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Shall we Re-boot the league?  

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  1. 1. Start the league fresh from the beginning?

    • Yes
    • No

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Sim will be done since only one series remains and I was given the green light by that team

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Round 2 Results


Chicago > Calgary 4-3

Colorado > St Louis 4-1


Washington > NYR 4-1

Buffalo > Boston 4-3

Conference Finals

Colorado vs Chicago

Washington vs Buffalo

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Scoring system

Lose playoffs in Round 1 - 1 point

Lose playoffs in Round 2 - 2 points

Lose playoffs in Round 3 - 4 points

Lose playoffs in Round 4 - 6 points

Win Stanley Cup - 15 points

Win your division - 1 point

Win President's trophy - 1 additional point

Official Standings

  1. 38- small.png Phoenix Coyotes

  2. 38- small.png Washington Capitals

  3. 33- small.png Colorado Avalanche

  4. 23- small.png Dallas Stars

  5. 17- small.png Buffalo Sabres

  6. 16- small.png Minnesota Wild

  7. 16- small.png Pittsburgh Penguins

  8. 15- small.png Nashville Predators

  9. 15- small.png Philadelphia Flyers

  10. 15- small.png St. Louis Blues

  11. 14- small.png Ottawa Senators

  12. 13- small.png Calgary Flames

  13. 13- small.png Carolina Hurricanes

  14. 11- small.png Columbus Blue Jackets

  15. 11- small.png New Jersey Devils

  16. 7- small.png Anaheim Ducks

  17. 7- small.png Chicago Blackhawks

  18. 7- small.png New York Islanders

  19. 6- small.png Edmonton Oilers

  20. 6- small.png Florida Panthers

  21. 5- small.png Boston Bruins

  22. 5- small.png Tampa Bay Lightning

  23. 4- small.png Montreal Canadiens

  24. 4- small.png New York Rangers

  25. 3- small.png Toronto Maple Leafs

  26. 3- small.png Winnipeg Jets

  27. 2- small.png Los Angeles Kings

  28. 2- small.png Vancouver Canucks

  29. 1- small.png Detroit Red Wings

  30. 1- small.png San Jose Sharks

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And yet another defenseman goes down. My defense is going to be pretty weak and that's no good against Washington:

Morrow - Ehrhoff

McNabb - Barrie

Erixon - Emelin

The dumb thing is, in real life, this would be a solid defense (in 2017 or whatever it is now)

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2019 NHL Entry Draft

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs = 48.2% chance @ 1st, 51.8% chance @ 2nd

  2. Winnipeg Jets = 18.8% chance @ 1st, 42.0% chance @ 2nd, 39.2% chance @ 3rd

  3. San Jose Sharks = 14.2% chance @ 1st, 56.1% chance @ 3rd, 29.7% chance @ 4th

  4. New Jersey Devils = 10.7% chance @ 1st, 66.7% chance @ 4th, 22.6% chance @ 5th

  5. Anaheim Ducks = 8.1% chance @ 1st, 74.7% chance @ 5th, 17.2% chance @ 6th

  6. Ottawa Senators = 6.2% chance @ 2nd, 80.7% chance @ 6th, 13.1% chance @ 7th

  7. Nashville Predators = 4.7% chance @ 3rd, 85.4% chance @ 7th, 9.9% chance @ 8th

  8. Tampa Bay Lightning = 3.6% chance @ 4th, 89.0% chance @ 8th, 7.4% chance @ 9th

  9. Detroit Red Wings = 2.7% chance @ 5th, 91.8% chance @ 9th, 5.5% chance @ 10th

  10. Minnesota Wild = 2.1% chance @ 6th, 94.0% chance @ 10th, 3.9% chance @ 11th

  11. Montreal Canadiens = 1.5% chance @ 7th, 96.1% chance @ 11th, 2.4% chance @ 12th

  12. Carolina Hurricanes = 1.1% chance @ 8th, 97.6% chance @ 12th, 1.3% chance @ 13th

  13. Los Angeles Kings = 0.8% chance @ 9th, 98.7% chance @ 13th, 0.5% chance @ 14th

  14. Phoenix Coyotes = 0.5% chance @ 10th, 99.5% chance @ 14th

  15. New York Rangers

  16. New York Islanders

  17. Edmonton Oilers

  18. St. Louis Blues

  19. Pittsburgh Penguins

  20. Calgary Flames

  21. Vancouver Canucks

  22. Boston Bruins

  23. Columbus Blue Jackets

  24. Dallas Stars

  25. Philadelphia Flyers

  26. Florida Panthers

  27. Conference Finalist

  28. Conference Finalist

  29. Stanley Cup Finalist

  30. Stanley Cup Champion

1st through 14th picks are teams that missed the playoffs. They are entered into a lottery with the lottery winner moving up by up to 4 spots. The percentages of each possible pick are shown above.

