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Elite Tandem Goaltending, Solid Defense, Missing what now?

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#31 NLluvitorleaveit


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Posted 03 July 2012 - 10:04 AM

We are missing Rick Nash -_-

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#32 CB007


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Posted 03 July 2012 - 10:05 AM

A second line playmaking centre. We have the best 3rd line centre in the league but that doesn't excuse ourselves from getting a second line centre. If I was Gillis I would ask for one of FL's 2 centres for Lu.
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#33 mabbott


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Posted 03 July 2012 - 11:46 AM

nash sounds good buuuut to expensive for a 30 goal scorer even tho he has a better opportunity to excel in our system. Knuble sounds like am upgrade. As much as it hurts to watch Raymond fall down every shift, i still think he's got a rebound season as well as manny does. Both came back from major injuries.

#34 Ray_Cathode


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Posted 03 July 2012 - 01:04 PM

The Vancouver Canucks sit this morning with 5,321,000 worth of cap space.

They still hold onto two of the leagues elite goaltenders, and have both locked up until the summer of 2015. Not without cost however, 9.3 million worth of cap space is parked inside the blue paint as of right now, but just how bad a scenario is this?

The blue line, most fans feel, is aptly guarded, even with the departure of beloved Sami Salo, the team has 7 capable guys locked up in Hamhuis, Bieksa, Edler, Garrison, Ballard, Tanev and Alberts. Ballard had a rough transition to Vancouver, and I believe came here injured. I expect him to have a bounce back year, but even if he plays just as well as he did last year: If Keith Ballard is your 6th Dman, you have DEPTH like no other! Do we need any more upgrades on D right now? I say we don't. We have some talent in the minors, and we could stand to add more sub million dollar depth for the wolves, and emergency call ups, obviously, but our D as it sits is one of the more rounded, deep defenses in the league. Thank you @JasonGarrison52.

The real questions are up front, and have been since our game 7 exit of the Stanley Cup Finals. It is no secret that it was not Lu's fault we couldn't score, and its no secret that despite Schneiders amazing turn in net in the postseason when he got a chance, we still could not score. These two goalies are the best tandem in the league today, but even they can't deke around 5 opposing players and go top shelf glove side on the likes of Quick and Tomas.

Most fans, at least the vocal ones are yelling to trade Luongo and bring in the fire power to help that situation out. This is not as easy as it looks, nor should it be, and to what end result? I believe Mike Gillis will and should keep both of these guys at least until the trade deadline, maybe even for a few years. It appears more and more that teams expect Lu to be on sale at Wallmart during the Rollback of the decade event. This will not add to our fire power, and frankly, you need to find a willing suitor before you can even begin to F leece them. stomping around talking about trading Lu for specific top six players in the league is putting the cart before the horse. But I digress..

The forward group as it stands has a great core, but not as big a core as we all imagine. Sure there is your Daniel, your Henrik, Kesler and Burrows, 2/3rds of two lines. That is amazing as it is, and there is a good group of 'not quite star top sixers' as well in that core, players like Raymond, Hansen, and I consider Lapierre part of that group as well. A fantastic bottom six centerman, who came to Vancouver under rated and almost unknown. While David Booth is relatively new to our team, he did manage to put up 16 goals in just 56 games, on par for a 24 goal season. His 5 game playoff experience was the first of his career, and one that will teach him more than any game footage or text book ever could. With a healthy Kesler, Booth will improve on his best Points Per Game average since 2009: last year a wonderful .52 ppg with Vancouver, and he also gets another year beyond his concussion, suffered in October 2009. I won't go on about all the guys playing Offense, but we can say the bottom six is well stocked, the top six have 5 solid performers. So we are once again missing that one piece up front.

The difference this coming year is that while we are missing that piece that we have been missing since the dawn of winning hockey in Vancouver, I call that year 2001, for the first time in what seems like ever we have no other holes on the club. In fact, with our two all star goalies, even at their price, we don't have to miss a beat if one gets hurt. Our seventh Dman is likely to be Andrew Alberts, and that is not a bad situation to be in. I have full faith in the other six guys being able to each hold down heavy minutes, and more than one of them put up points on the PP. Our bottom six with kassian, malhotra, Lapierre, Hansen, Higgins, and even Raymond, if he is not played on the second line, would be one of the most complete bottom sixes in the league. The Twins need no explanation, Burr and Booth are excellent complimentary players and Kesler when he gets better and joins the club remains the heart and soul of the club. What more do we want as fans? Oh yes, that elusive ELITE winger to fill the only hole on the club. Well, I can tell you there are 29 other teams that wish they had Vancouvers problems, and none of them will help us fix the only one we have by trading a star winger for one of our excellent goalies, and anything less would be ridiculous.

