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Templeton Peck

[NEWS ONLY] Roberto Luongo Trade Thread (Rumours and Reports, with warnings issued to those not following this)

231 posts in this topic

More from Gillis today, pretty similar to what's been said already though:


Gillis on TEAM 1040: "Hoepfully, we'll get some injured guys back soon and we'll see what we've really got." #canucks

Gillis on his goalies: "Do I think this could last forever, no? But I knew it could last this season because of the bigger goal we have."


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Link From Bruce Garrioch, Ottawa Sun

Many believe Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis won't move either of Cory Schneider or Roberto Luongo this season. Both are playing well and may be needed during this run to the playoffs.

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Not specific to Luongo, but I'm guessing it's the reason he's following the Canucks team through various cities:


3. The most interesting appearance in Nashville, aside from Dale Weise the goal scorer, was probably Pierre Gauthier.

That’s because he was also in Dallas for the Canucks game Thursday. And he was on a plane today for Detroit, where the Predators play tonight and the Canucks tomorrow.

The former Habs GM, is now in the Chicago Blackhawks front office, and is their director of player personnel.

Hmmmm. Speculate at will.


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Weiss needs wrist surgery, out for season... Guess Mike Keenan's pre-season suggestion of a straight up deal of Weiss for Lou would have been a dud? Anywhoo, it removes him from the equation and alters their centre depth, which is a fcator as well.



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(Damien Cox)“@DamoSpin: Worth noting at June draft Canucks could've had Kadri, Bozak and a pick for Luongo. Got greedy. Now have lost as many as have won.”

@botchford: Except for the NTC. Minor detail MT @DamoSpin: Worth noting at June draft Canucks could've had Kadri, Bozak and a pick for Luongo Got greedy


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Sportsnet's Doug MacLean says this morning - no market for Robert Loungo trade and he's heard talk Cory Schneider may be the one traded.


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In May, Brian Burke first approached Vancouver GM Mike Gillis and told him the Leafs wanted Roberto Luongo.

It began a dialogue which should have culminated with a trade at the June draft and would have save for the oh-so tiny issue of Luongo’s NTC. He wasn’t ready to go to Toronto then.

You can’t help but wonder how things would be different if he had been.

After pushing for Jake Gardiner, the Canucks wanted Nazem Kadri. Give them this, they got that one right.

But Kadri isn’t happening now, and people are wondering if a Luongo deal can happen before the trade deadline.

Of course it can.

Most believe that means Gillis has to come down on his asking price. Fair enough. But the Canucks have been asking for a centre on an expiring contract and a good prospect. Not sure how they can ask for much less.

Maybe instead of a B+ prospect, they can ask for a B- prospect? A C+ prospect? An F?

The Luongo trade buzz is starting to pick up again as the calendar barrels toward April 3. NHL executives outside of Vancouver believe the Canucks can still pull this deal off.

The Leafs, of course, will be interested right to the end. They’ll probably still take Luongo, but have always been looking for a sweetheart deal.

The most interesting player in this poker game which is coming up on 11 months may be the Washington Capitals.

The Capitals have a veteran team that really should be competing now. But they’re out of the Eastern Conference playoffs and need to start thinking about next year.

They have a young goalie who may be a star one day in Braden Holtby. But he’s not that now.

Ideally, the 23-year-old would be nurtured along during the next 2-3 years under the wing of some experienced veteran. Hey, like Luongo, much like Cory Schneider’s, or Jonathan Bernier’s development.

The sticking point for the Capitals in any Luongo plan promises to be the 10 years left on the contract. Is that all?

But otherwise, it has at least a chance to work, especially when you consider Washington has the best centre who could be available before the deadline in Mike Ribeiro. He is set to be a UFA in July and would make much more sense than Marian Gaborik or Jarome Iginla.

The Capitals will want a lot for the 33-year-old, even if he’s on an expiring contract. Not sure if “a lot” to them is Luongo, though. But the Canucks would be hard pressed to find a player who could impact their team more.


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Roberto Luongo: Should Canucks keep or move him?

Wednesday, 03.20.2013 / 7:20 PM / 2013 Trade Deadline

By Adam Kimelman - NHL.com Deputy Managing Editor

When Roberto Luongo signed a 12-year contract extension in September 2009, it was assumed he would spend the remainder of his career as the unquestioned starting goaltender for the Vancouver Canucks.

