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Just had to.


Loved this song from the first second I heard it.  But it will forever hold the most special place in my my son's wedding, it was absolutely joyous.  A group of us (my son, his bride, my daughter, her b/f and the bridal party/their crazy fun friends) had a circle on the dance floor and sang this...arms all around each other.  It was completely spontaneous and just...the best.  So fun.  It was the perfect family was so happy.


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Amazing harmonies on this one



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On 4/28/2020 at 9:28 AM, gurn said:

Good to see you here Twilight.

Hope you and Apple Jack are doing well.

Just trying to not go insane being stuck inside lol

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On 5/6/2020 at 7:32 AM, RWMc1 said:


Your an Aussie aren't you?


LOL, I had a raucous time once with Casey, her husband Shane & her dad. We saw them at a festival in Perth. Elbowe'd fiercely for an hour or so to watch them front row. It was an enjoyable show.


Cant recall who was next, Sinead O'Connor?  There was Casey and Shane making their way to the front in between acts. Where we had remained, really waiting for next in line > John Fogherty? Them too... So we watched a show and locked elbows to stay front row, taking turns holding position, shouting each other drinks, bathroom breaks. When push came to shove, Casey, she was joking, promised my father in law anything he wanted. Hinting sex act, tickets, to take his place front row. And they wrestled for position. He never did let her in front. It was fun. :lol: She went NUTS when Fogherty came on, who was very poor BTW... She hugged and humped like a dog on a leg. Trying to climb over him, get on stage, offering to have John's baby. Shane just rolled his eyes. 


He did get a signed CD. But my mother in law always wonders why he has her picture on the ceiling of the bedroom? It could be his favorite all time story...


Here is a nice cut;




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18 hours ago, Cerridwen said:


Awesome! So long since I heard this song, 30 years?

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