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Franz Liszt

(Proposal) Bigger Offseason = Bigger Success

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Laugh and call this as unrealistic as much as you want, but all you have to do is believe. And I know you would love to have a roster like this.

This is a long read, so I bolded the main things that are important and entrenched in the text.

- It's 4 trades (3 medium & 1 big) & 7 UFA signings (not top free agents)

- You know I like lots of player movement, so no surprises here

- You'll say; "Why is ___ is down a line?" And I'll say, "Depth is beautiful and these aren't set lines".

- Each trade will have a short explanation (I've seen other forums)

- And my trades seem to be okay with other fans of other teams (the majority anyway)

- I am now into draft picks, because the draft is less than a month away

- This works if the cap hits $71 million


- Trades

- Draft Picks

- Re-Signings

- Signings

- Final Roster

- Special Teams

- End Notes



To TOR: Luongo & Gragnani (RFA)

To VAN: Franson (RFA), TOR 1st (5th) & TOR 2nd (35th)

Luongo <---> Franson & 1st

Gragnani <---> 2nd

Most of the Leaf fans want Luongo and would trade the 5th overall pick and not much else, because they haven't had success since they had Belfour. Franson comes home to B.C. where he would flourish in our system. With alot of guys like Ashton, Frattin, Biggs, Kadri & Colborne fighting to make the permanent jump to the NHL, there won't be enough spots in the NHL roster for all of them, so some will be playing on the Marlies. Gragnani would become the new serviceable defenseman for Toronto. Played as a depth man, and good on the power play.

- Leaf fans mainly would do it if they got Luongo and another NHL serviceable defenseman.


To PIT: Booth, Raymond (RFA), Malhotra (Limited NTC), Alberts & VAN 2013 1st

To VAN: J. Staal, Lovejoy & CLB 4th (92nd)

Booth, Raymond, Malhotra & 2013 1st <---> Staal + 4th

Alberts <---> Lovejoy

Penguins fans complained mainly about 4 things. 1. Wanting another good winger for both Malkin or Crosby's line, 2. better defensive play from their bottom-6 forwards, 3. Jordan Staal's inevitable pay raise, and 4. with the exception of Orpik, more physicality from their defense. The players heading from Vancouver fit each bill. Booth gives them a good top-6 winger. Raymond & Malhotra would help their bottom-6 defensive play and Alberts would give them a big, solid 7th defenseman.

- Pens fans said they would let Staal go if they got good depth in all other areas.


To WIN: Ballard, Tanev, Schroeder & VAN 1st

To VAN: Wheeler & WIN 2nd (39th)

Tanev, Schroeder & 1st <---> Wheeler

Ballard <---> 2nd

Jets fans biggest thing they talked about was getting better depth at defense. Flood and Jaffrey weren't cutting it. With Ballard & Tanev either paired up, or Tanev as a 7th defenseman and Ballard paired with Stuart would immediately round out their blue line and give it a boost. Another thing Jets fans wanted was another center prospect or two. Schroeder is a good one who is familiar with Claude Noel. Losing Wheeler is a little hard for them, but with Kane, Burmistrov and Scheifele coming, Wheeler becomes expanable. Plus Antropov would be in his comfortable top-6 role again.

- Jets fans said they would do it if they got younger, better and a better all around team.


To MTL: Oreskovich (RFA), Rodin, Sweatt & Parent (RFA)

To VAN: MTL 2nd (33rd) & MTL 3rd (64th)

Rodin + Parent <---> 2nd

Oreskovich + Sweatt <---> 3rd

Habs fans want some better future players (I've read some of the French as well). Rodin and Sweatt give them that. With Moen most likely out, Oreskovich gives Montréal a big 12th/13th forward. Parent may be a little bit of a bust, but he and his size would help both the AHL team and as a depth guy for the NHL team.

- Habs fans would give a pick or two for more NHL ready prospects who can play in the NHL sooner.


DRAFT PICKS: Liberace's Picks

5th: Alex Galchenyuk - C

33rd: Dalton Thrower - D

35th: Tanner Pearson - LW

39th: Malcolm Subban - G

57th: Boo Nieves - C

64th: Adam Pelech - D

92nd: Jim Vasey - LW

147th: Taylor Burke - RW

177th: Tobias Tornqvist - RW

207th: James De Haas - D



Cory Schneider: 4 years @ $14 million. $3.500 cap hit

Sami Salo: 1 year @ $2 million

Eddie Läck: 2 years @ $1.8 million. $0.900 cap hit

Dale Weise: 1 year @ $675,000

After trade:

Cody Franson: 2 years @ $3 million. $1.500 cap hit



Shane Doan: 2 years @ $10 million. $5.000 cap hit

Bryan Allen: 3 years @ $10.2 million. $3.400 cap hit

Jason Garrison: 4 years @ $13.5 million. $3.375 cap hit

Kristian Huselius: 2 year @ $6 million. $3.000 cap hit

Paul Gaustad: 4 years @ $10.6 million. $2.650 cap hit

Colin Fraser: 2 years @ $1.75 million. $0.875 cap hit

Brad Winchester: 1 year @ $750,000



Daniel Sedin - Henrik Sedin - Shane Doan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 22 - 33 - 13

Kristian Hueslius - Jordan Staal - Ryan Kesler ~~~~~~~~~ 21 - 7 - 17

Alexander Burrows - Paul Gaustad - Blake Wheeler ~~~ 14 - 27 - 26

Chris Higgins - Maxim Lapierre - Jannik Hansen ~~~~~~~ 20 - 40 - 36

Brad Winchester - Colin Fraser - Dale Weise ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 - 24 - 32