However, the questions started not long after the ink was dry and got the loudest when Luongo was struggling during the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs and lost his starting job to Cory Schneider.

Luongo has done well splitting time with Schneider this season, but is it a situation that's good to continue?

NHL.com examines the pros and cons to the Canucks making Luongo available to move prior to the April 3, 2013 NHL Trade Deadline:


Position: Goalie

Age: 33

Statistics: 15 games, 7-4-3, 2.47 goals-against average, .904 save percentage, 2 shutouts

Salary status: After this season, Luongo has nine seasons left on his contract, with an annual salary-cap hit of just over $5.33 million.

Keep him: Rather than allow the goaltending issue to become a distraction, Luongo and Schneider have continued to be a quality tandem and have the Canucks in the running for the Northwest Division title. Luongo has shown incredible professionalism dating to last season, when he lost his starting job in the playoffs. Despite that setback, he hasn't let any off-ice issues affect his on-ice play, showing his mental toughness and proving to be a positive locker-room presence. Also, having a quality backup will help in the Canucks' push for the playoffs, as his ability to go into any game situation allows them to keep Schneider fresh for the postseason.

Move him: With all the Luongo trade talk since the 2012 playoffs, it's actually remarkable he hasn't been moved. Canucks general manager Mike Gillis has set the bar high in any trade discussions, but could start to reassess his demands as April 3 draws closer. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals have been rumored to have interest in Luongo, but not for what Gillis reportedly is requesting in return. If he lowers his asking price, a deal to send Luongo out could happen at any time.


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Dan Tencer via twitter: When asked if he was close to trading Roberto Luongo prior to the season, Gillis said “Yeah. Yeah, we were.”


Josh Rimer via twitter: Bill Watters on NiteCap said he still believes the Maple Leafs will trade for Roberto Luongo. Watters added that he can see Tyler Bozak for Luongo.


Darren Dreger on TSN Radio: ”Leafs haven’t spoken to Vancouver in a long time about Luongo or anyone else.”


James Duthie: Don't the Canucks have to get something for Roberto Luongo at some point soon?

Pierre LeBrun: I don't think they sense they have to clean their house right now. They're still trying to win a Stanley Cup this year. They've got the off-season, they feel they've got time to clean that up. And that may include Roberto Luongo if they can't find a taker. Now, I'm told that there are a number of teams that have checked in with Vancouver recently and not just to check on Luongo but on Cory Schneider, the younger cheaper goalie. Now, I think it's highly unlikely to this point that they would move Schneider. The point is still to move Luongo, I just don't think they'll be able to do it before April 3.


Pierre LeBrun of ESPN

Teams have been asking the Canucks about Roberto Luongo the last little bit, but they’ve also been asking about Cory Schneider. It’s unlikely they’d move Schneider even though they could get more for him. Sounding like any trade will have to wait until the offseason.


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Luongo cool about impending trade:

Schneider has won job in Vancouver


VANCOUVER — When the Vancouver Canucks coaching staff opted Wednesday to turn a scheduled full team practice into a six-man optional, Roberto Luongo was among the six on the ice at UBC.

It never used to be this way. Luongo was always the main man. He was always the goalie playing every night and he was always the goalie resting while his backup took shots from the healthy scratches and fourth-liners.

But there he was Wednesday as Tom Sestito, Andrew Gordon, Steve Pinizzotto, Zack Kassian and Jordan Schroeder peppered him with pucks under the direction of goalie coach Rollie Melanson.

Luongo has worn a ballcap and watched Cory Schneider start five straight games, all wins. He will sit again Thursday when the Canucks entertain the Colorado Avalanche at Rogers Arena (7 p.m., Sportsnet Pacific, Team 1040) but he will not be sitting anxiously by his phone awaiting word on a possible trade out of Vancouver.

Make no mistake. Luongo is in play. He has been in play since last summer when Schneider supplanted him as the No. 1 netminder. Even Luongo himself declared it was time to move on. So far, general manager Mike Gillis has not pulled the trigger. The NHL trade deadline is next Wednesday at noon Pacific time and, if Gillis can't move Luongo, Bobby Lou could start the playoffs as Schneider's backup and remain there all spring.

