANUCK! He attacks the, Shark, Bruin, Predator, King, and Blackhawk to the end to protect the team he loves! It's his final sacrifice he has made for this team, the Dragon Slayer is now gone...... He will never be forgotten and one day we will see him again in another place (The Ring of Honour). Bo-Bo Baggins and Sven escape, the fellowship is broken, but the chance of winning the Stanley Cup is not. *I'm thinking of making this into a series... Part 2: Bo-Bo and Sven come across a creature named Gollum! I will update this with tweets on the game tomorrow morning!
  12. I decided to try my hand at poetry, @Nuxfanabroad style. This little ditty is meant to be hummed to the tune of the Gilligan's Island theme song. If you are not familiar with the song you can find it here: Ok, it's high time I took a GDT hiatus, but before I take a breather for a couple weeks I have to predict one more Canucks WIN! We're taking this one 5-4, as the song alluded to. Maybe it's the beer talking, but I believe! Go, Canucks, go!!
  13. Bonjour, tout le monde! Tomorrow our boys in blue return home to face the bleu, blanc, et rouge back at Rogers Arena! I am predicting a big Canucks WIN, since we'll be riding the high of beating two out of the three tough California teams. We're only a handful of points out of a playoff spot- let's prove the doubters wrong! Apologies if this GDT is hard to read…I went a lil overboard with the colors Also, I have not taken French in over 10 years (depuis j'ai eu seize ans??) so please be gentle if my spelling, grammar, or punctuation are off. Merci, y'all. Allons-y, Canucks!!
  14. It's time for hockey to go Hollywood as our Vancouver Canucks square off against the LA Kings! As usual I am hoping for a big Canucks WIN, mostly because I gain strength from Jonathan Quick's tears. Seriously, he is the biggest baby and always throwing a tantrum- I can't stand him. Any opportunity to see his night spoiled makes me a happy camper. Do me a solid, Canucks, and make it happen! Predicting we win this one 5-4 in the shootout, with Bo's being the lone SO goal. After all, that would certainly make for a great movie Go, Canucks, go!
  15. It's not my best work, but it'll get the job done. I am SO excited to be going to this game! The Boys in Blue don't swing 'round these parts too often, so it'll be great to see 'em live. I'll be sitting right next to the Sharks' bench (BOO!), so let me know if you see me on broadcast My GDT Record is 5-0 and my attendance record is 4-0, so of course I'm predicting a big Canucks WIN! Let's say 3-2 in overtime. 'Nucks goals by my boos Markus Granlund, Bo Horvat, and Reid Boucher. Go, Canucks, go!!! I just used the line-ups from last game as a template. Please update this thread with more accurate ones as more info is available. ETA: I updated the "Heroes" pic to reflect the Canucks lines as indicated in practice this morning.
  16. So if i am correct I believe willies contract is up at the end of this season, if not probably next year. So the questions simple: Should we resign him or sign someone else? My views on the negatives: - Terrible lineup combinations - doesn't give young players a chance - terrible line deployment - plays 4 lines, (we aren't a deep team so I don't see the point) Views on the positive: - his mustache... maybe u guys can help with this... Of course replacements include: -Michel therrien -Gerard gallant -Travis green Ect... IMO I think this team needs a more experienced coach
  17. [Report] Gaunce recalled from utica

    Gaunce has been recalled as of John Shannon Twitter. Replaces Horvat who has a deep bone bruise.
  18. So I was a little curious why virtanen wasn't producing offensively. Every player has a chance to play offensively if paired with some talent around them. Only elite players can produce with scrubs around them. So I looked at virtanens linemates and they aren't point producers on the comets. In fact these guys have a hard time getting points. Lineups are: Kunyk cassels virtanen Why? Virtanen should be playing with gaunce. Gaunce has been putting up good numbers since he's returned and pairing him with virtanen will help virtanens offensive game. Virtanens the type of player rn that needs a good supporting cast to help his offensive production. I think green is playing him wrong and destroying our asset. Any other team would start virtanen on the 1st or 2nd line in the ahl to round out his offensive game. IMO virtanens defensive game is already solid He needs to work on offence. I was wondering what u guys think about this. Maybe u can shed more light and explain it to me
  19. FT Daniel Sedin Henrik Sedin Loui Eriksson Markus Granlund Brandon Sutter Jannik Hansen Jayson Megna Bo Horvat Alexandre Burrows Reid Boucher Michael Chaput Jack Skille Alexander Edler Troy Stecher Luca Sbisa Chris Tanev Nikita Tryamkin Ben Hutton who cares about boston's lineup Thoughts? Predictions?

    I didn't see a game day thread for the all star game, so why the hell not. GAME 1 Pacific vs Central GAME 2 Metropolitan vs Atlantic GAME 3 Winner game 1 vs winner game 2. Halftime performances by 4Th harmony LOL and Nick Jonas PREDICTIONS!!!!!!! Pacific loses 13-6 to central Metropolitan beats Atlantic 11-3 Central beats metropolitan 6-5 Standout performances: Horvat 3 pts Laines 6 goals Kane 7 points Crosby 7 points Ovi 5 goals I'm sorry for lack of effort but no one made one yet!!!
  21. Gudbranson VS Tryamkin Poll

    Interested to see which physical/defensive defenseman the Canucks fan base prefers more.
  22. Daniel Sedin Henrik Sedin Loui Eriksson Sven Baertschi Bo Horvat Alexandre Burrows Markus Granlund Brandon Sutter Jayson Megna Brendan Gaunce Michael Chaput Jack Skille Alexander Edler Troy Stecher Luca Sbisa Chris Tanev Nikita Tryamkin Alex Biega Ryan Miller Taylor Hall Adam Henrique P.A. Parenteau Michael Cammalleri Travis Zajac Kyle Palmieri Miles Wood Jacob Josefson Beau Bennett Blake Coleman Sergey Kalinin Devante Smith-Pelly Jon Merrill Ben Lovejoy Kyle Quincey Damon Severson Karl Stollery Steven Santini THOUGHTS? PREDICTIONS? GCG!!!!
  23. The Phlegms: Johnny Gaudreau Sean Monahan Alex Chiasson Matthew Tkachuk Mikael Backlund Michael Frolik Kris Versteeg Sam Bennett Micheal Ferland Lance Bouma Matt Stajan Freddie Hamilton Defensive Pairings Mark Giordano Dougie Hamilton T.J. Brodie Dennis Wideman Tyler Wotherspoon Deryk Engelland Chad Johnson LW C RW Daniel Sedin Henrik Sedin Jayson Megna Loui Eriksson Brandon Sutter Markus Granlund Sven Baertschi Bo Horvat Anton Rodin Brendan Gaunce Michael Chaput Jack Skille Defensive Pairings Alexander Edler Troy Stecher Luca Sbisa Chris Tanev Ben Hutton Nikita Tryamkin Jacob Markstrom Thoughts? Predictions? GO CANUCKS GO!