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No Need for Any Trades


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  1. 1. Do you think the Canucks need to make a trade for this season?

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You make a good point. I was more so impressed by Quick's overall playoff performance, but strictly in the finals, I think Thomas was more impressive. Both I believe are key examples of a goalie winning their team a championship. We gave the Kings their toughest challenge until the final, but I believe the Devils stacked up against them better than we did last year. When it comes down to it, you still have to find a way to score some goals. Lou was lights out for most of the run in 2011, the Bruins found a way to get pucks past him. Was LA not one of the lowest scoring teams last season? But they made some moves and put pucks in the net in the playoffs.

2011, Tampa and I think Montreal too took Boston to 7 games. It's not meant to take anything away from what Thomas did that year, but those teams were in that series until the very end. From game 3 on, the way we played for the most part, we might have well have just packed it in and called it over. I thought for sure after we went up 2-0, that the Cup was ours. But then Thomas took over, and kudos to him. It is still up to us to get pucks past the other team's goaltender, no matter how they're playing. If we don't, regardless of who we have in net, on the bench, or how they're playing, we are not going to win. I think either goalie could get us to a final. Lou has proven he can. We need another scoring threat. Our offence and PP are too predictable, and an injection of high talent in those areas could get us that elusive trophy.

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Quick was stellar in backing the Kings to the Cup, and I think they kind of went into cruise control a bit in the finals. Nothing against NJ, they did play a really good defensive game against them, but it seemed to me like LA wasnt firing quite like they were earlier in the post season.

Thomas' finals were probably the greatest performance by a goalie ever. People talk about how it was the big bad Bruins that beat the Canucks, but the truth is, it was Thomas who beat us, hands down.

Im not certain but I believe the Canucks have faced and lost to the eventual Cup champs something like 4 times in the last 6 years.

LA, Boston, Chicago, Anahiem all in the last 6 years

That seriously hurts.

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Yes, King said kesler doesn't have a good relationship with the city of Vancouver. I expect him gone by the deadline.

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