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A Response from an average CDC user to Tearloch's Message from BB

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I couldn't find a better place to post this than in the Beautiful Women thread:

Recieved this statement from Bertuzzi Babe today, and am posting it here so all her friends know her side of her banishment:

"To clear up any misconceptions there may be about my banning:

During our game against the Flames the other night, a Flames troll was registered, “Mr. Wonderful” He started a troll thread about blowing up the team and the Sedins. He persisted in the trolling in this thread. In the GDT, he made several posts about MayRay being a ‘wuss’ for getting hit with the puck and bleeding all over the ice. After the third comment, I told him to “Shut the ^%$# up….just like that, using the symbols, no swear filter bypass. Several others also told him to shut up. Apparently that was ‘abusive behavior’ and I was subsequently banned for it. Interestingly, the person I was responding to was immediately banned………for TROLLING………go figure, eh?

Thank you to my most loyal and very good friends here for attempting to keep the coyotes and hyenas from chewing down on my carcass. It’s been a slice……the last few years not so much, but it was my friends here on CDC that kept me hanging in there along with a certain sense of pride in having the biggest and best NHL board and wanting to keep it that way. Now that so many of the good guys have been banned from here, or have left of their own accord for reasons best left unsaid, it’s party time at our new home…..I’m bringing the beer and wings.

For anyone who doesn’t believe the reason for my ban, I’ll be more than happy to send you a screencap of TP’s notification of such.

And to the mod staff……please don’t shoot the messenger …..after the pressure being put on my friends here to defend me, it’s only fair that the explanation should come from me.

Thank you"

Peace within to all ..

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Being riled up by someone you don't know on an online message board says a lot about a person.

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I actually read it and 100% agree with what you have typed, though I don't overly care.

In the fantasy hockey section (Which she wasn't apart of) she would come and report people for bypassing censors and then she goes down for it.


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The rules are posted in this thread, but I I'll highlight the relevant portion as to why this is being locked.

Public discussion of moderator actions

Public discussion of actions taken or not taken by moderators is not acceptable. If you have a problem with a moderator or actions taken by the moderators as a group, please private message the Administrator (SN -Admin), and/or one of the moderators. Please give the person you PM'd at least 24 hours to compose a response. You will get a better answer if you are polite and constructive in your feedback. Do not expect a response if you attack the moderator.

I wouldn't normally elaborate more than that, but just to make things clear there were other factors beyond the one post mentioned. I get that people react based on the information they have, but generally that isn't the full picture.

The following guideline also came into play:

The following guideline will be used to determine what action will be taken for any rule violation. Warning points are given to users based on the severity of violations.

1 point: Warning or one day suspension

2 points: Three to Seven day suspension

3 points: Two Week suspension

4 points: One month suspension

5 points: Permanent suspension

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