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Let's Write A Story II [50 Shades of Orange]

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First one went well, let's see if the magic continues with this sequel to Mashing Through The Snow: A Story For None Of The Family.

Mashing Through The Snow: A Story For None Of The Family can be found here:


1: BananaMash

2: One one two

3: Intoewsables

4: Hamhuis2

5: Smashian Kassian

6: avelanch

7: Gumballthechewy

Last: Maxim Yapierre

(I can add more if enough people want in)

Rules: Call dibs on a chapter, but only if you're going to have time to write it!

Chapter 1:

Some time had passed since Gumball, Tiggies, and Mash had experienced the craziest Christmas in their lives. Unfortunately the three had fallen out of touch since the adventure. Tiggies used condom corporation was a booming business, Mash's male stripper gig had him working close to 60 hours a week, and Gumball's axe murderer children were a constant cause of headache and court dates. Children weren't the only problem in Gumball's life either. Mary Clause had grown distant since her and Gumball had married. The shock of losing her son Alex and her husband Santa was just too much for her, she'd forgotten how to be intimate. Gumball was miserable.

Like everything in life however, Gumball's misery was only temporary. One day after the fifteenth court date for his youngest little axe murderer, he'd had an amazing idea! He would start a prawning company so he could be at sea for several months each year! It was perfect, he could escape every bit of agony in his normal life without having to man up and ask for a divorce. Gumball decided he needed his three closest friends by his side, Mash and Tiggies.

So that very next Friday, Gumball picked up the phone and called Mash. "Who the hell is this?," Mash said as he answered the phone, "Whatever you're selling I don't want!". "Mash old buddy, calm down! It's Gumball!". "Gumball? How've you been! It's felt like ages," Mash replied excitedly "I can't believe it's been so long! What's up?". Gumball took a deep breath, and began to explain his idea, "Mash, you and Tiggies were by my side for the biggest adventure in my life, and I need both of you here for the next adventure. I'm starting a prawning company, and want you and Tiggies to come work with me". There was a dead silence on the phone for what felt like a minute, then Mash finally spoke, "You know what... I'm tired of my job. I'll call Tiggies and get back to you tomorrow". "Thanks Mash, you're the third best person I know!".

Just before Gumball hung up the phone he hear Mash yell "Wait!" on the line, so he put the receiver back up to his ear. "Gumball, if you're going to start a company you need a name! Have you thought of one yet?". "Actually Mash, I have... I think we'll call it, 50 Shades of Orange". Mash let out a slight laugh barely audible through the phone.


Three days later, and everything was nearly ready to start up 50 Shades of Orange. Mash and Tiggies had agreed to sign on for minimum wage, and Gumball had purchased a top of the line antique fishing vessel. At around noon, Mash and Tiggies arrived at the dock for orientation.

"Wow Gumball, that boat is really a pile of crap" said Tiggies in a snarly tone that pierced Gumball's soul. "Tiggies, I will not have you talk about the S.S. Hard-Body like that! This is your work place, and I expect you to treat it with respect," Gumball noticed Mash was snickering, and became further enraged "Mash, the same goes for you. You can both go back to your horrible, yet sexy, jobs if you don't want to respect this fine boat". Tiggies and Mash stood silent, and Gumball spoke up again "Also, I lied, this isn't orientation. This is your first shift. So get on the boat, we leave in roughly 4 minutes"...

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Hmm... I will consider writing, I enjoyed the Christmas story very much. Put me down for chapter 4 for now.

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Hmm... I will consider writing, I enjoyed the Christmas story very much. Put me down for chapter 4 for now.

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Guest Gumballthechewy

Let me sleep on it, I'll pick a chaper in the morning.

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Ah, I may as well pick chapter two again. I don't have much to do right now so I'll be working on it for a while and should have it up sometime this morning if that's ok.

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Chapter 2:

Immediately after finishing his speech, Gumball turned from his crew and made his way toward the vessel. It was a tall ship, and an old rope ladder that was routinely lopped over the starboard side acted as the only path to the top. Gumball intended to take it.

"That rope ain't gonna hold ya, Cap'n," Tiggies cautioned.

"Don't be silly, Tigs – I've done this before. Like I would buy a ship without checking its rope ladder first," Gumball stated firmly with a hint of embarrassment.

Without giving Tiggies a chance to question him, Gumball started up the ladder.

"Left foot, right foot, left foot, left fo- wait..." Gumball thought aloud to himself as he tried to keep calm, putting his pride above his immense fear of heights.

