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Can't believe he kicked Shaub in the groin and it went uncalled

That Suh did it, I can believe. Uncalled? Actually yah, I can believe it too.

Still can't believe they gave Forsett that TD. Blows my mind.

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Houston 17-20 Detroit

Detroit desperate and they will make sure their not going to be embarrassed like last thanksgiving

Washington 32-17 Dallas

I hate to say this but there's no way our defense can stop RG3. We could barely stop Brandon weeden and the mighty browns.

And romo wont have enought time to work with he will be on his but and I won't be surprised of he gets hurt tomorrow.

New England 42-10 ny jets

Tom and bill versus mark and Rex


1)Right that the lions will play desperate

2)Right that the Dallas's defense played how they always do

3)Jets lol

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