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Top 10 Off-Season Targets

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Realistically speaking... Its too hard to target a player involved in a blockbuster trade, so Ill stick to UFA's.

1. Justin Schultz. - Young puckmoving PPQB, plays the right side, local kid. Its all about destination for this guy, as he can only make so much under entry level deals. He'd be going in the top 5 if he was in the draft this year. Cant pass up this opportunity if theres a chance.

2. PA Parenteau - The speedy RW is certainly trending in the right direction. 38 goals, 82 assists and 217 hits over the last 2 season. Sounds like the perfect match for Kesler and Booth. Id throw a 4 year 16 million deal at him.

3. Barrett Jackman - The Trail BC naitive would be a calming stay at home presence that is capable of logging some solid minutes. A leader on the back end, who will get nasty when called upon. A Jackman - Bieksa pairing would be ideal.

4. Jason Garrison - Fluke year? Hard to tell, but he definatley has a bomb from the point, takes the body, and may take a slight discout to play for his hometown.

5. Jiri Hudler - Just turned 28, and could give us the production and backchecking combo we were looking for from Raymond for the next 3-4 years. Capable of putting up 50-60 points, solid 2nd line production.

6. Sami Salo. - If he'll take a deal similar to last years, hard to beat what he can bring to the table for that price. Solid depth option.

7. Travis Moen - If the price is right, he would make an amazing addition to the 4th line. Leadership qualities, hitting machine, capable of poting a few goals, and will drop the mitts.

8. Brandon Prust - Hits, fights, just turned 28, likley to be re-signed by NYR though.

9. Kristian Huselius - Coming off of 2 years of injury, he's high risk, but because of that reason, he likley could be had for 1 year at a bargain price. He's recorded 40+ assists in 3 of his last 4 healthy seasons, and is very capable of adding 60-70 points. He could be a huge reward if he can stay healthy and be that playmaker we're looking for Kes and Booth, aswell as adding some offence to the #2 PP unit.

10. David Jones - Put him on a line with the twins and he'll pop 30. Could be had at a discount price for that kind of production, and would allow for Burrows to drop beside Kesler, while allowing for a larger investment into the defence.

other notables:

Mikael Samuelsson. - I know I know, been there done that, but Mikael would provide a safe 40-50 points on the 2nd line, and we know that he'd be a great fit in the locker room. Probably looking for term though.

David Moss - Can play either wing, will hit alot, and has some underrated scoring potential. Great energy player for the 4th line.

Ryan Suter, and Zack Parise - Obviously theyd be sweet pickups, but are going to be uber expensive. Id rather add a combination of Parenteau and Jackman over shorter term than 1 of these players over the 6-8 years with NMC's theyre likley looking for.

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I believe he's refering to Suters cap hit and term. He doesn't see him fitting under the Canucks "internal player cap"

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1. Weber

2. Parise

3. Gaborik

4. Hossa

5. B. Winchester

6. Asham

7. Suter

8. Hedman

9. Janssen

10. Gaustad

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1. Zach Parise

2. Shea Weber (RFA)

3. Ryan Suter

4. Jason Garrison

5. Justin Schultz

6. P-A Parenteau

7. Bryce Salvador

8. Mike Green (RFA)

9. Jiri Hudler

10. Paul Gaustad

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if you could get nash for schneider, would you rather have lou in net with nash and the sedins up front, or Schneids in net with malone..tough call. Nash with the sedins gives me wet dreams.

Im aware some salary would have to be shed but it could happen with the cap increase and shipping out ballard

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I stopped reading when Patrick Kane's name appeared.

Justin Schultz is our guy, I'd be happy with him, another depth d-man, a top-six forward, and a couple bottom sixes for our offseason.

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It goes without saying that armchair GMing at this time of year is pretty fun and it's the only thing to do as we wait for the playoffs to end and the draft, trades, and free agency to begin. So I thought it would be interesting to see who your Top 10 off-season targets would be if you were GMMG. Here's my list:

1. Shea Weber (if Suter leaves and Nashville looks to trade, wouldn't you consider packaging Edler, Schroeder, and some other piece? Of course it's a longshot, and I'd prefer signing him next off-season as a UFA, but if Nashville decides to move him, I'd be fine with moving a few assets and signing him immediately to a long-term deal.)

2. Justin Schultz (the ball's in his court, but I've gotta think Salo won't be offered a contract, and if playing in his hometown appeals to him, everything I've heard about this kid is that he could fit right into the lineup. Maybe Tanev plays the steady role alongside Edler, Schultz plays with Ballard, and quarterbacks the PP with Edler.)

3. Paul Gaustad (I might also say Chris Kelly or Jarret Stoll here, and I'm guessing they'll all get similar money, but I like Gaustad's size, faceoff prowess, and the guy hits and fights; Hansen and Higgins are great third-line wingers, but a huge centreman with some physicality would create a powerful checking line. Also, I prefer playing Schroeder on the second line while Kesler's out to see what happens when we have a play-making centre to play with Booth and whoever we target for the second line right wing role--assuming the plan is to have Kassian cut his teeth on the fourth line for the time being.)

4. Joe Pavelski/Ryane Clowe (After another disappointing end to their season, you've got to expect San Jose will be making big changes. I can't see Gillis being interested in Marleau or Thornton, even though I'd be looking to move one of those contracts if I were Doug Wilson. But like Chicago, San Jose has got to replace Niemi as their starter, and maybe Luongo enters the picture. So who could you get in return? Pavelski may be a bit of a stretch, although he'd fit beautifully with either the Sedins or on the second line. Or how about Ryane Clowe? He actually collects more assists than goals, he's a warrior, big, from Newfoundland, and he'd make for a nice net presence wherever you put him.)