We have seven D in Hamhuis, Bieksa, Garrison, Edler, Ballard, Tanev and Alberts. The question of D is whether we need an eighth NHL level defenceman, or do we cycle in our higher level prospects (Connauton, Sauve, Polasek, as a remote posibility, Corrado (if he can make the team out of camp - else it's back to junior), and perhaps (again very remotely) Andersson. We may need another Rome or Sulzer type (can we get Sulzer and Hodgson back - we need them)?

At forward, we desperately need a number two centre to replace Kesler who may be out God knows how long - (if the media are anything to go by - from December till February). Without him or a legitimate 2nd line centre, we could be out of playoff contention by the end of December and Henrik played far too much and of no use to us by February. To depend on Schroeder to give us what we miss from Koesler is a false hope, since Schroeder couldn't even remotely deliver that in the AHL - at least Burrows, Kesler and Hansen were 30 goal 50-60 point men in the AHL before they came up to stay - even Raymond was on a 30 goal pace in the AHL before he came up to stay. Schroeder had 20 goals last year.

Lapierre performed admirably on a brief stint with the Sedins - but he was a winger then, not playing as a centre. Perhaps, Malhotra can play third line centre with a full off-season to get in shape again - but after wating him struggle last year, can we rely on that? No, we need a legitimate NHL player capable of playing third line duties, and second line duties till Kesler returns.

Some muscle that could play second line (or even first line occasionally with the Sedins) with a modicum of talent would be a useful addition. Maybe that player is Kassian, but he has yet to show that beyond his first game. Maybe that player is Jensen - if he can make the team.

Lotta maybe's this year. But the addition of Garrison is a real plus, even if we surrendered Salo - Garrison is an extraordinarily good defensive D - and maybe with those brilliant Sedin passes feeding him, he can emulate Ehrhoff's introduction to Sedinery in making another great upward move offensively - he could just be a real treasure.

Now, if we make the right deal for Luongo, maybe we can shore up that 2/3 centre spot and get younger and more physical at the same time. Hopefully, that is MG's aim.

#35 Ray_Cathode


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Posted 03 July 2012 - 01:08 PM

A second line playmaking centre. We have the best 3rd line centre in the league but that doesn't excuse ourselves from getting a second line centre. If I was Gillis I would ask for one of FL's 2 centres for Lu.

Who the heck is that? It sure isn't Malhotra or Lapierre. Thoug I agree that a centre coming back for Luo would be desirable, but is it do-able without throwing a pile of cash into the deal? I don't think it is cap that hurts Florida in a Luo deal, but cash to pay the contract.

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 01:15 PM

Who the heck is that? It sure isn't Malhotra or Lapierre. Thoug I agree that a centre coming back for Luo would be desirable, but is it do-able without throwing a pile of cash into the deal? I don't think it is cap that hurts Florida in a Luo deal, but cash to pay the contract.

I think he's referring to Kesler. That's how I took it anyhow.

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 01:37 PM

The things that are currently concerning me with the Canucks are: Size/Grit (getting a bit better but still a question mark) and defensive soundness. I watched waaay too many games last season where the opposing teams players just walked straight into our zone and we just chased the puck around.

I'm not sold on the back end as of yet, unless we are talking our goaltending which is fantastic as of right now.

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#38 Tragoedia


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Posted 03 July 2012 - 01:44 PM

Typical "Rose-coloured Glass" post
4 of your top 6 D are under 6' or 210# or both- that is a problem.
40 years in the Canucks still need a Norris quality D-man
One of you 2 "elite" goalies will want out before next trading deadline- causing that dreaded "Locker room dischord"
top line needs a winger
2nd line needs a winger.
Booter hanging around making 4.5 but not earning a spot on either top line
3rd line needs a center and a grinding winger (Raffiesque)
12th or 13th forward needs to stike fear into the other team or at least his teammates.
Coach and Mgr are both afraid of players who take penalties
Mgr keeps trading for bad cntracts

