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CDCGML 2012-13

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I was thinking that Granlund should get a point, as on the IIHF live track of the game he is credited with the GWG due to the shootout goal he scored, which would give him three points on the night..but I looked back and While Canuck2xtreme suggested a point for the GWG, and he is our 'commissioner' I don't know if we ever agreed to it.

I want to say yes, point for the shootout Game Winning Goal, but I have a vested interest in Granlund, as he is on my team, so I will leave it to Curt to drop the hammer and make a decision for us. Half the players have Granlund selected, so its not a huge deal, but the decision will be the commissioners to make. Let me know. Thanks. In the meantime, updates are coming....I have a perfect cup of fresh ground coffee brewed to perfection in an old old old machine i love. So good...and of course Canada and FInnland won last night, making it even better.

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Sorry for the confusion, all fixed now, and as a final precaution, at the end of the tournament, before the gold and bronze medal games I will reconcile the official total team stats to the ones I have taken from each official game scorecard in the end, the final list will be the determining factor, so that if they officially change who gets an assist or something that will be reflected in the team stats total list from the IIHF.

Now that that is done, here is the morning update; In the end The Phaneuf Train made off with a kings ransom in points last night!

39 points: The Phaneuf Train

36 points: Canuck2xtreme

33 points: TheGermanCanuck, The Ratiocinator

32 points: Primal Optimist, Cal &Gary's Phlegms, Tony Romo, Our Time To Shine

31 points: Champions Of Nothing, Wilb, Winterhawks

29 points: Arby_18, Strombone1

It is going to be a wild ride as tonight is the last day of the round robin and every one of our guys who is not injured or suspended will be on the ice!!!! That is going to change everything just before the play downs. Hold onto your hats!

After tonights final round robin games I will, just for fun, add in the top point scorer in each box and which one of us has the top, second and third most 'box winning' players. Just for kicks. See who the best selectors are.

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So on the way to ease into a 60m cap....going forward...

we can take the 'make whole' money of 300m divide it by the 30 teams which is ten million and apply it over the next two full seasons, say 6.5m then 3.5m then nothing. So for this shortened year we go with the pro-rated 70.3m or whatever it year we drop to 60m but add in the 'make whole' of 6.5m per team and the year after add in 3.5m per team. Just a suggestion to start the thought generally speaking

70m prorated this half season

66.5m next season

63.5m the season after and from then on whatever the league sets. (*i suspect that the 14/15 season will be a higher cap than 63.5m i just went through an extensive crunch of the their future HRR planning over the next 8 years and i am almost certain that 50% of HRR will come out very quickly to 70m again per team in 14/15.

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You couldn't ask for a better script heading into tonight's final round robin match-ups.

Germany and Latvia, both winless have already concluded their RR games and will sit idle on the final night of the first stage of the tournament, waiting to see which two teams will join them in the relegation round. The relegation round is a mini round robin, where the first matchup of each team counts as game one, and therefore each team plays two remaining teams of the four bottom feeders to determine who the lowest ranked team is. That team faces impending doom, or rather 'relegation' to the next tier of WJC hockey and will not be featured in the top ten in NEXT YEARS tournament. Isn't that a mouthful? haha The short end of it is that both Germany and Latvia start the relegation round down a game, as each have lost to whichever other team joinns them from their respective pools, making it almost inevitable that one of these two teams will be the team sent packing to tier 2. (replaced by the winner of tier 2 who moves up for next years top end tournament)

As if that is not enough drama to round out the RR stage, but tonight we have a near perfect slate of games:

Switzerland, by virtue of a win over Latvia and pushing its two other matches to OT before ultimately losing to Finnland and Sweden respectively must face the Czech Republic who have managed to stay in 2nd place up to now. Pundits considered Sweden and Finnland the two untouchable teams in that division, and so the Czech's will have an undoubtably hard time with upstart Switzerland, looking to establish their WJC street cred with a medal round appearance.

The United States with just one win and two losses are in the unsightly possition of having to dual Slovakia for the right to advance to the medal round. Tonights matchup is timeless in its simplicity: A slovak win means the USA will join Germany and Latvia in the relegation round, while a US win would put them back in medal contention and send the Slavs down to battle for the right to stay up next year.

Steven Harper might describe these next two countries as "northern european welfare states" but with his particular nose for hockey he will be the first to tell you these guys are no 'have not' teams when it comes to skills on the ice. One of my favorite matchups every single year, Finnland and Sweden once again are at war, only this time with a twist: A pure win for Sweden could spell disaster for the Finns and sideline them from the Medal Round.

Capping off the night,(and by the way: in Pacific Standard Time you can see this game in its entirety if you wake up at 5:30am) is Canada vs Russia. Almost every Canadians favorite round robin medal match..and any match in between....since '72 (*that is 40 years and my entire life, folks) Canada V. Russia hockey matchups have driven the international sport higher and higher. I can't wait for this one. Both teams are already assured to be in the medal round, but this game determines who is seeded higher. It is going to be intense, as the winner takes a bye in round one of the medal round.

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Wow. I am somewhat in disbelief that the Swiss have knocked Finnland out of the medal round. Wow.

So, every team has two games guaranteed left to play, even those in relegation, and so all is not lost, fantasy GM's. Your Finnish players are arguably the strongest of the relegation round teams and could reap huge points in their next two games. Meanwhile, in the medal round, Canada and Sweden get a bye! They will still get their full two games played on the way to the gold medal game, however, the two lucky teams that win the Quarterfinal Matchups will have that awesome 3rd game, well awesome for us anyways, haha. If the right combo of teams win those QF matches, some late bloomer fantasy teams could see a surge in points from that '3rd game'.

SO I double checked every players point totals against the IIHF team statistics and here is the current rankings: The Phaneuf Train keeps rolling, well done Casey Jones..and an honourable mention for Cal & Gary...moving up very nicely in the standings.

54 Points: The Phaneuf Train

48 Points: Cal & Gary's Phlegms

47 Points: Canuck2xtreme

45 Points: The Ratiocinator

44 Points: Our Time To Shine

43 Points: Champions of Nothing

42 Points: Primal Optimist, The German Canuck, Wilb, Winterhawks

41 Points: Tony Romo, Strombone1

40 Points: Arby_18

Oddly only 8 points separate 2nd and 13th place, while Team Phaneuf is out in front by a full six points!! Luckily for the rest of us, 5 of his players are in a bye. haha

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!! catch you in a couple days.

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Happy New Year everyone!!

As I'm sure you guys have noticed, with the World Junior pool going strong (BIG Thanks to Primal for handling it!) the sim is on hold. I can get it going again if you guys would like both going at once. Up to you guys.

Also, I've had a few people ask about a potential draft once the lockout ends, like if we would completely reset the rosters and do a whole new fantasy draft to remake every roster, perhaps with the chance to protect a few players beforehand. I hadn't really considered it, but a shakeup might be fun too, give some new guys a chance to really put their marks on their teams and guys stuck with lower end teams get a chance to 'even the playing field' so to speak.

I can definitely see both sides of the coin here, so I'll leave it up to you guys. Majority rules, I'm fine either way.

Also, are all the current GMs returning after the lockout?

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