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(Discussion) The Columbus Blue Jackets

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They got off to a decent start on a rebuild by trading Nash to the NY Rangers for Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon and a 1st. IMO they are 2-4 pieces away from making the playoffs.

What they have: Solid depth on center (Dubi, Anisimov, Brassard, Johansen, Letestu) and on defense

What they need: 2 top six wingers, and a true #1 goalie

What goalies they should go after: Nik Backstrom, Tim Thomas, Jose Theodore

Top six forwards they should go after: Kyle Okposo, Andrei Kostitsyn, Michael Ryder

Bottom six forwards they should go after: Troy Brouwer, Tomas Kopecky, Mikkel Boedker etc

Who do you think they should trade for/sign, and what do you think it would take to get those players?

EDIT: After looking it over, here is what I came up with:

Trade 1: Cbj-Tor

To Columbus: Nikolai Kulemin + Clarke MacArthur + Tim Connolly

To Toronto: Steve Mason + Derrick Brassard + 2014 1st

Mason = Kulemin

Brassard > MacArthur

1st > Connolly

Trade 2: Cbj-Min

To Columbus: Nik Backstrom

To Minnesota: Vinny Prospal + Boone Jenner + Derek Mackenzie + Colton Gillies

Offer sheets:

Tyler Ennis: 2 years @ $5 million per = 1st and 3rd round compensation

If Buffalo don't match the offer sheet, this is what their line up would look like:

Umberger - Johansen - Atkinson

Kulemin - Dubinsky - Ennis

Anisimov - Connolly - MacArthur

Boll - Letestu - Dorsett

Tyutin - Johnson

Wisniewsky - Murray

Nikitin - Savard



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They need: #1 centre, #2 Centre, #1 goalie top 3 winger, top 6 winger, 2 top 4 d men,

No where even close to making the playoffs

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I think Grabbing Ballard and Raymond from Vancouver would be beneficial for their improvement :bigblush:

actually now that I think of it would be smart of them to grab those 2 pieces.

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^ I wouldn't settle for less than Johansen and their 2013 1st in return.

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^ I wouldn't settle for less than Johansen and their 2013 1st in return.

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Waste of a 1st round pick (knowing how low they'll finish that pick could yield another strong prospect who could contribute for YEARS) to only get someone like Ennis, who may or may not wish to sign that offer sheet.

Also (unless Harding totally comes in and steals the show, in which case they CAN target Nik) I'm not sure the Wild would be so willing to easily let their #1 goalie go. They brought in Parise and Suter to show that they're ready and willing to compete, not to dismantle their core. Harding could be available though at the right price IMO.

I don't see the point of the Boychuk trade, the Jackets are loaded with good young D. Their assets should be used firstly to get a better goalie (Backstrom/ Harding would be nice if it were to come true) then to bring better wingers in to supplement their strong center group.


Foligno - Brassard - Umberger

Prospal - Johansen - Atkinson

Dubinsky - Anisimov - Dorsett

Gillies - Letestu - Boll

I think the winger group at the top could use bolstering, particularly if Prospal goes through his roller-coaster style scoring routine (good year followed by bad year(s)) or if their young guns don't play to potential it could be another long year, plus do they really have a star go-to guy up front? Johansen could become that but nobody really is of that caliber ATM, so they should at least get a couple of more reliable pieces for that second line, which could be inconsistent.

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Suddenly they have some of the best offensive depth in the league. Great young guys who will be good next season or the season after. And they have one of the highest producing defences in the league too.

Their only true problem is now a lack of a 1st line (shouldn't of traded away Nash) and goaltender, but guys like Johansen, Atkins, Brassard, Anisimov etc. will grow nicely into those 1st line vacancies.

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