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biggest trade since Gretzky the Great leaves E town

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Remove the 2 x 1st....add them on the Canucks' side and Tampa still refuses.

Sedin Sedin > Stamkos (for 1 year)

Stamkos > Sedin Sedin (for the next 10 years)

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Remove Luongo, Sedin, Sedin, Stamkos, Hedman, and the picks, and you may have something here...

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Although the drug factor has to play a heavy role in your thinking, let`s entertain the notion that MG is seeking to deal our franchise players. The Sedins make any team an instant contender. Finding a winger to play with them would be almost unnecessary as they play so well off each other so any team is an option as fit would not be an issue. I don`t know that there is a team in the NHL that could offer fair value for them cause the price would be retarded. Add Lou to the deal and it just gets more mind blowing.

If, as u post, Tampa is the trade partner, Stamkos would be the headliner coming back. So with just this part in mind, let`s break it down. Tampa gets two superstars that are capable of scoring 100 pnts each and a solid top end goalie who will get u to the playoffs. We get a 100 pnt scorer, a defenseman that has yet to realise his talent and a couple of picks that will get lower due to the success that Tampa will have. No thanx.

I don`t see either team doing this deal. First of all, Vancouver doesn`t get fair value. Secondly, as good as the Sedin`s are, Yserman wouldn`t deal their franchise player for more than a decade to come, for a couple of older superstars who are entering the twilights of their respective carreers. Lou is carrying a hefty contract that Stevie Y. has already said he`s not interested in and no GM likes sacrificing any pick, least of all first rounders. If the three players going to Tampa were even three or four years younger, I think he may do it but, again, we aren`t getting fair value.

Lastly, this deal is obviously the start of a massive re-build. We don`t need that. We need effective support for what we already have. Players that provide specific roles with the ability to add small amounts of offense.

P.S. It is fun to think about though. Drugs can be a wonderful thing.

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It's not easy to make the worst proposal on CDC. But somehow you have managed to do it. Even bungled the great ones call sign.

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