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CDC Sim Connected - Application Thread ***4 Teams: Tor, LA, TB, Min Available***

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This is a thread created for applications for GM positions in our CDC SIM Connected league. We have a few dormant accounts and would like to replace them with active participating members.

Please leave your name below if you are interested in joining and will be active during our SIM league. All games will be simmed and therefore it really comes down to who is the best manager of their team. We are attempting to run 20-25 seasons with each season being roughly 2 weeks long; therefore every team has an equal chance of being the most successful team in the league.

Points are distributed for playoff performance, and winning your division and/or presidents' trophy in the regular season.

We will contact you shortly to those interested in joining our league and let you know which teams maybe available. We are currently half way through Season 1.

Here is a list of the current members.

small.png Anaheim Ducks – /user/8219-shiznak/">shiznak [PSN: shizzy604]

small.png Boston Bruins – /user/71588-willyfox/">WillyFox [PSN: LancePaul22]

small.png Buffalo Sabres – /user/91789-mrsasaki/">mrsasaki [PSN: hockeydrummer]

small.png Calgary Flames – /user/60319-sidneyraymond/">SidneyRaymond [PSN: SilentSmartie] Assistant GM: Flying.Skate91 [PSN: jhari09]

small.png Carolina Hurricanes – /user/92506-checkyourunderstanding/">CheckYourUnderstanding [PSN: Xpl03ive-]

small.png Chicago Blackhawks - /user/94174-pure-gm/">Pure GM [PSN: GMNation]

small.png Colorado Avalanche - /user/92632-coleman26/">Coleman26 [PSN: morphinecolin]

small.png Columbus Blue Jackets – /user/47199-mackcanuck/">Mackcanuck [PSN: mackcanuck]

small.png Dallas Stars - Assistant GM: /user/89335-cody-hodgson-9/">Cody Hodgson 9 ?

small.png Detroit Red Wings - /user/84645-phoenixlipinski21/">PhoenixLipinski21 [PSN: Lipinski21]

small.png Edmonton Oilers – /user/97858-minikangaroo/">minikangaroo [PSN: Mini-Kangaroo]

small.png Florida Panthers – /user/91231-doug-the-thug-glatt/">Doug The Thug Glatt [PSN: DJtrippleA]

small.png Los Angeles Kings –

small.png Minnesota Wild -

small.png Montreal Canadiens – /user/92589-dchan2579/">dchan2579 [PSN: cjb-97]

small.png Nashville Predators – /user/56281-n00bxqb/">n00bxQb [PSN: n00bxQb]

small.png New Jersey Devils – /user/37323-dollarandadream/">DollarAndADream [PSN: travhave23]

small.png New York Islanders – /user/55988-kyosama/">Kyosama [PSN: Kyosama13]

small.png New York Rangers – /user/80719-bringbacktheminus/">BringBackTheMinus [PSN:FredTaylor89]

small.png Ottawa Senators – /user/66403-ratedr/">RatedR [PSN: dhesi94]

small.png Philadelphia Flyers – /user/55823-mufasa/">Mufasa [PSN: Bthaking]

small.png Phoenix Coyotes – /user/74664-finnnuck/">FinnNuck [PSN: FinnSaW]

small.png Pittsburgh Penguins – /user/87788-danthecanucksfan/">Danthecanucksfan [PSN: Devildan07]

small.png San Jose Sharks –

small.png St. Louis Blues – /user/92474-stitch1990/">stitch1990 [PSN: stoitch21]

small.png Tampa Bay Lightning –

small.png Toronto Maple Leafs –

small.png Vancouver Canucks –

small.png Washington Capitals – /user/10813-mpt/">mpt [PSN: mpt2006]

small.png Winnipeg Jets – /user/84946-canucksfanmike/">CanucksFanMike [PSN: CanucksFanMike]

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As I've said before, the other league I joined got closed because of fraud. If you are going to hold that against me, then don't choose me. I'm fine with it.

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Well that is news to me, I'm not in any other leagues. If you are going to be active then I have no problem with it. Everyone deserves a second chance

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