Dan Hamhuis - Kevin Bieksa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 - 3

Alexander Edler - Jason Garrison ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 23 - 25

Bryan Allen - Cody Franson ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 - 4

Sami Salo - Ben Lovejoy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 - 18

Cory Schneider & Eddie Lack ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 35 - 31




Sedin Sedin Wheeler

Kesler Garrison


Huselius Staal Doan

Edler Franson/Salo


Higgins Lapierre Burrows

Hamhuis Bieksa

5 on 3:


Sedin Sedin Doan

Kesler Burrows


Huselius Staal Wheeler

Edler Garrison




Kesler Burrows

Edler Allen


Gaustad Hansen

Hamhuis Garrison


Lapierre Higgins

Bieksa Franson

3 on 5:



Hamhuis Allen



Edler Bieksa


EMPTY NET: 6 Attackers

Staal H. Sedin Doan Wheeler

----- D. Sedin ---- Kesler -----



- Those lines are definitively not set lines, there are a ton of combinations

- I had to do some research for those trades, and I (and fans of other teams) think they are good

- Lines 1 & 2 gets ~17 minutes of ice time, and Lines 3 & 4 ~13 minutes, to reduce fatigue

- Pairing 1 gets ~23 minutes of ice time, pairing 2 gets ~20, and pairing 3 gets ~17 to reduce fatigue

- If Lack is not ready, sign a back up who can play 25-30 games

- Each trade helps the other team in most to all areas

- There will definitely be injuries, so depth is a beautiful thing

- Shane Doan is valuable because he can also play LW as well as RW

- Ryan Kesler had his best run as Sundin's RW - 33 points in 41 games

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I have no comments on the trades or signings you made just on te draft. If we have all those picks id like to see us draft like this.

5th- Filip Forsberg:ranked 1 among Europeans (if not available Galchenyuk)

33rd - Dalton Thrower (26 NA)

35th - Tanner Pearson (25 NA)

39th - Daniil Zharkov (32 NA)

57th - Henrik Samuelsson (75 NA)

64th - Nick Ebert (96 NA)

92nd - Adam Pelech (120 NA)

147th - Justin Hamonic (140 NA)

177th - Alex Gudbranson (161 NA)

207tg - Lois Leduc (209 NA)

Ive gone very heavy on Na skaters which I doubt the Canucks will do. I also skip on getting Subban because i think we have really good goalie prospects right now and we can wait to draft another on til next yer.

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While you have some good ideas, your trades are a little unrealistic as some players are immovable with their contracts. I.e Malhotras contract vs value makes him bring down the Pittsburg trade. No way Wheeler is traded for what you offered etc. Toronto will want to offload Komisarek likely in any deal for Luongo.

I'd do more like

Luongo Alberts/raymond for Komisarek, Schenn

Tanev and our 26th for Voracek

Kesler, Schenn for Getzlaf and our 3rd back

Sedin Sedin Burrows

Booth Getzlaf Voracek

Higgins Pahlsson Kassian

Malhotra Lapierre Hansen


Bieksa Hamhius

Edler Garrison

Ballard Komisarek

Gragnani Salo



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The Montreal trade is the typical quantity for quality crap you see on this site. Vanocouver has one of the worst pool of prospects in the league and you're offering up guys that are low on their depth chart. Montreal is better off keeping the draft picks rather than taking a couple career AHL'ers and longshots

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I wouldn't mind the TO trade, but I think the WPG and Pittsburg trades need some work.

What about this?

To TB-Luongo, Gragnani

To VAN-Purcell, 1st rd pick (10th overall)

To FLA-Edler, VAN's 1st rd pick (26th overall)

To VAN-Weiss,Matthias

To ANA-Kesler

To VAN-Getzlaf

To Columbus-Booth

To VAN-Letestu, 2nd rd pick 2012


Bryan Allen: 3 years @ $10.2 million. $3.400 cap hit

Jason Garrison: 4 years @ $13.5 million. $3.375 cap


Cory Schneider: 4 years @ $14 million. $3.500 cap hit

Sami Salo: 1 year @ $2 million

Eddie Läck: 2 years @ $1.8 million. $0.900 cap hit

Dale Weise: 1 year @ $675,000

After trade:

Cody Franson: 2 years @ $3 million. $1.500 cap hit











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Getzlaf for Kesler is a joke. You need to offer a hell of a lot more than Kesler.

Tampa was pretty clear they have little interest in Luo.

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To NYI: Roberto Luongo

To Van: Casey Cizikas & 2nd round pick

To Wsh: David Booth, Yann Sauve, Van 1st

To Van: Karl Alzner, Wsh 3rd


Olli Jokinen (5mil per year)

Jordin Tootoo(1.5mil per year)

Aaron Johnson(0.6mil per year)

Daniel Sedin - Henrik Sedin - Alex Burrows

Jannik Hansen - Ryan Kesler - Zack Kassian

Chris Higgins - Olli Jokinen - Niklas Jensen

Jordin Tootoo - Maxim Lapierre - Mason Raymond

Casey Cizikas, Manny Malhotra

Alexander Edler - Karl Alzner

Dan Hamhuis - Kevin Bieksa

Keith Ballard - Chris Tanev

Marc-Andre Gragnani, Andrew Alberts, Aaron Johnson

Cory Schneider

Eddie Lack

Unfortunately I doubt Washington trades Alzner. Would this even be an improvement?

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And for the record.

Jets hate it. We have depth on defense. Stop making proposals for Wheeler because it is unrealistic. We are not willing to give him up especially for the load of crap you are offering.

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