"Yeah, those are all the things I thought about before the season started," Luongo told a large scrum of reporters. "I was fully aware of all the scenarios, especially being here past the deadline, or whatnot. It's stuff that I had a lot of time to think about during the lockout and I'm fully prepared for. Whatever happens, I'll accept and be a good teammate.

"I'm trying to be as positive as I can and work hard and make sure that I'm ready. Things change quickly in the league. It's not for me to be in a bad spot in my mind if something were to happen and I have to play. I'm in the NHL and I'm happy and, hopefully, it all works out for the best and we have a good Cup run here."

Canucks assistant coach Rick Bowness, who handled media duties Wednesday, lauded Luongo for his professionalism.

"I give Roberto an awful lot of credit for the way he's handled a very tough situation for him," stated Bowness. "He is a very proud man. He is an elite goaltender and this is very, very difficult on him — and you wouldn't know it. He won't allow it to affect the locker room. He won't allow it to affect his preparation and his work habits. That's just not the type of man he is. He is an excellent teammate and he will never let his status affect this locker room."

Luongo, now in his seventh season with the Canucks, had his opportunity earlier this month to seize the net but was unable to do so.

After an outstanding 2-1 shootout victory in Columbus on March 12, he allowed 12 goals on 84 shots in his next three starts (.857 save percentage) and the coaches went back to Schneider. The redhead from Marblehead, Mass., responded with the aforementioned five consecutive victories, two by shutout. Luongo has no trouble assessing the situation.

"We've all seen how Schneids is playing right now so there is absolutely no reason they would take him out," Luongo commented. "I mean, he's playing unreal and he's probably the best goalie in the league right now. So, obviously, you just have to roll with the hot hand and that's totally understandable."

Luongo is 7-4-3 this season with a 2.47 goals against average and .904 save rate, the latter stat ranking him 32nd in the league prior to Wednesday's action. Those numbers plus his onerous contract — nine years and more than $40 million remaining — appear to make him a difficult sell.

"I'm obviously not exactly sure what's going to happen but, that being said, I'm just going to just keep doing what I'm doing and work hard and make sure I'm ready to go," he said. "I'm trying not to think about it too much and just see where it goes."

Asked about a best-case scenario for himself, Luongo replied: "I don't have a best-case scenario. I just try to do my best every day. Sometimes you don't have things in your control and there is no use worrying about that stuff and letting it creep into your mind and affecting you."

Thursday's date with the Avalanche is the Canucks' last home game before the deadline. If Luongo is moved, it could be his last time wearing the Vancouver home blues. He claimed that had not even entered his mind.

"I don't think about it that way at all," he said. "I haven't heard anything from Mike so there is no reason to think that."



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Canucks GM Mike Gillis left with just one card to play:

Vancouver needs to bulk up at centre — and Roberto Luongo is the only ace up general manager’s sleeve


VANCOUVER — If this were like his old job and Mike Gillis still worked on commission, the Vancouver Canucks' general manager would be broke.

It has been nearly a year since the National Hockey Club made the decision to install Cory Schneider as its starting goalie, profoundly changing the Canuck landscape. For most of the time since then, Gillis has been trying to sell a Roberto Luongo trade.

But with next Wednesday's NHL trade deadline looming, Gillis, hugely successful at making deals as a player agent, has been unable to find anyone to meet the Canucks' price for Luongo. And that is hurting the team.

With a cobbled lineup that includes minor-league callups Jordan Schroeder and Andrew Ebbett, as well as defenceman Keith Ballard playing left wing – on the third line! – the Canucks have somehow managed to win five straight games. They've built an eight-point playoff cushion and tilted their trajectory so that they'd be on pace for a 104-point season over 82 games.

Yes, it's a good thing Schneider has been brilliant lately and that Gillis has as much conviction in coach Alain Vigneault as he has in his ability to fetch a significant return for Luongo.

But as configured, the Canucks still look two centres short of being able to go anywhere when the Stanley Cup playoffs start in May.

Former Selke Trophy winner Ryan Kesler, better than anyone the Canucks will acquire before the deadline, is expected to start skating in the next week or two after missing the last month with a broken foot.

That still leaves the Canucks one proven centre short.

