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I read in a thread that somebody said Zack isnt good at cycling the puck , I dont know if you noticed but that is what he excels at, he is unstoppable along the boards , has geat puck protection , and with the wolves thats what he dominated at , and like someone said , it is so nice to actually have someone to stop the eagers of the league , I mean eager will NEVER forget that , he is out with facial dammage right now , and you know players around the league will be watching highlights and they will see kass drop him and then salute the crowd!

and during the intermission you heard the guys talk about how much he improved , his skating is so awesome now and zack said himself he gained a whole stride in the offseason , plus he worked out with Henrik and Daniel , so he is familiar with them , plus its awesome because whenever there is a scrum , and zack comes in all the attention turns towards him . and a huge difference from last year to this is he really finishes his checks , HARD too , you always see out the corner of the tv when the puck is gone you see kass and then a loud bang .

All these other teams have goons on the 4th line , but its so rare to have someone as imposing and Zack to play on the first line , just goes to show you his skills ,


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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