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Happy Birthday Zack Kassian

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I'm sure everyone is excited about Kassian's amazing game tonight--myself included. But let's still remember he's, despite his birthday, still incredibly young. He may take a few more years to become a consummate professional and totally consistent, but I'm very glad we saw a flash of his potential tonight. He crashed, he banged, he ran over Kiprusoff. He scored a goal and won us a shootout. Heck yeah!

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Jan 24th Birthday:

One of the most fascinating characteristics of Aquariansborn on January 24 is their need to break patterns and shock those closest to them. Beneath the surface of their sophistication, they are kind. They have a genuinelove for others and a willingness to reveal their vulnerabilities to those they love.

Friends and Lovers

Friendship is complicated for January 24 people. They need to feel close to their friends but have a tendency to strike a competitive pose. This is generally from insecurity. They often choose the wrong mate because they are fooled by glamour, glibness, and superficial trappings. They are happiest when they find a soul mate.

Children and Family

January 24 individuals are often the rebel but may feel guilty for not conforming to the expectations of their parents. They are sometimes insecure about their abilities as parents. They want to avoid mistakes their parents made but still set standards to help their youngsters become worthwhile adults.


The rebellious nature of January 24 men and women is often reflected in the on-again, off-again way they adhere to a health program. They have great vitality but may not take care to preserve it.

Career and Finances

January 24 individuals may experience career success early. This can actually be a drawback if they cannot summon the motivation to move on. They have the potential to win and lose a great deal of money but may need some reality checks before they know how to manage it.

Dreams and Goals

People born on January 24 are devoted to career goals but need to learn that there are other important dreams that require just as much nurturing and intensity. They have the potential to do amazing things but may require the validation of others to believe in themselves.

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