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[Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

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Justin Schultz agrees to terms with the Oilers.

Watchout future caphit

Nick Kypreos@RealKyper

#Oiler fans getting excited now. #Canucks out on UFA Schultz as well.

Bob McKenzie@TSNBobMcKenzie

VAN is out on Schultz.

Brad Ziemer@BradZiemer

Multiple reports #Canucks are out of Schultz sweepstakes.

Brad Ziemer@BradZiemer

Gotta think ice time, or a lack thereof, factored into his decision. #Canucks

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Shultz has officially chosen the Oilers.... this tells me that he would rather be a star player on a last place team rather than a solid contributor on a first place team. I wonder why this sounds familiar? Oh ya, Hodgson did the same thing.

So, Mr. Schultz, go have fun finishing last with Edmonton.... We can sign Ryan Suter or Jason Garrison or Matt Carle and move on just fine without his services.

Mike Gillis always says that when the Canucks are looking at aquiring a player one of the most important things they look for is personality. If Schultz made the decision to be a star player on a bad team, then I'd say he is an example of the self-centered player that MG is not interested in aquiring.

But having said all this..... I am still really really really mad that Schultz didn't sign with us!!!

My rant is done :towel:

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Bob Mckenzie just tweeted the same thing :sadno: If he goes to the Oilers I will HATE them even more then I do now!

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Change it to report.

But Dammit, the oppertunity he will get in Edmonton is to much to resist I guess.

He will regret not choosing us when we win the cup.

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