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Why we should keep both Luongo and Schneider this season.

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I think we should keep both goalies this season because I believe we would have the best legitimate shot at the cup. Imagine this, Roberto and Cory competing for starts. This means who's playing better get's to stay in net. This is a short season, both goalies will play lights out because they understand there's someone on the bench that can replace them. We've never really had this situation before. I personally thought we should of done this last year because I felt Cory had developed quite well. AV would be able to ride out the hot goalie. If Luongo let's in two goals in a game that looked like they could of been stopped, put Cory in to change things up and get some momentum going(vice versa). It puts them on a short leash and little room for error. We could use this to our advantage people. If one goalie get's blown up in a play-off game, switch them for the next game. The goalie that got pulled would know they have something to prove next time around when they get a shot. They both want to be number one, let them fight for it this season. Our window of opportunity for the cup is seizing every year, we need to go all in NOW! If we won the cup, we could trade one of them in the off season guaranteed, or heck even trade both and start rebuilding. I don't know about the rest of you, but a little competition never hurt nobody...


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