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Noteworthy Canuck tribute videos

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I was watching the Mattias Ohlund tribute video that was recently posted and wanted to acknowledge that I was really impressed with many of the videos created by the fans. The song choices, in particular, are commendable. Here are some noteworthy examples:

The Ultimate Markus Naslund Tribute Video ("The Scientist")--fitting because Nazzy was very introverted and became something of a martyr when his career was on the wane ("nobody said it was easy...I'm going back to the start"):

The Rick Rypien Tribute ("Superman")--an important reminder from the management team to the fans to appreciate the immense pressure and responsibilities our heroes quietly shoulder ("it's not easy to be me"):

Trevor Linden: Born Leader (Inspirational music intercut with voiceovers from President Kennedy)--fitting because the overarching theme of Linden's career was to lead and be resilient in the face of adversity:

Finally, there is Ryan Kesler ("My Way or the Highway"). Though this video was made well before Kesler shot to superstardom, Limp Bizkit was a fitting choice to document the rise of the beast:

What do you all think? Are there any noteworthy videos and song choices that you would like to share (for Canucks players or others)?

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