yup pouyr me some more Koolaid!
Ra ra sis boom ba

1. Only one of our top 6 is under 6", and that is Ballard and he is 5"11 and 208. And Bieksa is 198 (but you wouldn't know it, he isn't soft), and Tanev is 185. The rest are 209 or over. Unless you are going to get on Hamhuis's case about a single pound, size is not an issue.
2. 40 years has nothing to do with this year
3. Trading for Weber would destroy our depth, and Suter is not signing here (and overrated), Hamhuis is one of the top rated defensive dmen in the league. He got us to the cup finals, and we were doing well until his injury. (Last year he was expected to help with offense too, and that compromised the shutdown pairing).
4. We need 2 top 6 wingers? That's asking for a bit much isn't it?!! If we can't get anyone for the first line Burrows is fine on it. If we do, then Burrows can slot in the second line. We just need one. And not desperately. We have a second line currently, it just won't take us very far, so we need to improve it. We have time.
5. Booth had some hot streaks last season, but injuries slowed him down. He had a few good moments last playoffs, but overall he was a nonfactor (not to excuse him, but it was his first, hopefully next he will be better). This season, with a Canucks training camp, a full season to gel, hopefully he'll have a better season. You are probably one of those fans who says dump any player unceremoniously who is underperforming to another team for a bag of pucks, and when they are performing on that team, complain that we traded them. Give him more of a chance. (I say this not because I want to be kind to him, but because I want him to be given every chance to succeed for this organization)
6. 3rd line does need a centre, and we don't know if Malhotra will cut it. Lapierre could step up into the role, but he plays the fourth line so well. So agree with you there.
7. Our bottom players do need to play on the edge more (Kassian, Weise), but at the same time the regular season isn't the time to get hurt or hype the opposition up too much that they injure your star (Keith on Sedin). Last playoffs though wasn't a good example, as they did play on the edge, and were penalized for it, so we had to back off, or take penalties and get scored against.
8. Yeah, because penalties equal goals for! /sarcasm
9. Those bad contracts exist on every team.

While we do have some holes (especially with Keslers injury), you act as though we are Columbus or Toronto.
Take a chill pill. Seriously.

#39 combover


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Posted 03 July 2012 - 01:49 PM

there missing the same thing they over look every year except when they went to the finals. a torres, tooto, ott kind of player that when a guy like brown starts running around they counter. enforcers are a thing of the past. the hit to hurt and hit everything in sight is what keeps other teams honest now thats the new nhl thanks bettman. the forth line should have three players that aren't afraid to get suspended so when a dirty duncan or brown decide to head hunt stars on this team you have the guys that will return the favor. just ask hossa
they don't need bitz or a heavy weight goon they need a fast hard hitting forward that will punish d-men more than anything else or it will be an early spring again.
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Posted 03 July 2012 - 02:38 PM

playmaker/sniper that can dangle. None of our players can dangle or snipe.

let's be honest here; that used to be Co Ho's role. His blasts against Thomas and Howard? His shootout moves? If you wanted pure offensive upside and smarts (which would've been great to keep, had it not been his attitude) he would've been a top young player to consider. Nothing against Kassian, I still believe he'll develop, BUT when you want a game-breaker (not physically) Cody was right there.

OP: don't forget about depth on D, that's REALLY important when injuries come up. Wouldn't mind getting some size, grit and youth (Matthias, Ellerby, Theodore for Lu)

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 03:04 PM

I was watching Lorne Henning interview on Global yesterday and he said they are looking for a 3rd line C.

This team definitely needs a big body, physical 3rd line C. Paul Gaustad would have been perfect but he re-signed with the Preds.

Also need a big SOB D man. Someone who can clear the crease and drop the gloves to keep opposing team's players honest. We've always lacked an elite Dman and my only hope is for the guy in my profile pic next year as UFA.

The way the league seems to be going we need a couple of players who are a lot bigger and more physical than what we have now. The Bruins and Kings won the last 2 Cups. If we want a winner we need players like they have on their respective teams. As of right now our team is soft just as it has been for the past few years. I love Gillis but everyone and their momma has known we are soft over the past few years but MG has been unable to do something to rectify the situation.

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 05:02 PM

I wouldn't mind offense that can score. Or a system that can adapt to other systems. I don't mind AV but his system does not seem capable of adapting on the fly to other teams systems. I feel this is really where we lost. Everyone figured us out while we were fighting to figure them out.
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Posted 03 July 2012 - 05:54 PM

Bobby Ryan, please and thank you.

The asking price is a 2C, plus a decent prospect or two. Luongo is easily worth that.

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#44 thehamburglar


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Posted 03 July 2012 - 06:04 PM

I think Doan would help quite a bit.
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#45 Primal Optimist

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Posted 04 July 2012 - 12:15 PM

So who could possibly come as a UFA to center the third, and part time fill in on the second? Langkow? Hecht? omgz Wellwood? hehe

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Posted 04 July 2012 - 12:46 PM

It's no secret the Canucks are lacking a scoring power forward winger/playmaker. Once Gillis acquires this i really wouldn't be able to pin point any major gaps in the line up.

Rick Nash....please....
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