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Patrick Kane


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Colorado selects D Filip Kuba, F Spencer Machacek and F Mikael Samuelsson with their three missed picks.

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So how does it work for missed picks because I havent seen it before. Do we wait for the other 2 missed picks to be made, or do we start round 14 and let them pick whenever they show up ?

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Listen up RGMG members. We are extending the 6 hour limit to 1 day (24 hours).

Why? With the lockout in place we have plenty of time, and no need to rush it.. I prefer people make their picks rather then being skipped.

If the lockout is lifted and a set-date is given for the season to start, we will h ave a LIVE draft to finish this off.

Anyways, me and Ilya Kovalchuk are looking to set up an interactive game and looking to see if anyone is interested.

Me and Ilya Kovalchuk are quite competitive on NHL13, having intense 7 game series. We were wondering if we could set up some mini pool here while the draft runs.


First everyone decides the two teams. Preferably the same in talent. (Example: Vancouver vs Pittsburgh or Florida vs Islanders)

Then people decide who will win the series. Patrick Kane or Ilya Kovalchuk.

Everyone guesses in how many games. 7, 6, 5 or a sweep.

Then everyone picks a few players from each team, and whenever they get a goal or an assist, they get points from it.

You will have 5 players to pick, and each player has its own point value. You can spend a max of 17 points. You must pick 1 defenseman. Example.


H.Sedin (5)

D.Sedin (5)

A.Edler (5)

R.Kesler (5)

A.Burrows (4)

D.Hamhuis (4)

K.Bieksa (4)

D.Booth (4)

C.Higgins (3)

J. Garrison (3)

M.Raymond (3)

J.Hansen (3)

M.Lapierre (2)

M.Malhotra (2)

K. Ballard (2)

Z.Kassian (1)

D.Wiese (1)

C.Tanev (1)

So if I were to pick I'd take.

Kesler (5)

Hansen (3)

Higgins (3)

Edler (5)

Kassian (1)

Goals: 4 points

Assists: 2 points

Plus: 1 point

GWG: +1 point

SHG: +1 point

SO Winner: +1 point

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