15th through 26th picks are teams that were eliminated within the first 2 rounds of the playoffs, in order of their finishing position (worst record picks highest). Division winners always pick last.

27th and 28th picks go to the runner-ups in the Conference Finals (again, order of finishing position and division winners always pick last)

29th goes to the Stanley Cup runner-up and 30th goes to the Stanley Cup Champion.

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Can you guys post any trades/offer sheets that involved 1st round picks this year for me? It'll make it much easier for me to do the first round draft board in a few days if I don't have to slowly scroll through every team's rookies.

I know we've got Chicago's first going to Minnesota from the Granlund offer sheet.

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Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final is over

Washington wins 4-1 with an empty netter. All the top players on both teams were held off the score sheet

Shots were 27-18 Washington

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Game 2

Washington was up 2-0 with 3 minutes left in the 3rd period and Washington dc'ed

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2nd chance at Game 2

A special teams delight

Buffalo opens up the scoring early on the PP. Washington then kills off a full 2 min 5 on 3.

Tanabe then scores a short handed goal on yet another Washington penalty kill..

Buffalo finally takes a penalty late in the third and Rask scores the PP with 4 minutes to go.

Washington wins game 2, 2-1

Shots 29-23 Buffalo

Buffalo went 1-4 on the PP

Washington went 1-1

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Game 3 is underway

Foligno opens the scoring and Rask quickly answers. 1-1 in the 1st

Ovechkin continues to be non existent this series

Hansen gets his second goal of the series, he really wants to get back at his old team. Buffalo goes up 2-1.

Hartnell quickly responds, 2-2 late 2nd

Gaunce misses a wide open net and this game is tied 2-2 going into the 3rd

Hartnell scores a beauty with 4 min left to put Washington up 3-2.

Tanabe takes a penalty with 30 secs left but Buffalo was unable to capitalize. Washington goes up 3-0 in the series with all 3 goals coming by the 2nd line

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Game 4 is underway, Washington looking to sweep yet again.

This series is a lot closer than the outcomes indicate.

Shepard puts Buffalo up 1-0

2 posts by Washington in the 2nd and Buffalo is still up 1-0 until Gaunce scores late in the second.

Pominville gets a great bounce and puts Buffalo up 2-1. Foligno makes it 3-1 before the end of 2nd.

Ovechkin gets his first point of the season setting up Backstrom 20 seconds into the 3rd

Buffalo holds on in the 3rd being completely outplayed that game. Miller stole the show.

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Washington handily takes Game 5 with a 4-2 win. The difference to this series was Washington's 2nd line. Buffalo completely shutout the top line but couldn't take on both.

The Washington Capitals would like to thank the Sabres for a well played series.

Washington advances to the Stanley Cup Finals for the 4th consecutive year despite losing my complete bottom 6 forwards to the disappearing glitch.

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The Blackhawks Organization would like to congratulate Colorado on a solid season, and an extremely hard fought WCF series.

Stan H Bowman

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Im open to offers for

- Fleury 87 overall

-Malkin 91 overall

Im looking for Defencemen. Looking to maybe move Malkin if it was for the right price. The asking price for Malkin is a second line center and a top 4 Defencemen. Both must be at least 84 overall. For Fleury I want one defender at least 84 overall.

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Plekanec (86), Bolland (83) and Tyutin (84) are being shopped looking for a younger lower overall replacement

willing to add a high pick or developed 3.5 star prospect ready for NHL in the deal for right player.

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So both series are done? Maybe we could wrap up the playoffs tonight considering mpt and coleman are generally pretty active.

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After a disappointing season in Florida leading to riots in the streets of downtown Sunrise and Miami, GM Glatt has apologized to fans and has some major re-tooling in the works.

In other Panther related news, Brandon Sutter has requested a trade.

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