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Surprisingly Interesting Article From Eklund: Canucks Playoff Matchups

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Of course the season series do not determine the outcomes of games, but it does seem likely that we meet up with the Rangers again. I think the Bruins are still a good team, but the Rangers are definitely the team to beat. It's becoming more and more apparent to me that the SCF will come down to goaltending again whatever way we cut it.

The Current Playoff Matchups Favor....A Very Familiar Final..

Tonight we are traveling back from vacation so I am in a bit of family mode, however here is the absolute latest with "Who do the current match ups favor?" In these series the winner is determined by who won the season series. Usually we see all sorts of upsets and we get a very surprising Cup Final...However...

Starting in the East..

Opening Round

1 Rangers Over 8 Caps (season series currently at 2-1 for the NYR)

2 Bruins over 7 Senators (season series currently at 4-1 for the Bruins)

3 Panthers over 6 Devils (season series 2-1-1 for Panthers)

5 Flyers over 4 Penguins (season series currently at 4-1 for the Flyers)

1 Rangers over 5 Flyers (season series 6-0 for the NYR)

3 Panthers over 2 Bruins (season series 2-1-1 for the Panthers)

1 Rangers over 3 Panthers (season series currently at 3-1 for the Rangers)

In the West

1. Canucks over 8 Sharks (season series 3-0-1 for the Canucks)

2. Blues over 7 Coyotes (season series 2-1-1 for the Blues)

3. Kings over 6 Blackhawks (season series 3-1 for the Kings)

5. Detroit over Predators (season series tied 3-3 Redwings GF 16-14

1 Canucks over 5 Red Wings (season series 3-1 for the Canucks)

3. Kings over 2 Blues (season series 3-1 for the Kings)

1. Canucks over 3 Kings (season series 2-1-1 for the Canucks)

And for those wondering, the Rangers beat Vancouver 4-0 in their only meeting.

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Rangers over Washington

Boston over Ottawa

Florida over New Jersey

Penguins over Philly

Penguins over Rangers

Boston over Florida

Penguins over Boston

Canucks over Sharks

St Louis over Coyotes

Chicago over LA

Nashville over Detroit

Canucks over Chicago (obviously lol)

Nashville over St. Louis

Canucks over Nashville

Nucks vs Pens

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Who says the caps are in it first of all? Regular season is not the same as the playoffs; although, I do agree that certain teams match up better against one another. Carolina destroyed Boston in all of their meetings together this year.

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Canucks are 2-1-1 against the Red Wings and Red Wings are 2-1-1 against the Canucks... not 3-1 Canucks. GF-GA = 11-11. No one wins?

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I think some of you guys are underestimating the Panthers- I know Boston would probably beat them, but that team is a serious darkhorse...Remember 96'? Who did they have that "put them over the top"? Mediocre team that went all the way. If Boston underestimates the Panthers, I could see an upset.

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Vanbiesbrook played out of his mind IIRC. He got hot and the right time and the Panthers rode him to the finals.

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