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2012-2013 Bold Preditctions

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Go ahead! Here's mine (you don't need to do this many, I got pretty bored :P)

1. Dany Heatley scores over 30 goals.

2. Ryan Kesler, David Booth, and Mason Raymond combine for over 150 points.

3. Mikael Granlund, Chris Kreider, and Brendan Smith are finalists for the Calder Trophy.

4. The Colorado Avalanche make the playoffs.

5. Ryan O'Reilly gets over 65 points and is at least +23.

6. Sidney Crosby plays 73-77 games.

7. Jack Johnson gets over 40 points.

8. The Dallas Stars make the playoffs.

9. Brian Elliot returns to sub-par goaltending.

10. The Phoenix Coyotes do not make the playoffs.

11. The Philadelphia Flyers come first in the Eastern Conference.

12. Jordan Eberle gets over 83 points.

13. The Calgary Flames finish last in the Western Conference.

14. Jarome Iginla gets traded mid-season to an Eastern Conference team.

15. Logan Couture gets over 70 points.

16. The Tampa Bay Lightning make the playoffs.

17. The Carolina Hurricanes make the playoffs.

18. The New Jersey Devils do not make the playoffs.

19. The Washington Capitals finish first in their division and second in the Eastern Conference.

20. The Buffalo Sabres finish in 9th place in the Eastern Conference.

21. The Anaheim Ducks finish 9th in the Western Conference.

22. Matt Dumba makes it into Minnesota's top 4.

23. The Toronto Maple Leafs finish 10th in the Eastern Conference.

24. Morgan Rielly gets injured mid-season and misses the remainder of the season.

25. The Minnesota Wild finish 10th in the Western Conference.

26. Evgeni Malkin misses 7-13 games due to injury.

27. Taylor Hall misses 8-16 games due to injury.

28. Joe Thornton gets less than 55 points.

29. Jonathan Quick and Henrik Lundqvist finish in the top 4 in all goaltending statistics.

30. The Montreal Canadiens finish 10th in the Eastern Conference.

31. The New York Islanders finish last in the Eastern Conference.

32. Jay Feaster gets fired

33. Nick Foligno gets 35-45 points.

34. Nail Yakupov misses 5-8 games due to injury.

35. Dustin Penner scores over 20 goals.

36. Simon Gagne plays less than 74 games.

37. The St. Louis Blues finish 7th-10th in the Western Conference.

38. The Nashville Predators finish 6th-10th in the Western Conference.

39. Ray Whitney an Jaromír Jagr play less than 77 games each

40. Ryan Kesler is a Selke Finalist.

41. Patrick Marleau, Martin Havlat, and Brent Burns all miss significant time with injuries and the San Jose Sharks miss the playoffs.

