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Go Faulk Yourself

NHL 13 GMC Play League "Prestige Worldwide" 2.0 (Teams Available) [XBOX 360]

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~~~--------NEXT SIM: WEDNESDAY @ 7PM ---------~~~

NHL 13 CDC GM Connected Xbox League. If you want to join look for "Prestige Worldwide" and find "Bull Smit" as commissioner.

Commissioner: /user/67035-go-faulk-yourself/">Go Faulk Yourself

small.png Anaheim Ducks – /user/59307-touchet/">Touchet [T0UCHET]

small.png Boston Bruins – /user/49732-ilya-kovalchuk/">Ilya Kovalchuk. [Just GiiNDz]

small.png Buffalo Sabres – [LeafsBlowChuncks]

small.png Calgary Flames –/user/53050-vancouvercanucks/"> *VaNcOuVeRCaNuCkS* [POWERDYNE]

small.png Carolina Hurricanes – [seeteesee]

small.png Chicago Blackhawks - /user/67035-go-faulk-yourself/">Go Faulk Yourself [bull_Smit]

small.png Colorado Avalanche - [Quedrop]

small.png Columbus Blue Jackets – [suhwoopGOAT]

small.png Dallas Stars - /user/94009-canucksfan9191/">canucksfan9191 [sURREYKILLER91]

small.png Detroit Red Wings - [Dano1kanobi]

small.png Edmonton Oilers –

small.png Florida Panthers –

small.png Los Angeles Kings –/user/62266-number14/">

small.png Minnesota Wild - /user/83671-beluga-whale/">Beluga Whale [ZSElite]

small.png Montreal Canadiens – /user/18335-marleau-12/">marleau_12 [Jeevan17]

small.png Nashville Predators –

small.png New Jersey Devils –/user/94700-mlsf83/"> Mlsf83 [HADONETOMANY]

small.png New York Islanders – [M3NACE 151]

small.png New York Rangers – [Dr Nubbs]

small.png Ottawa Senators –

small.png Philadelphia Flyers – [Dodedede16] - Temp Kicked -

small.png Phoenix Coyotes – /user/92073-brendan-gaunce/">Brendan Gaunce [brett m8]

small.png Pittsburgh Penguins – /user/63872-smashian-kassian/">Smashian Kassian [joshmac20]

small.png San Jose Sharks –/user/103435-gogoats/"> GoGoats [brentusIMaximus]

small.png St. Louis Blues – /user/49201-patrick-kane/">Patrick Kane [bizNagi]

small.png Tampa Bay Lightning – [DnMpimentel]

small.png Toronto Maple Leafs – [xxTANKxx]

small.png Vancouver Canucks –

small.png Washington Capitals – [TAKEN]

small.png Winnipeg Jets –/user/43931-canucks94/"> -CANUCKS94- [MCWatts94]

2013 Stanley Cup Champion: small.png New Jersey Devils –/user/94700-mlsf83/"> Mlsf83 [HADONETOMANY]

2014 Stanley Cup Champion: small.pngAnaheim Ducks /user/59307-touchet/">Touchet [T0UCHET]

2015 Stanley Cup Champion: small.png Pittsburgh Penguins /user/63872-smashian-kassian/">Smashian Kassian [joshmac20]


This list is made up of the positions in which people will choose their teams within the league. Those who have been with the league longer will pick first, those who are newer to the league will be near the bottom.

Bull Smit














Malkin x I71I x



Brett m8

Pez Banjo





Just GiiNDz



List is subject to change at any given moment if the commissioner sees fit.

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  • No quitting games (unless against a CPU)

  • No using cheap defensive tactics, such as circling around in your zone while leading.

  • You must play all or most of your game for each set, unless you state that you're going to be unable to play for a certain amount of time.

Playoff Rules:


For the playoffs, I do expect people to finish their series as soon as possible, so we can progress the league to the next round of the playoffs. I expect people to atleast make an effort to play and finish the series as soon as possible, but at the same time, I understand that things do come up, and not always will people be on at the same time and available to play. Therefore I will make my own person judgement to when we will sim to the next round. The consensus is 5 days, but this is subject to change.

1. Quitting:

Quitting will result in two things; either you make up the game and give your opponent the win, or you can be booted from the league and your opponent will have an automatic series win. If a player loses connection during a playoff game while losing he must give the opponent the win in a make-up game.

2. Inactivity or unwillingness to play:

All games must be played and NO games will be left to SIM. You must make an attempt to schedule games with your opponent in order to finish the series before the 5 day mark. If the series cannot be completed before the deadline because of unexcused inactivity or evident unwillingness to play, temporary removal from the league may be necessary and the player who was willing to play will be given a series win.

If you believe your opponent has cheated or is cheating, record it and send me the video otherwise I can't really do anything.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When does the league sim at?

A: 7PM (PST) every 4 days, time might be subject to change if something comes up

Q: What about trading with computers, is that allowed?

A: No, you are not allowed to trade with computers, all trades will be rejected.

Q: Am I allowed to switch teams?

A: Please see the bottom of this post for further information.

Q: What is the league name?

A: "Prestige Worldwide", send your request to the league that is commissioned by "Bull Smit"

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Are you sure you want to take Phoenix? There are many better teams out there, like VAN, NYR, BUF. I can hop on NHL 13 quickly and decline your join request and you can pick a better team.

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Alright, get them to send requests to the league, if they have any questions they can ask me. I'll accept you all in tonight, we are in playoffs at the moment.

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What happened to Vancouver commish? Dd he quit?

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He decided that he will no longer have enough time available to play this game anymore, (I'm sure he was pissed at the injuries he got too).

So yes, he's quit.

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sice zselite is gone...

can i be the assistant commish?

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All the assistant really does is sit there being my b**ch.

But in all honesty, we just talk over trades and decisions in terms of kicking people, but nowadays it's pretty straightforward.

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Honestly As far as ZSElite goes, I know he cant handle losing to me 4 more times. I get it. But i wont lie, a lot of my fun is now gone. Maybe next year.

Also I have a buddy that wants dibs on Van

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