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Your greatest gaming moment?

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Pretty straight forward, what would you call your greatest video game moment? I'll start.

Well, okay I have 2. :P

1. NHL 09, my rookie year in be a pro: I was on the Oilers (Vancouver traded me there >.<) and I was against the Red Wings in the WCF. Game 7, 2-2 tie heading into the last minute of the third, when Detroit scored with 50 seconds left to take a 3-2 lead. Looking like the season was over, I almost gave up, until I got a breakaway. Roofed it with 4 seconds left, then won the game in OT!

2. Left 4 Dead 2, the Dark Carnival finale. Me and two friends were attempting to get the Guardin' Gnome achievement. The chopper arrives, and my friend carrying the gnome and I make it to the chopper, but my other friend gets swamped by the horde and the tank. Just before he goes down, I jump out of the chopper, chuck a pipebomb, and then single-handedly kill the tank. I used my defib unit on him, and we both manage to make it back to the chopper and score victory!


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