The Canucks did not replace third-line centre Samuel Pahlsson last summer and didn't plan terribly well for the absence of veteran faceoff king Manny Malhotra, removed by Gillis from the lineup six weeks ago over genuine concern for the player's safety when it became apparent vision loss from a 2011 injury was permanent.

So, no Kesler, no Malhotra and no return so far for Luongo, one of the few bargaining chips the Canucks can afford to spend.

"The loss of those two players has been a significant blow to our lineup," assistant GM Laurence Gilman, who spoke Wednesday on behalf of management, conceded. "Successful teams are built down the middle – strong at centre, strong on defence, strong goaltending – and that's how our team was constructed. To the extent there is a hole in our lineup now, it's at centre.

"I'm proud of how our team has battled since Ryan was injured and the effort we're getting from Jordan Schroeder and Andrew Ebbett. But if we can add another experienced centre, we'll feel even better about our team."

After shoulder and wrist surgeries last summer to Kesler, the Canucks knew they'd start the season without their formidable two-way centre. It was impossible to plan for Kesler breaking his foot upon his return.

But Gillis said when explaining the bold decision to shut down Malhotra that the club knew after last season this was a possibility. Yet when Kesler followed Malhotra out of the lineup, the Canucks' only options at centre between first-liner Henrik Sedin and fourth-liner Max Lapierre were Ebbett and Schroeder and short-lived experiments with career wingers Chris Higgins and Alex Burrows.

"We re-signed Ebbett [during the summer] to have him available and felt, as an organization, that we had to leave room for Jordan Schroeder to develop," Gilman explained. "No team can just replace a player like Ryan Kesler, one of the best second-line centres in the league, a former Selke Trophy winner who plays in every situation for us."

Ebbett is a good-guy journeyman, willing to accept any role but unlikely to hold a key one for long. And Schroeder, although far better in his second stint with the Canucks this season than his first, is still just a 22-year-old rookie and at five-foot-eight doesn't fit anyone's profile as a third-line centre. Especially in the playoffs, where big, brawny teams have won the last three Stanley Cups.

Even with Kesler, the Canucks don't have enough size and experience down the middle, which is why Vancouver is trying to land another centre.

This brings us back to Luongo. Years of suspect drafting and trading picks, by this regime and the one that preceded it, has left the Canucks without a bankroll of prospects from which to purchase help at the deadline.

They can't afford to trade Nicklas Jensen or Brendan Gaunce or Frank Corrado or this year's first-round pick. Who they can afford to lose is Luongo.

Despite the failure of the trade mission so far, Gilman gave no indication the club is willing to lower its asking price for the soon-to-be 34-year-old goalie with nine years and $41.6 million US remaining on his contract after this season.

The Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs were willing trade partners in June, but Luongo reportedly refused then to waive his no-trade clause for anyone but the Florida Panthers.

After the Canucks were waltzed in circles by Luongo's first choice, Vancouver and Toronto tried again to make a deal before and after the autumn lockout. But negotiations didn't get past a framework that included Leafs' centre Tyler Bozak and a draft pick because Toronto refused to surrender prospect Nazem Kadri and Vancouver didn't like the other prospects they were offered.

Gilman insisted the Canucks aren't being stubborn or unreasonable in their valuation of Luongo.

Bozak is now considered one of the prime rental players – those on an expiring contract – who could be traded before noon Wednesday.

"Has there been a goaltender traded this season?" Gilman argued. "It's not like we're clinging to our goalies while other teams are acquiring them.

"Goaltending is a bellwether position in the National Hockey League. You can't win without it. It's like pitching in baseball. In the [trade] discussions we're having with other teams, they're asking about our goaltenders."

The Canucks aren't trading Schneider. And if they don't trade Luongo, they'll be in the same position next summer as they were last summer, except their asset is a year older and the team will be facing a payroll crunch as the salary cap drops to $64.3 million for 2013-14.

"From an efficiency standpoint, to have $9.33 million invested in two goaltenders when only one of them can play is clearly not the most efficient use of resources," Gilman said. "That being said ... Roberto is still in the prime of his career and can stabilize a NHL team for years to come. That's an asset that's extremely hard to come by. It would be foolish for us to trade Roberto for a rental player."



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