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Darcy Rota

Rick Rypien Passes Away

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I still can't believe Rick Rypien is gone. Everytime I think about him or read anything about his passing, I start crying and can't stop. It's extremely difficult to process that he's gone. From the outside it looked like he had it all and was working towards happiness and getting back to playing the game that he loved...Returning to Manitoba seemed so fitting after having spent so much time there with the Moose. He had this incredibly tough guy exterior, but he really was a sweet, caring person who had a tremendous fight in him.

I only met him once, earlier this past season at the Raise a Reader event. I was apprehensive about approaching him initially. I didn't want to see like a bother or anything (even though it was a community event) but his smile and a few kinds words were all it took for his warm personality to shine through. He was easy to talk to, and made me smile...he may have been small in stature, but he had a huge heart, and a strong passion for the game. It's sad to see him go. I can't imagine all the pain he was going through the last few seasons especially (even though it's been said he'd been battling emotional problems since losing his girlfriend in a car accident while in juinor). I'll never forget his fight. He will be missed. I wish he'd been able to see what else the world had to offer...My heart goes out to him and his family. I hope he's at peace now.

I'll post up the message I posted at his memorial at Rogers Arena yesterday:

"To Live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die" - Thomas Campbell


Thank you for everything you brought to the Canucks organization. Your heart, soul, grit and love. You were a TRUE warrior and will be missed.

FOREVER A CANUCK #37! R.I.P. Rick Rypien.

Vancouver'll love you forever

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RIP, Rypein was one of the most entertaining guys to watch when he got into scraps.

My favorite rypien fight, just look at the combination he put together, looks as if hes in the UFC.

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Rick was such a passionate player and a joy to watch on the ice.

Deepest sympathies go out to his family, friends and team mates.

Rest in peace, Rick Rypien.

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RIP ripper...he played and fought like he was 6'5". Even though he signed with the Jets, he will always be a Canucks

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Lil Wayne, the rapper gave Ryp a shout out at his recent concert in Montreal, skip to 0:52 mark:

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Balls of brass

Fists of steel

Backing down from nobody

He was the real deal

He had warrior spirit

A skating grace

He hid his demons

Fearing they would take his place

I have fought your fight Rick

I fight is still

Another brother fallen

Brings me the deepest chill

If there is a heaven

I know you're there

I'll keep up the fight brother

Send me some strength to battle these demons we share

You'll not be forgotten

We shall hold you dear

When all seems lost

All the strength seems to be gone

We'll think of number 37

We'll soldier on

Dedicated to the memory of number 37, Rick Rypien and to the continuing fight against mental illness so many carry on with.

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