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Beluga Whale

NHL 13 GM Connected Prestige Worldwide [Xbox] (Seven Teams Available)

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Hey guys, sorry for my recent inactivity. I had to move this week with really short notice and my XBOX and computer have been in boxes for the past week. I should be up and running again tonight.

Thanks for not booting me out!

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Here are the rules regarding cheating:

  • Some kind of video evidence will be needed to confirm any cheating.

  • Use the leg-kick backhand forehand breakaway move is not considered cheating.

  • Excessive use of the backhand forehand move on the short side is considered cheating (more than 2 goals using this method is considered excessive).

  • Circling around in your own zone with the puck while winning or short-handed is considered cheating.

Breaking one of these rules will most likely result in a series loss and removal from the league.

If you believe your opponent has cheated or is cheating, record it and send me the video otherwise I can't really do anything.

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