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Its been such a long time...

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I haven't been here in awhile. I used to frequent this board a lot more. I have my own story on this website which certainly was a treat for me since I've been coming here since I had internet in 1996, whether there was even a full on Canucks site at the time or not I can't really remember. I remember 2.001 I think it was. I remember they re did these message boards and somehow my join date was pushed to 2004 magically. Mine should be the oldest one or one of the oldest on here but oh well. I think a good 400 posts were knocked off my count too :(. Here I am now wondering does my enter button work? Who are all these people now? Kids exist after I grew up? So on and so forth. Been comin here since age 12. I went from Gary Cherone being in Van Halen, to Sammy coming back, to seeing Dave return to a soldout GM PLACE (yea that's the only thing i'm callin that place still, GM Place, I refuse any other name) in 2007. I then went on to represent my team in Montreal at the All-star game as we know about already on here. To now sitting here with no hockey again. I'd keep writing but I guess no more paragraphs or what's goin on here?

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