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Which Western Conference Team Is The Scariest Come Playoff Time?

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Detroit. They are just so good overall, and don't really have one particular weakness you can exploit.

A lot of people are saying Nashville... and I guess it depends if they continue to get spectacular goaltending, and if they can force the Canucks to play their own shutdown style game.

People are also saying St. Louis. It is hard to think of this team as a contender considering they have been nothing for so many years. They've impressed me during the 2nd half of the season, but I think the Canucks depth will help them to score if we face them. I don't think they will be able to keep their stingy goals against intact - which is really the only reason they sit 1st right now.

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St Louis. Tight games with them and even when they sucked a few years ago, they still blew us out a few times. Excluding our sweep of them in the playoffs obviously. They actually have 2 great goalies now too, not just Chris Mason. Pietrangelo is a force out there also.

Nashville is looking scary now. They don't just have defense and a goalie with shallow scoring any more. They got Gaustad and A.Kostitsyn who is ripping it up with his brother since they reunited. The possibility of Radulov joining them too is terrifying.

With our games against Dallas and losing them both so far, they seem to shut down the Canucks pretty well.


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