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What is your Favorite...?

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Tell what is your favorite (or "Favorites"). about everything or eveybody...

Cars, planes, girls, food etc...


AIRPLANE: MD-11, B777-300, A330-200, ATR-72-500, Piper Seneca V, ERJ-175, B737-200, A300, Piper Cherokee (all series), IL-96-300, Dash 8-300

Car: VW GOLF, McLaren F1

Truck: anyone from Volvo...

Bus: Double Deck from scania...

Airport (as passenger): São Paulo (Congonhas), Vancouver Intl, Manaus Inlt, Orlando Inlt

Airport (as Pilot): Jacksonville Intl, Miami Intl, Ormond Beach, Daytona Intl, Marathon, Rio de Janeiro (Santos Dumont), Curitiba-Bacacheri, Londrina, Manaus Intl, Belém Intl, Marabá Airport, Palmas Airport...

Formula-1 team: MCLAREN

INDY Car: Penske

Canucks Jersey: the blue one

Food: fish (any type)

City: Vancouver, Victoria (in Canada and in Brazil), Londrina, Marabá, Palmas, Daytona, Miami, Moscow

Movie: The Right Stuff

Cartoon: South Park

Airline: VASP, TRANS-BRASIL, VARIG, AZUL/TRIP, Air Canada, Aeroflot

Girl: must like romance...

drink: Vodka, Wine...

craziest thing done: did skydive solo on my 1st "jump" (stupid!), almost died...

most embarassing situation: gave a large amount of flowers (250 flowers) to a Chinese girl in Vancouver "just because I wanted"...

stupiest thing said to a girl: "I have to call the FAA because planes should be in the airport not on a pub." (Daytona/USA)

stupiest thing said when drunk: I´m too drunk/bebado ("bebado" is drunk in portuguese)

Super-Hero: Batman, Wolverine...

I didn´t land in YVR as a Pilot yet :) but one day I will :)


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Ugh. Why U no let hockeyz bettmanz??? Do you see what you are doing to us? My favorite smell is purple.


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