5. Nail Yakupov (I think Edmonton is looking for a trading partner because they want defensemen, maybe one high in the draft and one via trade or free agency. Columbus won't do it because I'm certain they don't want to draft another Russian after failing with Filatov and Zherdev. Neither Montreal nor Toronto will do it because what they need is a big centreman, so they'll be looking at Galchenyuk and Grigorenko. How good would Yakupov look on the right wing with Booth and Kesler? What would it take? If you think you can land Schultz on July 1, maybe a package of Edler, Raymond, and Vancouver's 1st rounder would get it done. I also think Edmonton needs some muscle to protect their young stars, but we're not trading Kassian and I don't know who else we have that could fit that bill. Or Maybe Gillis needs to get creative and land a Top 5 pick to then flip it as part of a package to land Yakupov.)

6. Luke Schenn (other than Jake Gardiner, every defenseman's stock in Toronto is low, which bodes well for a trade if Burke is interested in Luongo. If the Weber or Schultz possibilities don't pan out, I could see Shenn, Komisarek, or Cody Franson as the return, maybe along with a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Obviously, Weber is the ideal because he's a beast offensively and defensively; Schultz could step right in and replace the puck-rushing improvisational ability we lost with Ehrhoff's departure; but our D could also use some added toughness, and Schenn would be my first choice of the three right-handed D-men Toronto would be open to moving. I think he still has the tools to be a top-pairing shutdown defender with some offensive upside, and the guy shoots right and threw 270 hits. Could be a nice steadying influence alongside Edler.)

7. Ryan Malone (This guy is a warrior, and at $4.5 million/year for another three years, his contract isn't too hard to swallow. If Tampa has any interest in Luongo, this is the guy I'd want back. Unless Brett Connolly happens to be available, that is. While Kassian cuts his teeth on the fourth line, Malone can fill the missing second line role. But I think Yzerman wants Schneider, not Luongo. And if Schneider's not available, I'd guess he'd turn his attention to Jonathan Bernier or some other young goaltender who can step right in and assume a starter's role.)

8. David Clarkson/Anton Volchenkov (Alright. If Jersey wins the final, which I don't think they will, and Brodeur retires on top, which I don't think he will even if they win, then Luongo to New Jersey becomes a possibility. If this happens, I'd ask for Adam Larsson first, but Jersey wouldn't trade him. Then I'd ask for Clarkson, then Volchenkov.)

9. Patrick Kane (He's a partying prima donna, no doubt, but he's a playmaking winger and has a skill set unlike anyone else in the league. Lord knows, Vancouver doesn't have anyone with slick moves and speed like that, although Schroeder, Rodin, and Jensen may bring some of that to the table as they graduate to The Show. Anyway, like Yakupov, Kane would add a more dynamic dimension to the second line because he could find Kesler and Booth when they're driving the net and he can certainly keep up with them. And who knows? Maybe Chicago is interested in Luongo, although I think they'll look at Tim Thomas first. Wouldn't you? But if they want Luongo, maybe they're tired of Kane's antics, and maybe Gillis has realized that a team of nice guys with high IQs needs an element of cockiness and flare. And maybe those nice guys could help Kane tone down the partying. Don't you think we could use some more Bieksa-style swagger and less of the Kesler/Lapierre-style diving and whining?)

9. Kris Versteeg (In looking at Florida's lineup if Luongo goes there, Gudbranson would obviously be a great addition, but like Larsson in Jersey and Hedman in Tampa, these are guys that just won't get moved. Not for Luongo, at least. But Versteeg is a right winger with second-line ability, he gets more assists than goals, and he's 26, so he could be a nice complement to Kesler and Booth.

10. Jay Beagle (He's an RFA, but I'd make a pitch. 26 years old, just coming into his own, a great faceoff man who's coming off an outstanding playoffs, a 6'3" centreman, he'd be a great fit on the third line. I only list him lower than Gaustad, because I think Washington matches any offer we give him.)

What's your Top 10?

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Well, to me, because Weber is a Norris-calibre defenseman, a beast, a right-handed shot with a lethal howitzer, he'd make an amazing shutdown tandem with Hamhuis, and he's a BC boy (which is always an overrated factor, I know, but it did attract Hamhuis), I think Gillis would consider entering the sweepstakes---via trade this summer if it's available or free agency next summer. It's just that, from my p.o.v., you make certain exceptions when there's a guy who seems to fit the Canucks and their needs so perfectly.

It's different than Nash or Suter or Parise because the money would be in the same ballpark (Suter likely a little less than the others), but I just think Weber's the type of guy who would come in here and completely change the culture and make-up of the current Canucks. Assuming Salo isn't offered a contract, and I don't think he will be, the thing that would put us over the top would be a guy with a cannon who's a nasty piece of business. Some people have mentioned Barret Jackman, and I'd love to see him on our blueline if Weber doesn't work out, but right now, we don't have anyone who's real intimidating to play against. Think about it. Who's the most intimidating player on our roster? Dale Weise? It's probably Bieksa, but he doesn't have the physical size to go with the moxy and attitude he brings. Weber does.

I think the addition of Kassian was an initial step in that direction. Even Booth has good size and plays a pretty powerful game. And who knows how the fourth line would have looked if not for the injuries to Pinizzotto, Volpatti, and Bitz. Then there was the drafting of huge guys last year (Jensen, Grenier, Labate): another indication that as much as Gillis wants to continue to ice an offensive team, he knows that to compete with teams like Boston, LA, St. Louis, and whoever else has a team of bruisers who can play, we need to do more hitting and fighting and less whining, diving, and complaining.

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