42. John Scott plays less than 40 games.

43. Jason Spezza ends his season early and the Senators narrowly make the playoffs.

44. Erik Karlsson gets 45-57 points.

45. Marian Gaborik plays 74-80 games.

46. Raffi Torres gets suspended.

47. Marian Hossa gets a concussion and plays 40-65 games this season.

48. Chris Pronger doesn't play.

49. At least one Sedin gets over 93 points.

50. Pekka Rinne has an off year.

51. Filip Forsberg leads the SEL in scoring.

52. Mikael Granlund gets over 55 points.

53. Bobby Ryan score over 32 goals.

54. Ryan Getzlaf gets over 55 assists.

55. Nathan McKinon misses the last third of the QMJHL season due to injury.

56. Fedor Tyutin and Ryan Murray show chemistry, combining for over 65 points.

57. Brendan Gallagher makes the Montreal Canadiens opening night roster but gets sent down 20 games in.

58. Phil Kessel gets 65-70 points.

59. Corey Perry gets 75-90 points.

60. Alex Ovechkin and Steven Stamkos lead the league in goals, each with 49-56

61. Rick DiPieteo plays less than 15 games.

62. Marc-Andre Fleury gets 50-58 starts.

63. Miikka Kiprusoff gets injured mid-season but Leland Irving gets a near-even record.

64. Nazem Kadri stays in the minors.

65. James van Riemsdyk plays less than 70 games.

66. Joeffry Lupul gets 70-80 points.

67. Colby Armstrong plays 70-77 games and thrives under Michel Theirren.

68. Marc Bergvin is a finalist for GM of the year.

69. Andrei Kostitsyn gets less than 40 points, while his brother Sergei gets over 50.

70. Oliver Ekman-Larsson gets over 40 points.

71. Kevin Shattenkirk gets over 12 goals.

72. Scott Gomez gets 15-32 points

73. Henrik Sedin leads the league in assists.

74. Claude Giroux gets over 105 points and wins the Hart Trohpy.

75. Corey Crawford has a save percentage under .910.

76. Eddie Lack comes top 3 in AHL goals against average and save percentage.

77. Cody Hodgson misses 8-17 games due to injury

78. Zack Kassian spends the majority of the year in the minors.

79. Jonathan Toews gets over 80 points.

80. David Deshjarnais gets 55-67 points.

81. Eric and Jordan Staal combine for over 135 points.

82. Evander Kane scores over 25 goals.

83. Andy Sutton and James Wisniewski combine for 3 suspensions.

84. Matt Cooke gets 40-50 PIMS.

85. Ilya Kolvchuk gets less than 30 goals.

86. Chris Tanev plays 75-80 games

87. Sami Salo gets a season-ending injury and goes to play in Finland for a year before retiring.

88. Keith Ballard gets 18-25 points.

89. Andrew Alberts plays less than 20 games.

90. Jay Bouwmeester gets injured and Henrik Sedin becomes the league's Iron Man, and plays all 82 games.

91. Drew Doughty gets over 50 points.

92. Mikhail Grigorenko makes the Buffalo Sabres for opening night but gets hurt 3 games in and is sent back to junior.

93. Valteri Fillpula gets over 53 points.

94. Jason Garrison gets over 12 goals.

95. Paul Gaustad misses the majority of the season and Craig Smith takes his spot.

96. Gabriel Bourque gets over 35 points.

97. Patrice Bergeron is over +30.

98. Cory Schneider gets over 30 wins and a save percentage over .937 or better, and a goals against average under 2.08.

99. Paul Bissonette plays in 30-50 games

100. Kevin Connauton lead AHL defensemen in goals.


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cooll idea. I however may have skipped the majority of your predictions. I got as far as Eberle will get over 83 points and I think you will be correct.

It will be cool to look back and see what % you got correct at the end of the year


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1. Zack Kassian will score 50 goals

2. Columbus will make the playoffs


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101. Tony Gallagher will unleash his minion of walking dead upon the world.

102. Rick Bowness will order a Slurpee at the Petro Canada/7-Eleven on Oak and 41st and get a serious brainfreeze.


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I have a feeling Schneiders at least going to be a nominee for the vezina if he doesn't win it.


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1.The rocket Richard winner goes to Steven Stamkos

2. Canucks win Northwest

3. Lundqvist and Quick battle it out for the Vezina

4. Datsyuk will be leagues best defensive fwd

5. Malkin or Crosby will win the art Ross

6. Justin Schultz finished with 8 goals and 31 assists.


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Wild and Dallas make the playoffs

Red Wings and Phoenix miss the playoffs

Granlund wins Calder

Canucks get bounced in first round (again!) coach fired the next day

PM-Bouchard gets another concussion and retires (I really don't want to see him retire... I just think he's going to.)


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1) Tim Thomas decides to play his year after all, but demands a trade after lossing the starting job to Tuuka Rask

2) Rask wins the Vezina

3) Ryan Murray wins the Calder

4) Schneider struggles early but re-gains his form latter in the year

5) KCon gets an injury callup this year for the Canucks

6) Ballard returns to form and gets top 4 minutes

7) Garrison gets less points than he did last year

8) Every time Garrison does get a point, Don Taylor will make at least one South Park reference during the highlights

9) Hall leads in the Oilers in scoring

10) Luongo gets traded during the season

11) Ovechkin returns to form and challenges Stamkos and Hall for the Rocket

12) Crosby plays all 82 games and wins Art Ross, both Sedins tie for second

13) Pitssburgh wins Presidents trophy

14) Glen Gulutzan (Dallas) is the first coach to be fired

15) Canucks honour Bure with Ring of Honor and some other unique way of honoring him but do not retire his number

16) Trevor Linden joins the Canucks in a job related to player development (see what I did there #16 on the list)

17) Ryan Callahan becomes the first winger since 2003 to win the Selke

18) There is no lockout, new CBA addresses issues related to long term contracts

19) Parise gets injured and misses large chunk of the season

20) Wild still make the playoffs in 8th spot.


