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If YOU could play anywhere, where would it be?

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I'd be happy with any of these places, for different reasons.

Winnipeg: Most of my family lives here. Incredibly affordable, 2 hours away from Kenora/Lake of the Woods, very nice people, and a rabid fan base.

Flordia: Warm, taxes are next to nothing, nobody bothers you because hockey is non-existant down there.

San Jose: Warm, warm, warm. Decent hockey market.

Minneapolis: Great city, close to Manitoba, has a lot of lakes.

Last place is a three way tie:




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Vancouver - Playing for my favorite team

NYR - In the big city and having torts as a coach would be cool.

Phi - City has a bunch of history always wanted to go there

Edm - I've noticed everyone on this forum hates the city but it's not that bad... Plus I got a ton of family there.

LA - Can't beat Cali

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