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[Rumours/Reports] Official Roberto Luongo Trade Thread (Keep it all here please)

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That makes absolutley no sense for multiple reasons:

1) Both are proven starters

2) We don't want to pay 8M+ on goalies

3) Schneider has won the starting job over Luongo

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In my opinion, if Luongo were hypothetically traded for players on our current roster, the trade I would accept (to obtain Luongo) would be on the lines of:

Incoming: Luongo

Outgoing: Booth + Ballard

That is probably what I would send out to get Luongo. If Luongo's GM said no, I'd probably say to think about it and leave it at that. However, if I were Luongo's GM, I would definitely want more. So to meet in the middle, I'd ask for a Schroeder level prospect (probably someone in the lines of Matt Frattin.. Both are uncertain if they will make the NHL on a regular basis, but both play prominent roles in their AHL affiliates).

So If we do make a deal with Toronto, we are not going to see much more than a Schenn, Komisarek (salary dump) and someone like Matt Frattin, and if we get this, I would say Gillis did a good job. I would think a prospect with career AHLer written all over them would be sent along with Luongo as well.

If you compare our players with Toronto players of equal value:

Schenn has more value than Booth in my opinion (I'd be fine with swapping Booth for Schenn). So let's add a 2nd rounder.

Komisarek and Ballard have similar values (maybe you could say similar "negative" values)

So, I would think that Schenn and Komisarek would be even too much for Luongo (and these are two players that many people don't even want... However, I am supportive of Schenn, even with his shortcomings. I think Schenn would help clear the net in front of our goalie, and bring that nasty banging game that is lacking)

Other assets that have been surfacing in these trade rumors/proposals include:

Gardiner (I value him close to Kassian) - for those who think otherwise, just move down our prospect depth chart and you will find the next one is Lack. I love Lack, and he will make the NHL as a above average back-up to a below average starter, but he wont get us Gardiner (not even close. Gardiner is projected to be a #2 to #3 d-man).

- I wouldn't trade Kassian for Luongo

5th overall pick (it would take two of our 1sts & our 2nd at least.. and I probably still wouldn't make this trade if I were Toronto).

- I definitely would not give two late firsts and a 2nd for Luongo on its own.

So unfortunately, if we trade Luongo + mid-level prospect (or maybe an asset with Albert's value) to Toronto, I wouldn't be surprised to see an asset value of Schenn + Komisarek + Matt Frattin come back our way. I'm not saying it will be these exact players, but the players we will recieve will have an similar asset value as these three players.

I would put money that the asset value, of the three players mentioned above, is what Gillis is probably asking right now, and I really believe Burke wants to replace Schenn with someone of lesser value.

Just trying to put myself in Toronto's shoes, and this is just my own opinion.

Personally, I wouldn't mind having Schenn on our team, and if Gillis manages to get Burke to do Schenn + their 2nd for Luongo + our 2nd... I wouldn't hold it against him. This will allow us to bid a bit higher on a solid UFA as well (someone to fill one of the holes we have hopefully).

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I had an apocalyptic dream. I was at work and everyone was loading stuff in to the work cars fleeing to the east coast. Damn it was exciting!

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I had an apocalyptic dream. I was at work and everyone was loading stuff in to the work cars fleeing to the east coast. Damn it was exciting!

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I still think the caps should make a pitch. With what they did yesterday, if they added Luongo, wow. Holtby is good, but is this another Varlamov type of playoff flash in the pan? or is he the real deal?

Gillis is doing exactly what he said he would do, and that is take his time. With Tim Thomas now mucking up the goalie market its a good idea to wait for the right deal to come along.

Higher priority is getting Schneider extended. 3-4 years at 3.5ish imo. That makes 9m in Goal moving forward, which is manageable, not preferred, but manageable. At that point you can get top value for either one and takes the heat off.

Don't count out Wilson in San Jose either. He has some coveted assets to move and could really use a better tender.

Luongo + for Ryan Clowe +

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I think MG could be making a tactical mistake by not dealing Lou and the longer he waits, the more damaging it may become.

Schneids wants a definitive commitment by the organization to him before he commits to the team. This means dealing Lou. MG should collect all possibilities out there and pursue the best one. I keep hearing he's looking to make a hockey deal; Dumping his retarded contract, in my mind would be a solid hockey deal and convince Schneider that this is the place for him.

If they don't do this, I could see Schneider seeking a 1 yr deal and going to unrestricted free agency next year. This is where MG and the Canucks could get screwed.

It is way too late for Lou to save face in Vancouver. He's already stated his desire to be dealt (I can't blame him), and it's no secret MG's been actively seeking to ablige. It could really turn into a mess if MG isn't careful.

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Botchford just tweeted:

Tallon: ya, we did talk to Vancouver about goaltending

Tallon: but we’re not willing to give up any of our top prospects


I wonder who exactly MG has been asking for. Could also see why this might take awhile to get sorted out. The Panthers themselves are low on top 6 forwards heading into next season and right now, Wolski and Versteeg are their RFAs. Assuming Huberdeau makes the team next year, they still have at least 2 wing positions to fill.

Versteeg's skill set is actually not a bad fit for the Canucks IMO but he definitely runs against the grain of the direction the team seems to be going in terms of size. Wolski's too inconsistent IMO. Could the Canucks be after Shawn Matthias as a center for the third line?

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