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LA Kings don't make the playoffs.

Montreal do.

Jets make the playoffs.

Buffalo doesn't.

Rangers fall to the 7-8 position.

Edmonton starts strong again, then fades, missing the playoffs.

Wild don't make it.

Senators win their division.

Doan signs with the Canucks.

Luo spends the 1st part of the year on the bench and backing-up. Gets traded after xmas.

Lapierre takes over the 3rd line duties.

Schroeder comes up to take over for Kes during his injury recovery, lights it up. Pushes Lappi to the 4th and Malhotra to the wing.

Neither Florida teams make the playoffs.

No California teams make the post season.

Canucks finish no higher than 3rd in the West, go on a deep run.

Once Luongo gets traded, a goalie fight breaks out in his first match against Van. Schneider wins hands down.

JVR goes out with injury again. Considers retirement.

Hasek comes back, and is totally awful. Signs in KHL.

Crosby and Staal fight in their 1st meeting as opponents.

Rask falters in Boston.

Marchand blows knee on a dive. Ends his career in shame.

Ovechkin comes out blazing, then gets busted for steroids.

Bure refuses ring of honour induction.

D. Sedin concusses Keith on a clean hit. Keith misses 35 games.

Kane gets traded from Chicago after a slow start. Team still misses the playoffs.

This is fun. I could go on forever. Often more of a wish list than anything else.


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Columbus wins the Stanley Cup.

Edit: I almost agree with everything OP said but #3 is ridiculous.


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I see 1 of the three 3 Possible Scenario to play out this year.

Possible Scenario 1) BUFFALO SABERS will win the STANLEY CUP and Ryan Miller will win the Conn Smythe

Over the last two years, the team that won the cup had their starting goalies part of the 2010 Men's US Olympic Hockey Team (Thomas and Quick), in its 3rd year in a row can Ryan Miller and Sabers follow this recent Olympic Thread?

Possible Scenario 2) PITTSBURGH PENGUINS will be in the Cup Final only to lose.

Consequently the team to make it in the Finals and not win the cup had their goalie part of the 2010 Men's Canada Olympic Hockey Team (Luongo and Broudeur). Naturally one would expect a Penguins vs. Sabers Finals but this is impossible.

Which brings us to ....

Possible Scenario 3) Either Buffalo or Pittsburgh trades Ryan Miller or Marc-Andre Fleury (respectively) to a Western Conference Team setting up a Western COnference Team either Miller or Fleury is in vs. Penguins or Sabers finals

Most likely possibility is scenario 3 happens: Will the rumblings during the trade deadline perhaps Chicago Blackhawks get Miller on a trade setting up a BLACKHAWKS VS. PENGUINS FINALS, with the BLACKHAWKS winning the Cup and Miller as the Conn Smythe winner.


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Half the predictions in this thread aren't even bold. If they came true, it would just be business as usual.

Here are some real bold predictions:

-Sean Avery comes out of retirement, and someone actually signs him.

-Steve Ott wins the Lady Byng

-John Scott wins the Norris

-The NHL creates a new All-Star event, the Enforcer Challenge. The NHL top fighters around the league have a tournament to see who is the toughest. Kyle Wellwood is crowned heavyweight champ.

-Brad Marchand retires midseason to pursue his dream of being a broadway musical dancer. Sami Salo happens to be in the crowd at one of his shows, and goes up to Marchand to congratulate him on his performance, but Marchand ducks to Salo's knees and takes him out with a vicious clip, thinking that Salo was about to elbow him in the head. Marchand is banned from acting and returns to the NHL, where players now chirp him endlessly for being a broadway musical actor. But wait, here's the crazy part: Salo is completely uninjured on the attack. He gets up right away and dusts himself off, without even a bruise or a scratch.

-Tim Thomas votes for the Democrats.

-Calgary makes the playoffs (wait, too far fetched?)


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- Islanders make the playoffs, Rick diPietro plays > 50 games

- Bryz loses his starting job @ PHI

- Luongo wins the Stanley Cup - not wearing Canucks colors

bold enough?


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