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Kazmanian Devil

[Official] CDC Rap Battle Thread

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Our fun got squashed by a mod named hockeyville,

I guess we shoulda battled like we was from pleasantville,

But little does she know that ain't really my style,

I keep it real while you other cats just spit bile,

So if that's what she wants 

we have no choice but to comply,

Unless you're lookin to get banned

than your 9 lives are in short supply,

Cuz she don't mess around

when it comes to her mod duties,

She'll kick your ass to the curb

with her metaphorical steel booties,

So I better wrap this crap up

before she comes after me,

I don't think I could handle

not layin the smack down on CDC


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You're really starting to make me waste a lot of energy I don't have,

Go back and reformulate, each line only has 4 words, you're so bad,

I don't know if you're even fixable, well you are but I think it's wrong,

To cut off a grown mans testicles like you would do to a stray dog,

But if you keep replying back I'll have to do it like an ex-wife would,

You're think I'm embarrassed you need to stop and take a good look,

At yourself, because you think that you're rapping and doing good,

When really you're just standing naked with wood in the woods


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Now you'd better get ready for my rebuttal

I'm about to blast off in my space shuttle

You shoot to destroy, I shoot to thrill

You're crashing just like an ecstasy pill

Stop trying to rhyme, you lack that skill

You're gonna suffer now before I get my kill

My lyrics cut, slash, and draw blood

Now tell me, yours do what?

They bounce right off me just like rubber

You gonna come back, or continue to stutter?


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You guys talk like you're tough,

Please, I'm willing to call your bluff,

I don't need to use no fancy words,

All y'all do is run together like cattle in a herd.

My rhymes spit like acid,

Ima take the setting to Lake Placid,

You guys to scared to take a dip in the lake,

While I'm floating around to busy getting baked.

I'm not scared to battle anyone,

This is my home, like house of the rising sun,

I'm only here to have a little fun,

When you hear my deadly rhymes its gonna make you run,

Trust me you'll know when I'm done,

You'll be passed out on the floor,

Begging for no more,

I'm gonna make your heart sore,

I feel no pain,

I'm in it to win the game,

I'm all about the fortune and fame,

The rest of you are the lamest in the rap game.

I came, I saw, I conquered,

Takin' shots and sellin' out concerts,

Y'all sitting at home, no cash flow,

Step off, don't even try bro,

You're super low, and I'm super high,

I'm living large, y'all barely Gettin' by,

When you hear this verse it's gonna make your tears sigh,

I know I went a little long,

But I get a little crazy when I rip the bong,

And when you hear this song,

You'll know that I've been the king all along


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Good morning, good morning. I'd enter the battle again but i don't want another warning.

Didn't really expect to be hit with your purse straps, did you not know the main ingredient of battle rap?

Oh, i'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. Next time call 911 and not CDC and maybe they'll defend you.

Just saying that was pretty weak, Banana. Looks like on the inside you're made of mush. Take your time with a response, i know you ain't in a rush.

Oh. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say. I guess i'll hide behind the mods until he goes away.

No wait. Nevermind. I might use bad words. The lack of which makes battle rap one hundred and sixty-nine percent absurd.

I'm done.


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K i'm in. What do I do, challenge someone? I'm ready whenever.


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