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Worst fashions of the Summer...

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Nothing wrong with a nice tasteful V-Neck.

These on the other hand...



I hate those with the fury of a thousand suns. With a deep v-neck there's an expectation of at least a hint of happy upper lady parts. Instead, pale man chest hair. Jarring, to say the least.


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This is not really specific to this summer, but it drives me crazy how many girls make inappropriate underwear choices for the outfits they're wearing. Prime examples:

Wearing a white or slightly shear dress with dark coloured granny panties

Wearing a bra with straps under a strapless dress or tube top.

Or my personal favourite:

Girls who go bra-less under a low cut shirt resulting in saggy boob cleavage. Now of course, this is my opinion as a girl. I don't know about guys, maybe they like saggy boob cleavage? If so then I guess all power to the girls who like to rock that look.


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