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Multiple Warning Signs Surrounding Zack Kassian 2.0

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Now that Kassian's essentially played the same amount of games as every other player in the NHL this season, I thought I'd have a look at the numbers to see how exactly he's "developing" (generous term).

WARNING: this ain't pretty

1) He has zero assists (alarming!!!!!!!!!), notice the number of exclamation marks.

2) He's fat.

3) He stinks

4) He needs a haircut

5) He's not Cody Hodgson(my main man) :wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:

6) He's not as pretty as Cody

Told you it wouldn't be pretty. He has 5 goals but Marleau has 9 in fewer games.

So in conclusion, Zack Kassian is what's wrong with hockey and he ugly.

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