Also ignoring the obvious ripping sounds that were made with each step up, he continued the climb, stopping once halfway to untangle his legs from the rope. Finally, after a relatively uneventful minute of intense struggling, Gumball managed to make his way onto the deck, crawling away from the ladder before resting on all fours.

"See, I told you I could do it," Gumball said in between his panting.

"Jus' how ol' is this ship, Cap'n? She's got scars as deep as mine runnin' down 'er hull," Tiggies questioned.

"Scars as deep as yo... What does that even mean and why are you talking like that all of a sudden?" Gumball responded angrily in confusion, refering to Tiggie's newly found accent.

"Well, Cap'n... I jus' figured since I'm gon' be a sailor 'n all, that I better start talkin' like one..."

Gumball, who was now back on his feet and looking down at his two crew members, shot him an odd look and didn't bother responding further.

"Well what are you two waiting for? Get on!" Gumball exclaimed excitedly before heading into the main cabin, eager to look around.

Tiggies, who was more than ready for a new adventure, didn't think twice before hurriedly climbing the ladder to the top after seeing Gumball make it up unscathed. He stressed the rope further in the process, but made it up nonetheless. Mash, however, took a little longer to give up his last chance at returning to his prior life.

"Wha's the martyr, Mash? Havin' second thoughts?"

"It's just... No..."

"It's sumthin', Mash. We're friends 'ere, you 'an speak up."

"It's... Don't you feel bad about leaving Murdertown like this? We've been here since we were kids, it just feels... Wrong."

Tiggies took a minute to gather his words and feelings.

"Mash... I know 'ow ya feel. We've bin 'ere a long 'ime, it's normal fer ya to feel a lil' homesick."

Mash let out a long sigh, not to be rude to Tiggies, but to help himself calm down a little.

"I'm not homesick yet; we haven't even left... It's just, man, our family and friends are here, along with all we've ever done with our lives. I guess I can leave that last one behind, but what about (>'-')>, Crom!, and Alex's mom? What about people like them?"

"... Mash, they'd understan', yer not happy 'ere. They'd want ya to be happy... They do wantcha to be happy."

As they were speaking, the clouds had quickly thickened in what had not long before been a clear sky. Rain lightly started falling, creating a hollow, yet beautiful rhythmic tone as it clashed with the different materials on the ship. Mash lifted his head up and slowly uncrossed his arms.

"Okay," he murmured in a barely audible voice, tears now visibly forming around his eyes.

"Okay!" He spoke loudly this time, now bawling.

With a few looks behind him and a great deal of contemplation, Mash put his less-than-sure foot in front of him and made his way toward the rope ladder.

He forced himself to grip it and hastily made his way up the ladder just like Gumball and Tiggies had done before him.

"Left foot, right foot, left foot, left fo- ...wait," Gumball thought aloud again, now back from his look around the ship.

"Gumball, I don't need your help. I know how to climb a ladder"

"Oh. Sorry, Mash"

Mash was near the top of the ladder, and the rain was now pouring. With the rope getting wet, it was becoming more and more difficult to climb. Mash was struggling now, and as he was one step away from the top, the rope snapped due to the added tugging force.



Tiggies, in an effort to save Mash, leaned over the edge of the ship and grabbed his arm. Mash was slowly slipping from his grip.

"Gumball! Gumball, git ov'r 'ere! Mash is-" Tiggies called for Gumball's assistance, but he had disappeared again and was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, at the worst possible time, the ship started moving; Gumball had decided to take off.

"Dam'it, Gumball," Tiggies yelped as he made a last ditch effort to save Mash, who was now dangling above the open sea. Tiggies put all of his strength into what was seemingly a miracle -- he managed to pull Mash aboard the ship. Tired, sweaty, and bruised were the both of them. The storm had picked up considerably, the waves were now tall and wide as they smashed against the S.S. Hard-Body's hull. Less than a minute into their voyage and luck was already on Poseidon's side. Regardless, they had made their decision, and to turn back now was out of the question.

As the ship made its way out of the port, a familiar face was seen back at the docks, screaming for them to slow down.

"Gumball, please stop!" It was Alex's mom.

Perhaps she was there to stop him, or to bid him a loving farewell? No matter her means to be there, Gumball couldn't see her from his spot at the controls. Tiggies and Mash went to alert him, and they took control of the ship, giving him his privacy with his wife. They didn't know what was said between the couple, and they agreed not to ask him. The ship continued out, and soon Alex's mom could no longer be seen from the deck. Gumball went straight to sleep for the night after his meeting with her, even though it was only about noon, leaving Mash and Tiggies to deal with the ship.

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Guest Gumballthechewy

I'll take chapter seven as long as someone does a chapter eight.

Thanks Yappy!

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