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What Car Commercial Is This?

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Okay, I've been having trouble identifying this car commercial that I can vaguely remember. I can't even remember who the car company was, so I wonder if anyone out there knows/remembers.

Some details:

- It has a baseball player hitting a ball, a golfer swinging at the tee, a hockey player stopping as he creates a giant snow shower, and a car off road drifting in dirt/mud. They are all in slow motion. It eventually picks up to normal speed.

- I saw this aired on Sportsnet, hasn't aired for at least 1-2 years now. (maybe a 2009/2010 commercial?)

Main reason: I like the soundtrack, thats the reason why I want to find out.

I tried Google and Youtube, can't find it anywhere so far.


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I know the one you're talking about but I also forget what it is for....

Acura or Infiniti maybe???


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