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Psa: Canada Post Virus Email Alert

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Normally I wouldn't post about email spam viruses, but this one made it through my gmail and looks very convincing. There have been a few of these in the past and they make the news because so many people fall for them.

The email appears to come from Canada Post and says that they tried to deliver a package but you weren't home. They then have a couple of links to the receipt and tracking that you can click. Do not click on them. The links actually lead to a site and tries to execute some kind of DOS script.

I reported it as a phishing scam to google. Just be on the look out. I wouldn't want anyone to fall for it.

We attempted to deliver your item at 09:30 am on March 22th, 2012.

The delivery attempt failed because nobody was present at the shipping address, so this notification has been automatically sent.

You may arrange redelivery by visiting the link below or pick up the item at the Canada Post Office indicated on the receipt.

If the package is not scheduled for redelivery or picked up within 48 hours, it will be returned to the sender.

Label/Receipt Number: 79538627396

Expected Delivery Date: March 22th, 2012

Class: Package Services

Service(s): Delivery Confirmation

Status: eNotification sent

To download the shipping receipt, in PDF format, visit:<linkID removed so you don't click on it>

To check on the delivery status of your mailing or arrange redelivery please visit the following URL:<linkID removed so you don't click on it>

Thank you,

© 2012 Canada Post Corporation

*** This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply ***


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Thank god I have a Mac


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Thanks for the heads up

I get a lot of stuff from Canada Post so would probably fall for something like this :(


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