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The Sedin's 6th Sense

Recap of Samjam.

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His 'source' tells him that Lu to Toronto is legit and he even confirmed it himself multiple times on CDC saying it'll happen before July. 1. The most memorable moment was that he somehow put a percentage on the completion of the deal and said, "I can confirm Lu to Toronto is 90% complete". The NHL draft goes by and it's made clear by Burke he doesn't like the price MG has put on Lu by trading away a key piece to a possible deal sending a firm message to Gillis. Guess windows 7 crashed and the trade installation between the two teams got up to 90 and then shutoff. News then goes around that the only other team to most likely land Lu is Florida.

*Samjam sits at home biting his fingernails - all the percentages, all the confirms, all the promises, all his sources, but no TO deal with Van is gonna go down before July 1st. What to do, what to do, what to do...*

Fast forward a week or two to today, Samjam: 'Breaking News': "I can confirm that Roberto Luongo has been traded to the Florida Panther".

...give me a break! Some cdc user got permanently suspended from this site cause he made a fun rumor that Perry was coming here and it made everyone excited as they waited and waited to no truth. It was a fun rumor and many others played along with it to make it seem even more realistic. Now, we got ourselves an insider in Samjam who has his sources and all, and nothing is given to him as a penalty? I'm pretty sure it wasn't just me that saw him post multiple times that Lu to TO was 90% done and it'd happen before July 1. He got more hype than the Perry rumour, more people excited than the Perry rumour, and now he creates a diff Lu rumour as his escape route and no punishment is given to him? Something just doesn't seem right.

I made a new thread cause I didn't know where else to post this, and it's clear that Samjam has no clue of what he's doing as he bombed on his biggest rumour of all and IS NOT a credible source! 90% complete, give me a break lol....stay in school :picard:

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He still makes good videos though...

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ban samjam.. at least kanuck25 was funny.. samjam just sucks..

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